“Considerable fear about losing working class support to the nativist right was also expressed” – ‘Le Chéile: Ireland’s Newest Censorship Org Off to an Uninspiring Start’, Ciaran Brennan


When ‘Dublin Says No’ announced Saturday’s protest adjacent to the Shelbourne Hotel, I was perplexed. The hotel itself is not an asylum center – Shelbourne’s regulars, the aging mothers who comprise tea-and-scone-waffen-division, would never countenance such a prospect – nor is it located in a locale acutely affected by migration.

Prior to the protest, I feared that this decision represented a vacillation away from the solid tactics heretofore employed by ‘Dublin Says No’ i.e blocking key avenues of transport.

Fortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Left is Protesting the Working Class.

Patrons of the Shelbourne and passers-by alike were likely startled and surprised to witness two mutually hostile demonstrations last Saturday: the ‘Dublin Says No’ demo, located on the hotel-side of the road, and the counter-demonstration on the opposite path.

The former’s demonstration was comprised of a cross-section of Dubliners, albeit mostly from working class areas, much to the chagrin of the faux-pro-working class left. There was parity in terms of gender too; at least 50% of those present were women. The Irish Times estimated the crowd’s size to be approximately 300 – the counter demonstration, in contrast, mustered 250 people, at best.

The counter-demonstration was organised by ‘Le Cheile’, a group whose professed purpose is to “challenge the growth of the far-right”. By ‘Far Right’ they mean you, by the way. For them, any lucid Irish man or woman who objects to the Government-directed plantation of working class communities is culpable, whether it be a young couple cognisant of migration’s effect on the housing crisis, or, perhaps, a father concerned that male migrants may pose a threat to his daughter’s safety. Even broaching the subject is enough to have one impugned as a Fascist.

‘Le Cheile’ was established in December 2020. Composition-wise, it’s made up of the standard stalwarts of leftists politics in this country – The National Women’s Council, The Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Sinn Fein, The Union of Students in Ireland, Gaza action Ireland, The Dublin Lesbian Line, People before Profit, and so on. And the aforesaid were well represented at Saturday’s protest, causing one Burkean writer to exasperatedly quote a UN apparatchik who once said:

“No, seriously, is everyone in Ireland an NGO?”

Well, the working class men and women on the ‘Dublin Says No’ side certainly weren’t. Accent, of course, cannot tell you everything, but it is an indicative variable, allowing one to quickly – and taken as an aggregate, accurately – discern the socio-economic background of someone. By accent alone it was clear which side was salt of the earth; the leftists present, replete with designer clothes and posh, americanised accents, reeked of privilege – their claims to represent these communities were hollow and artificial.

Further, that they believed the bona fide working class would buy this contrived ploy is revealing. It betrays a nasty condescension toward the working class, whom they consider subjects or pawns at best, to be manipulated and directed in accordance with their own elitist ends.

That their goal is deleterious to these communities, and the Irish nation more broadly, is obvious – hence why the working class refused to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. And the pertinence of objecting to the NGO and Government agenda increases by the day. At the time of writing this article, we have just heard reports of violent scenes in the government’s migrant hub at citywest.

Hysterical Leftists Left in the Dust

On Saturday, Dublin’s working class proved to be smarter than their patronizing enemies believed. Soon after both protests swelled to their apotheosis – numbers-wise – ‘Dublin Says No’ left. It was a shock to all present. The left, in a haughty, deluded fashion, believed that they had scored a victory, and began jeering – conveniently with Garda protection – the nationalist demonstrators.

However, it soon jarringly dawned on them that there was a rationale underlying what they had originally interpreted as a retreat. Rather than receding in a cowardly fashion, the ‘Dublin Says No’ demonstrators re-convened at the Mansion House, and Malachy Steenson – one the movement’s chief organisers and its most recognizable frontman – informed demonstrators, journalists, and those few leftists that deigned to skulk near the demonstration, that he had intentionally picked the Shelbourne Hotel to trick the left.

This was by no means cope. Steenson had keenly recognised that two crowds, of equal size, could not both occupy the Mansion House grounds – the Gardai would never allow it to occur. Therefore, without notifying the reds, he shrewdly used the ostensible location to lure the leftist throng. Once satisfied, he and his supporters departed, and were able to deliver their protest bereft of interruption by left wing agitators.

This is not the first time that Steenson has put his skills to practical use. Previously, he blocked the port tunnel, and over a week ago he was the cardinal figure – both organizationally and as a speaker – involved in the various ‘Dublin Says No’ protests that coincided simultaneously, one of which impressively blocked part of the M50.


‘Dublin Says No’ represents a novel development – grass roots in composition, yet organizationally adept. These factors, compounded with the government’s obstinate refusal to stop importing (mostly) fake refugees and planting them without consultation, signals the birth of a new form of nationalist politics – not the artificial nationalism of Sinn Féin, who care nothing for our people; genuine nationalism, the nationalism of the working class men and women at Saturday’s protest, is what will save our country.

I leave the last word to one of the greatest patriots our Nation has ever produced, a man who certainly would have marched with the people of Dublin on Saturday – John Mitchel:

“The people are beginning to fear that the Irish Government is merely a machinery for their destruction.”

Posted by Cathal Fitzgerald


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 24/01/2023 at 5:10 am

    Thank you Cathal for this article.It is great to know that despite all the
    resources being used and relied upon by the Leftovers in Irish Society,
    they continually self ridicule and destroy themselves through lack of CDF
    common sense being so un-common in their makeup NGOs identity.
    Who better than the Working Class Act of “Dublin says No”. to wake up
    the whole population,while the woke fail to invoke,a system that’s broke.
    A big thank you to all these brothers and sisters who defend themselves,
    their homes,families and Communities because their FEAR is warranted,
    it’s not just from government or NGO traitors but the real crooks that
    controls all in a future fascists trifecta-corporate government foundation


  2. I live in London but will visit Dublin regularly. You can count on me for whatever support is required. The modern left treat the working class like pawns and idiots. They will never learn because they don’t see the results of their policies. There are no fake-u-gees in D4.
    This movement must continue. It must prevail before Ireland is destroyed as London is.


  3. So far , protests have achieved nothing . The plantation is gathering pace , Cherbourg to Rosslare is replacing Calais to Dover as a sea route to enter Ireland . With 80 non Ukranian protection applications per day set to double in the spring , accommodation hubs located in warehouses will be the new norm . Proportionately , Ireland will receive the highest number of asylum seekers ( amongst the former EU 15 ) in 2023 . How many is Liam Cunningham housing ?


  4. Richard N.Greene 24/01/2023 at 5:02 pm

    Good news.the leftist crowd outwitted by ordinary decent Patriots.


  5. […] Jan 24, 2023 Invasion. Shelbourne Hotel Protests: How ‘Dublin Says No’ Outwitted the Left […]


  6. very well written and spot on, we have to hit fire with fire… water it down and we will only produce steam.. which may run out… Come on éiRe we got this…


  7. Daniel BUCKLEY 25/01/2023 at 2:12 am

    One noticeable technical deficiency of the ‘Dublin says NO’ campaigners, was the issue of sound Volume.
    The lunatic Left had a good sound system which overpowered the hand held speakers of the ‘Dublin say No’ campaigners.
    I am sure Malachy Steenson will correct this in future fixed position campaigns and throw in some Patriotic bagpipe music to infuriate the middle class Leftie luvvies.
    A ‘Go Fund Me’ would soon acquire the necessary for purchase or hire of a proper sound system.
    The People are behind the Protect our Community Campaigners and we have the momentum.


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    Rocket $ci€nce is different

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    As a first step, Kalergi proclaimed the deprivation of European nations of their right to self-determination, and later aimed to exterminate these nations through mass immigration and ethnic separatist movements. To allow Europe to be ruled unhindered by a new ruling class, Kalergi proclaimed the creation of a new, homogeneous racial mixed population of blacks, Asians, and whites. But who will be the new elite to dominate this population? Kalergi also informs us about this:

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