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Modernists Against Ethnos: Towards a Proper Study of Irish Nationality

“If Ireland were in national health, her history would be familiar by books, pictures, statuary, and music to every cabin and shop in the land—her resources as an agricultural, manufacturing, and trading people would be equally known—and every young man...

/ 15/09/2022

Dear Varadkar: Globalism, not Nationalism, is the Ideology that will Leave You with Nothing

It is rare that national media outlets refer to nationalism, and on the few times they do, they are almost always decrying it as an evil - and so was the case still when Leo Varadkar complained that his Government’s...

/ 20/06/2022
people gathering on street

Dublin Does Sodom and Gomorrah

Given the current state of Dublin's inner city, it seems the slums of a century and more ago have been painted over to cater to Sinn Féin's LGBT++ zeitgeist.  Dublin, in a word, is a kip; it combines all of...

/ 14/06/2022

Taoiseach Slammed on Migrant Amnesty in EU Parliament

An Taoiseach found himself the unexpected subject of a verbal bruising over plans to grant effective amnesty to undocumented migrants in Ireland during a visit to the Brussels Parliament yesterday. Made by Swedish Democrat MEP Charlie Weimers, in his speech...

/ 09/06/2022
baby lying on white fur with brown blanket

Irish Birth Rate Slumps 22% in 10 Years

Despite a slight 4% jump in births for 2021 the birth rate in the Irish Republic has witnessed a sharp 22% drop since 2011 according to newly released CSO statistics. With total live births at 58,433 and a natural increase...

/ 03/06/2022

In the Minds of Dalkey Residents, True Multiculturalism is Only for the Poor

Early last year Gearóid Murphy wrote a hilarious article for the Burkean titled “The Unbearable Whiteness of Dalkey”: The uber-wealthy town of Dalkey on the south coast of Dublin is whiter than the driven snow and it’s unbearable. The true...

/ 31/05/2022

Lights Out!: Engineering Group Issues Warning on Green Goals

Ireland’s precarious energy situation was highlighted this month in a report by the Irish Academy of Engineering which called into question the prudence of phasing out gas-fired energy production by 2030. An advisory group made up of academics, the Academy...

/ 29/05/2022
photography of person peeking

Dissident Republicans Rattled by Another Informant Scandal

There has been an interesting development in the North, for those watching, over the last number of weeks. The dissident republican outfit Saoradh claims to have discovered a British agent with the Sunday World quoting various 'dissident sources' about the...

/ 27/05/2022

Rwanda Plan: Ireland to Become Brexit Britain’s Asylum Bolthole?

The British government's attempted roll out of the much denigrated 'Rwanda Plan' to cope with asylum claims is sure to catch the covert attention of many EU states.  Aimed at mitigating the pull factor of those taking their chances crossing...

/ 16/05/2022

Stormont Elections: Sinn Féin Takes the Wheel

Stormont looks set to be getting a lick of green paint with Sinn Féin now officially overtaking the DUP as the statelet’s premier party. Riding on the back of demographic shift and a political crisis within unionism, the Shinners romped...

/ 07/05/2022