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We’re Full: Irish Government Asks Refugees to Stop Coming

Yesterday’s low-level rioting at the Citywest asylum facility has put into focus the reality of the state’s overstretched international protection services. Less than a year into the Ukrainian conflict, the Department of Children and Integration tasked with managing the failing...

/ 24/01/2023

Shelbourne Hotel Protests: How ‘Dublin Says No’ Outwitted the Left

“Considerable fear about losing working class support to the nativist right was also expressed” – ‘Le Chéile: Ireland's Newest Censorship Org Off to an Uninspiring Start’, Ciaran Brennan Introduction When ‘Dublin Says No’ announced Saturday’s protest adjacent to the Shelbourne...

/ 23/01/2023

‘A Community of Communities’: Orania and the Future of South Africa

Encompassing an area of 1,221,037 km², South Africa is a large land-mass encompassing a variety of different linguistic, ethnic, and cultural groups. Situated geographically in the most sparsely populated region of the country, along the Orange River, lies the Afrikaner...

/ 20/01/2023
From RTÉ Press Centre

‘More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish’ – RTÉ’s Progressive Musical Atrocity

Last week on the Tommy Tiernan show, a song “More Blacks More Dogs, More Irish” was played by an act “Steo Wall & Toshín”. The song’s theme is the usual talking point that readers will be familiar with. Irish people...

/ 16/01/2023

Meloni Warts And All: Fratelli Win Should Be the Beginning Not the End for Italian Nationalists

With a commitment to move the Italian embassy to Jerusalem, abet the war effort in Ukraine and clamp down on illegal migration, Fratelli d'Italia romped home comfortably in this month’s Italian general election. Displacing Brussels favourite and arch-technocrat Mario Draghi,...

/ 11/10/2022

Seán Mac Diarmada: The Rising’s Hidden Militant

“I say with every confidence that Tom Clarke’s person and Sean MacDiarmada’s energy and organising ability were the principle factors in creating a group and guiding events to make the Rising possible.” — Denis McCullough. For a period in Irish...

/ 29/08/2022

Griffith We Hardly Knew Ye

Betwixt the Marxian left pinning him down as an Irish Scrooge and a revisionist Fine Gael trying their best to bask in the shadow of Mick Collins, Arthur Griffith has fallen in between the gearbox of Irish public memory. With...

/ 20/08/2022

Dear Varadkar: Globalism, not Nationalism, is the Ideology that will Leave You with Nothing

It is rare that national media outlets refer to nationalism, and on the few times they do, they are almost always decrying it as an evil - and so was the case still when Leo Varadkar complained that his Government’s...

/ 20/06/2022
baby lying on white fur with brown blanket

Irish Birth Rate Slumps 22% in 10 Years

Despite a slight 4% jump in births for 2021 the birth rate in the Irish Republic has witnessed a sharp 22% drop since 2011 according to newly released CSO statistics. With total live births at 58,433 and a natural increase...

/ 03/06/2022
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Dissident Republicans Rattled by Another Informant Scandal

There has been an interesting development in the North, for those watching, over the last number of weeks. The dissident republican outfit Saoradh claims to have discovered a British agent with the Sunday World quoting various 'dissident sources' about the...

/ 27/05/2022