Yesterday’s low-level rioting at the Citywest asylum facility has put into focus the reality of the state’s overstretched international protection services. Less than a year into the Ukrainian conflict, the Department of Children and Integration tasked with managing the failing system has now issued a notice asking further refugees not to come. 

Meekly asking those seeking refuge to forgo any travel plans to arrive, the u-turn comes despite predictions by newly enthroned integration minister Joe O’Brien that the Irish State should expect a further 80,000 arrivals this year alone.

With services collapsing a long way short of the Government’s initial commitment to 100,000 asylum seekers back in March 2022, the rumbling protests nationwide have led to a spirit of advanced disquiet as the topic of migration breaks out of the long-imposed cultural cordon sanitaire. 

Sunday saw hundreds of Dubs march in opposition to the runaway asylum industry, with speculation that the recent nativist stirring has particularly transfixed Sinn Féin, noticeable in their absence from the protests.

Fears of a homelessness spike from the overspill were voiced in the media last week, with news that department officials now are at the stage that they are casting refugees to the streets with food vouchers due to the fact numbers have passed capacity.

Citywest transit hub, the scene of recent altercations between various nationalities, is an increasingly sour spot for the Government, having reached capacity some months ago. Officially closing itself to new international protection applicants this week, though it is believed from sources that officials started turning away many some weeks ago, this development surely adds fuel to the fire to the scramble for accommodation wherever the State can get its hands on it.

In the event of more severe rioting at Citywest the State is facing a security calamity considering the limited capacity of the Public Order Unit to intervene in significant altercations at the hub. While crime emanating from the asylum system is increasingly commonplace, having deaths broadcast on social media would surely be a PR disaster for an already embattled government.

Although the best attempts of our well-oiled NGO sector and a unipolarity on matters of migration in chambers of power, the fast-evolving failures of the asylum system are bleeding out for the entire country to see. Earning universal condemnation from respectable press columns without any insight on how to repair the nation’s dysfunctional asylum system, the protests we are witnessing in towns and parishes only look set to gain momentum.

As the supposed ‘anti-fascist’ Left in Ireland has to apprehend, there is little use of a hundred or so middle-class jots jeering working-class Dubs as being racist while communities are carved up by the asylum industry.

Playing to a foreign tune from Brussels, Washington and London, regardless of how exhausted the asylum system has become, our quisling elite will always seek to go further.

The mistakes and miscalculations of the past two decades are returning in force to haunt the Irish State and comprador political establishment. No press release, no inorganic anti-racist initiative, no hate speech diktat can detract from the almighty failure, and social catastrophe citizens stand to face from the decaying asylum system.

As the system crashes, one thing for sure is migration and all that brings is now firmly on our political menu. The question now remains who or what picks up the energy in the streets at the moment.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 25/01/2023 at 10:22 am

    We may like to believe that” Ireland’s Full ” is proof among pragmatic
    thinkers who firmly stressed the points in relation to infrastructure and
    a No Cap on migrant numbers were correct.
    We may also be right in claiming shortages of accommodation,lack of
    rapid building projects,labor shortages and government incompetence
    is why we have been proven correct.
    Take it all with a pinch of salt because this unelected, renegade,musical
    chaired coalition has every intention of reaching it’s 2030 Globalist Targets,it’s population replacement targets,and it’s stitching up of Ireland and it’s People to FOREIGN CONTROL AND SERFDOM, as
    long as their asses find a seat in Leinster House.Get them all out…
    Ireland’s Full Of Traitors…and we’re proved correct in that also.


  2. Lady Ivana & Joe O ‘Brien have ” tripled down ” and are insisting that Ireland has the capacity to take another 80,000 + protection applications this year . Will there be a spare hotel room next summer ? Expect vacant industial estate units to take the strain , good news for the people of Rosslare , Inchicore , Cabra etc . Why are there so many lost looking Africans wandering around Dublin 1 / 7 with suitcases / travel bags ? Fleeing persecution in Belfast & Holyhead ?


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 26/01/2023 at 2:32 pm

    The realisation by many Irish People that the Mass Migration of asylum seekers into Ireland is not a surfeit of Altruism by the Regime ,but a planned Plantation,and Displacement of Irelands native People.
    Many of these invaders have entered into the State ,without Passports.Visa,criminal checks or Health and contagious disease checks. No id Photos or fingerprints are recorded at entry.
    It is known that a Tuberculosis epIdemic is now raging in Ukraine and the Irish Regime has no protection policy in place with its already dysfuncional Health system.
    The Irish Regime has put the physical and Health security of the Irish People at risk against all the norms of a functioning society
    Irelands People are revolting against this reckless and criminal importation, as they experience treatment as untermenschen 2nd class citizens in their own Land as priority in Housing ,Health,Education and Welfare is given to criminal invaders ,posing as ‘refugees’, who have never contributed a penny and to whom we have no obligations. under the Dublin and Amsterdam migration Treaties
    Irelands Regime appears blase regarding the electoral effects on their ability to continue in Power.
    Applying the old Roman Justice question Cui Bono (who benefits) it can only be answered by the realisation that it benefits Corporate Ireland by driving down wages and Irelands property developers by driving up rents and property prices.
    It punishes the Irish Taxpayer by squandering his money on invaders to whom we have no obligation and further degrades our ability to access our Health ,Housing , Education and Civil security agains criminal elements amongst teh invaders.
    It also benefits the cynical scoundrels of FF/FG, who are in a rush to grant Irish Citizenship to invaders and ensure a dependent vote in any Election,
    This along with the $6 Billion of Taxpayer money to their 5th Column attack dogs/pressure groups of the 35,OOO, organisations in the NGO sector, ensures another dependent vote of hundreds of thousands.
    When your job,mortgage and car loan are dependent on the criminal Regime Judas shekel, you know where your bread is buttered, and will continue to support the destruction and betrayal of Ireland, until collapse into the abyss of chaos.
    It is understandable that local communities have become alarmed as their areas are invaded by young Military aged invaders, who are a danger to the women and children.
    They have campaigned to express ther concerns to an arrogant Regime which does not listen,but doubles down on their demonisation of these citizens.;
    I believe that street protests achieve little politiccal progress unless it is seriously disruptive.The Regime will just wait it out until the energy dissipates in frustration.
    Much better to ensure protesters are Registered to Vote and educated in the correct voting Patterns of the compexx PR system.
    The weakness of the PR system was evident when the unwanted Martin scraped thru on the 6th count,Vardakar on the 5th count and the Simon Harris on the 15th count.
    There are solutions to Ireland Mass Migration Plantation crisis,
    1/ Removal of the traitorous Quisling Regime of FF/FG/G and their fake Opposition SF, electorally.
    2./ Collapse of the EU/NATO, as a consequence of Russian victory in Ukraine.
    3. MASS Civil disobedience and General strike.
    4./ Mass deportations of invaders and fraudsters.


    1. Ivaus@thetricolour 27/01/2023 at 6:28 am

      @Daniel BUCKLEY,
      Unfortunately Daniel,as much as you point out and address as solutions
      in countering the abusive political policy of mass migration upon Eire
      and it’s people’s replacement,which all fair minded Patriotic Irishmen do
      agree with you (with the exclusion of NGO also ), One Major Point also-
      For Decades all political parties mentioned,are all interrelated through’s,Banks,corruption,cronyism,capitalism and nepotism.

      You sit in company today,be it a bar or coffee shop,work or home,formal
      or social gathering and your guaranteed that somebody present has a
      vested interest in this money cartel of the interests of those above.
      That’s what’s divided the Irish Nation for Decades,they were tricked and
      led blindly into an EEC..EU / UN..NATO /IMF..WEF / Soros..DAVOS / BILDERBERG..COP27 / Community groups…NGOs…
      and the realization is not only frightening but contemptuous.

      We may all be vigilant in the future company we keep,it’s a must but
      good company it will be and communication and cooperation will grow
      in the communities we foster…thus the COUNTRY.
      Like you,I wish there was a quicker and easier solution to save ALL OUR
      Homes/Communities/Culture/COUNTRY…but I’ve learned from a living
      history and experience that it takes time but worthy of effort. Araigh leat


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