It’s been a bad week for mainstream journalists, NGO-employed traitors, and gombeen politicians. In other words, it’s been a great week for the Irish nation.

The momentum against the asylum industry and its disreputable profiteers shows no signs of dissipating – since our last article on the subject, published Wednesday past, Ireland has been home to five separate large-scale protests against the neo-plantation that our self-appointed hegemons are so intent on implementing.

In Finglas, Ballsbridge, Cork, and most recently, Waterford and Artane, locals have come out in droves to protest government and leftist policy with respect to migration. A policy which can be summarised concisely as follows: “We, the state, have the right to commit human trafficking in your community, and you have no right to oppose this. In fact, your opposition will not only reduce your social standing and employability, it’ll make you a criminal soon too”.


Since Tuesday evening last, the people of Finglas have been out in force – their protests have catalysed innumerable hysterical tweets and articles by journos.

The protests in Finglas, admittedly, possessed a more volatile quality than their counterparts in East Wall and Ballymun. However, no violence has occurred, in spite of the endeavours of duplicitous agitators – leftists masquerading as champions of the working class – to brew up a fractious crowd disposition.

Contrast the peaceful protests in Finglas with the Afro-Saxon riots following the death of George Nkencho in 2020. Official Ireland – currently shocked and appalled at the sight of young Irish men standing up for their mothers’ and sisters’ safety – were back then silent, clement, and implicitly supportive of Nigerian aliens rioting in North and West Dublin, to the detriment of working-class people domiciled in these areas, who were subject to both assault and jeering i.e “white devil”.

Cork and Waterford

The protests, up until now, have been largely Dublin-centric. However, prior to the initial East Wall protest, rural Ireland was the location for much of the discontent regarding Direct Provision centres – Rooskey comes to mind. Thus, the recent protests in Cork and Waterford were a welcome sight, and a return to form.

The asylum industry poses a threat to every Irishman, whether he be a Dub or from the country, affluent or working classr. Every locale is liable to be affected. Don’t think they’ll stop at East Wall or Finglas. If they cripple opposition in these areas, it’ll be your area next.

Taking the Protests to The Elite’s Back Yard

In a surprising turn of events, Dublin 4 was home to a protest on Saturday against the duplicitous asylum industry. With around 300 people present, including Malachy Steenson, as well as representatives from the National Party, it was a good turnout.

The ostensible purpose was to illustrate the hypocrisy of D4-based liberals, who don’t have to deal with foreigners on a daily basis, hectoring the working class to be more accepting.

Momentum is building

At this stage, illustrating leftist hypocrisy is trite and cliché. It should be obvious that our enemies are liars who want your children to become deviants and your community swamped with rootless foreigners.

Their dislike of working-class young men runs deep, beyond the contemporary anti-asylum protests. It was Marx, after all, who coined the term ‘lumpenproletariat’. Anything that smacks of being both racinated and vital scares them at a primal level – these qualities are possessed by the working-class in abundance.

It is fitting to conclude this article with a quote from Crushproof, a film that presages the contemporary revolt of the youngfellas:

“We’re the Old tribe, the old ones. We’re the bleedin’ Bedouins. We’re the toerags of the North. We’ve got the warrior blood. They’ll never crush us cause we’re crushproof. Thousands of years old we are – the industrial revolution is just a blip on my bleedin’ screen.”

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  1. Sean Canning 30/01/2023 at 5:27 pm

    An excellent report. Thank you.
    I have some questions that need to be answered, for the good of the country.
    Why hasn’t the left been exposed for their support for the death-cult, Palestinian “cause,”?
    Why are so many leftists convinced that Israel is an Apartheid state?
    Why are Hezbollah, Hamas, PIJ et al, given a free pass even after they murder an Irish
    Soldier and seriously injured another?
    Than you for attention.


  2. Liam Sherry 30/01/2023 at 7:08 pm

    The establishment seems to have a perverse fascination with foreigner’s.
    To the extreme were by they’ll use them to destroy the ” the great unwashed”. They house them,educate them and all to the detriment of the the Irish working class. We’ve had enough.


  3. The article from May 16 last ” Ireland to become Britain’s Brexit bolthole ” predicted this mess . Expect things to get much worse . Without deportations , the asylum system will collapse by yr end . Yet another ” amnesty ” will be delivered #QuislingPoliticians


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 31/01/2023 at 8:32 pm

    The guilty,and those who’ve been found out always scream the loudest
    protesting their innocence………the shoes on the other foot now


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