As grassroots opposition to the Irish regime’s immigration policy begins to achieve notable success, the world is gazing on. While people in other European countries are being inspired by the Irish response, some unsavoury characters from the UK (including Tommy Robinson) are looking to interfere. They must be prevented from doing so.

News of the Irish public vociferously opposing asylum centres has reverberated around Europe. Like bees to honey, the more noxious elements of the British right-wing have taken interest in the groundswell of nationalist sentiment in Ireland.

Mark Collett (of British right-wing organisation Patriotic Alternative) and staunch loyalist grifter Tommy Robinson have both posted on social media recently about Ireland’s situation, and according to our sources have reached out to Irish grassroots and protest organisers (only to be rebuffed and ignored). They are looking for as much information as possible on the Irish protest movement. We understand that Robinson in particular may be considering reporting live from Dublin.

Friend-Enemy Distinction

It goes without saying that, as a basic principle, Irish nationalists must refuse to be involved with British nationalists on issues pertaining to Ireland. A movement which is diametrically opposed to our national interest is by definition a hostile movement, whatever the degree to which we may face shared problems.

Irrespective of one’s exact opinions of the situation in the Six Counties, no Irish nationalist can with a straight face claim that the issue of the North of Ireland has been yet resolved. British nationalists are not our allies, and indeed can never be our allies, especially when many would privately approve of how British forces murdered Irish men, women, and children frequently and not long ago.

The onslaught of mass migration against the British people is hideous, as it is in all of Europe, but our focus must be on our own plight. And just because we are dealing with the same ugly phenomenon, that does not mean we must work closely with those who also oppose our national interest. The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.

Strange Bedfellows

Aside from these reasons to avoid the British right-wing, one could hardly choose worse collaborators than Robinson and Collett. The full run-down on the skeletons in both men’s closets is too long for this article, but it would suffice to say that both are mired in doubts about their characters, competences, and allegiances. British nationalism in general has been stuck in the doldrums for a long time, and these two characters share a lot of the blame.

Robinson is a household name for mostly the wrong reasons, combining the worst of grug chauvinism and milquetoast “Israel First” cuckservatism. His links to intel agencies, specifically the Mossad, are often alleged. His links to neocon money, specifically Zionists, are proven.

Collett and Patriotic Alternative are even more toxic. They are the most recent incarnation of a decades-old current in British politics, going back further than Collett’s embarrassing 15 minutes of infamy with Russell Brand and Channel 4, a current which has made every mistake a political movement can make. Constantly embroiled in fiascos, doxxing, accusations of police agency involvement, and extremely shady characters, all sincere nationalists should steer clear.

Brit Grifters like Tommy Robinson Preying on the Naive

Lamentably, this is not a novel development — loyalists and British conservatives have tried and failed to insert themselves into Irish nationalism before. Jim Dowson’s involvement with Niall McConnell’s movement Síol na hÉireann comes to mind, as does Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters’ involvement with Identity Ireland. The only inroads Collett has achieved has been with a couple of Irish content creators who are not involved in the Irish protest movement and irrelevant to nationalist organising.

The main concern is that those who are relatively new to the political landscape around Irish nationalism who have gained a following will unknowingly in their enthusiasm walk straight into the trap of associating with the aforementioned figures. A cursory look at Robinson’s Telegram channel might give the impression that he is a harmless and popular voice against globalism. Even with the most noble intent, people unaware of the implications of associating with these figures could unknowingly become vessels for breaking down the movement they are trying to build.

Toxic Public Image

On top of their distasteful, grifter habits, shady links (especially with the British Security state), and most importantly their ideological opposition to our national interest, the likes of Collett and Robinson should be shunned for the instinctive revulsion they elicit in normal Irish people. The Irish journo class and far left have been trying for years to smear Irish nationalist leaders with accusations of links to loyalists. This has so far failed because there are no such links.

We must keep it that way; any vague suggestion of such a link is enough to turn the stomach of the average concerned Irish citizen.

It is the responsibility of those who are more experienced with regard to the political landscape surrounding nationalism in Ireland to warn the uninitiated about the threat of such figures from the UK and provide foresight so that they will be prepared when these individuals make their move.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Fortuitous timing with this article.
    Serious Irish Nationalists will heed this message and are in fact, already on board.

    Others won’t heed the warning and will dismiss any suggestion that certain actors are extensions of the British state security apparatus. Woe to them & their naivety.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 08/02/2023 at 5:44 pm

    Thank you Burkean,it goes without saying…nevertheless it should always
    be a reminder to every Irishman,Nationalist and Patriot that the ugly
    head of sectarian groups littered the landscape of Irish History.
    Not too long ago,the Irish People was considered subhuman in their own
    country and therefore no charge of murder was brought against the guilty,that was The Governing Laws…least we forget.

    Governments do not promote Freedoms because they cannot control them,they only deny or restrict our freedoms i.e. Hate Speech Laws.
    This is possibly the greatest time in Irish History Today,to get things right,to make this Country and it’s People the genuine great Nation that
    our ancestors fought and died for…and for US IRISH to pass on that legacy to future generations. The Brehon era does not look so bad now in comparison to the Great Gaelic Giveaways of foreign servile puppets.


  3. Cormac Mac Ruaidhri 08/02/2023 at 5:47 pm

    I had watched Collett’s program in the past occasionally. However, I noticed that the Patriotic Alternative website calls the people of the 6 counties “British”. I messaged him and insisted he clarify this and also renounce the British government’s occupation of Ireland. He refused and then blocked me. Many of his followers in the comments then wished death on Irish people and vowed to retake the entire Island…..

    Whatever sympathy we may have for the plight of the native English, Welsh and Scots, these so-called British Nationalists are toxic to the core and they do harbor hatred and Imperialist attitudes, not only towards Ireland, but towards the Welsh and Scots as well.


  4. Regarding Collett and your criticisms of NP-types in general – real change will only happen under the condition that Irish people don’t care at all about the labels you’re promoting we run from.
    By avoiding being explicit in this article, you’re just giving those labels (racist, nazi, far-right, etc) more power. You’re feeding into the magic behind them that will energize both the left and NP in the coming years. And it makes it hard to take your publication seriously. No one is suggesting you larp as a nazi or identify with the Third Reich. I can’t take a person seriously who cowers from labels and fears guilt by association to this extent. Obviously no one reading the Burkean believes in the sacred meaning the elites have attached to those labels. We’ve all at a bare minimum internalized a future where these labels are utterly irrelevant.


  5. As regards Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative, I think your summation is wrong. I don’t believe for one moment he connected to the ‘police agencies’, and ‘extremely shady characters’.
    Please elaborate on all these links to nefarious entities (?)
    I listen to Collett regularly to understand his philosophy and perspective to see the target on his back, such as ridicule from the low-calibre Brand.
    I am very disappointed by this anonymous article from your readable and credible blog; naturally his (Collett’s) ‘image’ is toxic because of the misguided chorus of voices from the mainstream.
    Tommy Robinson (Sean Lennon-Yaxley) is an individual who has taken cuck-conservative shekel: you have mostly valid points.
    There are plenty of foes in plain sight but the above two peoples are in no way likely to harm the cause for people of the Irish/British Isles


  6. Scott Fitzgerald 08/02/2023 at 11:18 pm

    A bit harsh on Collet in my opinion


    1. Scott, totally agree.
      Why doesn’t the writer of this piece want to put (presumably a male) his name to; or am I losing my sight at 60?
      Whatever Mark Collett said a decade ago in his inexperienced youth should cast a cloud of his sincerity as it is today.


  7. So you don’t want foreign organisations that hate foreigners infiltrating your organisation that hates foreigners. That’s nice, because it might get a bit confusing for you, all those different brands of bigotry and xenophobia swilling around in the same cesspit.


    1. Interesting to know what ‘cesspit’ you swill around in.

      Who mentioned ‘hating foreigners’? What ‘hate’ got to do with preserving a way of life, an interwoven culture and history?

      I have been privileged to have met many differing ethnic groups and individuals from all corners and crannies of the globe gifting me the wisdom and understanding the problems facing Western European nations. ‘Bigiotry and xenophobia’: Doth protest too much!


    2. Scott Fitzgerald 10/02/2023 at 9:03 am

      Niall, in your opinion would it be ok to believe that open borders multiculturalism is an undesirable system to live your life under or does that belief immediately make you a bad person?


  8. Exiled Child 10/02/2023 at 12:01 am

    If I might bring to light the real subject at hand which the article delicately avoids, at some stage down the line our putative Midlands GAA manager who says “Ireland for the Irish,” will be told “Ah sure the last time they tried that stuff on the continent 70 years ago lots of bad stuff happened.” What does Paddy say then?

    In every other context save this one we would all acknowledge that one’s view of history reflects one’s view of politics. If you acknowledge revisionism to be true in the Irish case you will eventually become some kind of unionist. However, the author seems to think we can defeat the Anglo-American occupation of Ireland while affirming its view of 20th century history or at least the history of the 20th century outside of Ireland.


  9. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/02/2023 at 11:35 am

    Almost 1000 years of division and it’s taken many forms.Fingerpointing or trying to isolate individuals or occasions in this time frame is a futile mammoth task.We need to move on and consign these purposely fed diversions to experience before they evolve into bitterness or bile,separating what should be a unified front,after all we know their original intentions.With respect to all Irishmen that feel grievances.
    What is or does it mean to claim your identity today,Irish,Irishman,a
    Patriotic believe in Ireland,it’s history,culture and Identy in today’s world?
    We have been coerced and bogged down with only 2 false alternatives or
    Characterizations…1)A Patriotic Nationalist born to the last century or today’s 2) Globalist flag waving Plastic Paddy…NEITHER are correct or worthy of subscription….LETS ALL WORK IT OUT TOGETHER MEN


  10. We saw enough of these loons @ Lansdowne in 1995 . They are no friends of Ireland .


    1. Alan, Your naivety is touching. Is 1995 really the best example you can cite – all of nearly 30 years ago?

      What is a ‘loon’? I consider insane deeds and policies like having your own people freeze to death, opening the country up to migrants who cry “racism” at every situation they don’t find agreeable while they and their off-spring carry and use knives to murder the infirm, old and young.

      Fatuous labelling and obtuse articles like this suit the globalist overlords/


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