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Biden in Ireland – Liberal Ireland’s Papal Visit

Joe Biden has come and gone, in a short visit that will not soon be forgotten. The main reason for the event was the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. The first day of his three-day...

/ 17/04/2023

Mary Kenny and Ireland’s Blossoming Cancel Culture

The news broke earlier this month that Mary Kenny was successfully no-platformed by trans activists angered at her being booked to speak at the University of Limerick. Kenny was due to give a talk on the topic “The Media and...

/ 13/03/2023

A Critique of the Recent Joint Committee on Asylum.

Introduction On Tuesday the 21st of February, in an event that further damaged the idea that the Hard-Left in Ireland are out of power in Ireland, the Oireachtas held a Committee meeting on Integration and Refugees. If this were a...

/ 27/02/2023

Green Party Not Welcome? Division Between the Centre and Far-Left Following Pro-Migration Rally

Centre Left vs Far Left Divide at the Pro-Migration RallyIt appears there is trouble in paradise as Ireland’s pro-migration front has been showing deep divides since the even day before the Saturday March by Le Chéile took place. The night...

/ 24/02/2023

David McWilliams is Wrong About Immigration. A Critical Response.

Introduction Last Sunday, David McWilliams published a piece in the Irish Times, wheeling out the familiar argument that immigrants are an unambiguous economic blessing to the host country. The piece is nothing original, those familiar with the politics of immigration...

/ 11/02/2023
From RTÉ Press Centre

‘More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish’ – RTÉ’s Progressive Musical Atrocity

Last week on the Tommy Tiernan show, a song “More Blacks More Dogs, More Irish” was played by an act “Steo Wall & Toshín”. The song’s theme is the usual talking point that readers will be familiar with. Irish people...

/ 16/01/2023