It’s been a difficult week for the Irish establishment’s mass migration industry. Yesterday the dam finally broke, and the Government at last exhausted the ability to house the seemingly unending stream of foreigners they’re importing.

On Saturday, as we reported, leftist counterprotesters were outnumbered and humiliated in central Dublin as crowds opposed to the asylum industry brought their voice to the centres of Irish power.

But more worryingly for the establishment in recent days were two developments in CityWest and Finglas, where tensions are heightening.

CityWest Brawl: Georgians vs Algerians at the Citywest Hotel

What happens when you pack a gaggle of Georgians and an assortment of Algerians into a hotel-turned-asylum centre like sardines? Allow me, if I may, to answer syllogistically: diversity + proximity = war. A nice simple equation, even for the mathematically stunted among us – looking at you, ‘Ireland Against Fascism’.

On Monday evening, the Irish public was shocked by scenes of internecine fisticuffs between two groups of purported asylum seekers domiciled at the CityWest Hotel. Footage emerged, recorded by a foreigner present, wherein it was explicitly stated that the conflict was between Algerians and Georgians – neither country, it should be noted, is at war at present.

Per my nature, I immediately raced off to the local bookies to place a bet. Suffice it to say, I was disappointed to discover that betting on the outcome of inter-racial brawling exceeds Paddy Power’s ambit.

Security, caught between the warring groups, failed to cool the heated zeitgeist, and an efflorescence of enmity was the result, leading to fists and chairs alike flying in the hall. In turn, the Gardaí were called. The footage of a Bean Garda storming into the crowd was particularly jarring, and in response to being queried why this was permitted, Garda at the scene muttered “equality”. Multiculturalism + feminism = catastrophe.

The fray led to three men being assaulted, two of whom required hospital treatment. Although given the sheer numbers involved, it’s surprising more weren’t injured.

Anti-Fascist Admits that Diversity Doesn’t Work

Particularly noteworthy was the reaction to the event. The terminally online losers that run ‘Ireland Against Fascism’ seem to have turned a leaf, adopting our way thinking regarding diversity and the societal ailments that flow from it. On its Twitter, the account posted:

“Every city in Ireland has ‘ghettos’ filled with our own homegrown people. Those people stay amongst their own. And when they mix, clashes happen. It’s not safe to house people of opposing religious beliefs, like sardines and expect them to just get over it.”

In other words, diversity + proximity = war. That anti-fascists are forced to concede that we’re right about diversity is a testament to the seismic shift in Irish collective opinion about migration over the past two months.

But ‘Ireland Against Fascism’ didn’t stop there. Unlike their ideological forebears, they’ve managed to discern that diversity is at the crux of the Troubles up North:

“Kind of my point. Some things have changed there, but a lot has remained the same. You only have to look and listen to the hatred during marching season every single year. So imagine putting a load of Catholics on the Shankill during marching season, or anytime really. Riots”

So, if mixing Catholics and Protestants together won’t work, as demonstrated by the history of the six counties, I ponder what will occur following the plantation of Dublin working class areas by foreign interlopers?

Finglas Joins the Movement Against Mass Migration

To the dismay of Sinn Féin representatives, last night there were scenes of anger in Finglas in North Dublin City as reports circulated about more asylum seekers arriving. SF bore the brunt of the crowd’s opposition, with TD Dessie Ellis’ constituency office being picketed.

Signs of things to come?

What happened at CityWest is mere a forewarning of the violence that’ll undoubtedly occur on Irish streets – unless, of course, the Government reverses their asylum policy, which necessitates the deportation of fake asylum seekers. Last night’s march in Finglas is an omen, presaging events to come if the Government does not make the right decision.

Leaving the last word to Guillaume Faye, whose corpus has accrued a prophetic tone since his passing:

“Our current of thought is being offered a real historical chance, for: first, facts are proving us right second, the global system established by our ideological enemy is about to collide with the wall of reality and plunge into the abyss, both in France and worldwide; and third, the ruling ideology has nothing new to offer – no solutions – unless it contradicts itself.”

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  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 26/01/2023 at 6:37 am

    Legacy media are in free fall,no parachute or safety net because they
    flouted their high wire act in governmental organizations and individuals
    through mass deception.
    Truth is out there is no turning back now.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 27/01/2023 at 4:59 am

    When media groups or bodies take it upon themselves to censor the truth
    to mislead and misinform the public and it’s purse,to control the narrative without opposition or questions by use of propaganda and
    power…this is tyranny…and it is always exposed eventually,regardless.

    Sweeping under the carpet is not proper housekeeping,a lazy attempt to
    hide a fault that has grown to such a level of acceptance throughout govt.
    and legacy media that a mountain now exists where the molehill began.
    Tip toeing around the elephant in the room has become so obviously tedious and frustrating that it created an air of insanity and madman.
    The Single Political Purpose engaged by all guilty parties has been laid
    bare for all to see…it’s a matter now of how that information is used in
    the purpose of moving forward,avoiding tyranny and the pitfalls that
    have been created…nobody is free to walk away now,that includes us the
    Informed and those guilty who are accountable for abuse of power.


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 28/01/2023 at 1:02 pm

    Deport the Regime of FF/FG.G and it Fake Opposition SF and then we can begin to rebuild our Nation wherer they have done so much Social damage
    aNation can withstand an attack from the enemy outside its walls, but it can not long survive the insidious Enemy Within.(Cicero)
    FF/FG/SF ,their puppet RTE and NGO attack curs are the 5th Colum Enemy Within.
    They are intent on destroying Ireland for their Globalist paymasters,
    Petty,puny money grubbers and Traitors to the People of Ireland.


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