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Which Anti-Lukashenko Groups is the Irish Government Funding in Belarus?

With a frenzy of street protests and clashes with the security forces, Minsk rather than Washington DC became the subject of international intrigue last August, with contested elections that saw much admonition directed towards veteran president Lukashenko by Western powers. ...

/ 19/01/2021

Nextpolis – Why Did The Irish Government Consider Selling Parts of Ireland For a Chinese City-State

A bout of mild mortification gripped the Department of Foreign Affairs this week, or at least should have, following a revelation by The Times newspaper. The revelation was of lobbying by property magnate Ivan Ko, who sought  to plant a...

/ 29/07/2020

Introducing the Irish NGO Complex

The following is a multipart series examining the role of Ireland’s NGO (non-governmental organisation) sector in influencing journalism and policy formation, as well means to combat it. So far in the eyes of this author, criticism of the NGO lobby...

/ 15/08/2019