Last week on the Tommy Tiernan show, a song “More Blacks More Dogs, More Irish” was played by an act “Steo Wall & Toshín”. The song’s theme is the usual talking point that readers will be familiar with. Irish people have experienced much persecution and hardship in our past, and as a result, should remember that past when thinking how to treat others in our own country. 

The Irish left extend this to immigration, taking the establishment view across Western countries, that concerns about immigration, abuse of asylum policy, a desire to slow to stop the numbers, is all discriminatory and therefore persecution and immoral. 

This argument presupposes that there is no such thing as a Nation, or a national community, and subverts the foundational argument for the Western welfare state — that we have a greater duty of care to our own people, in our own country, who like us were born and grown up here, than we do for people from completely different countries.

It should be noted that the phrase the song references — “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish”, supposedly having been a regular feature in post-war Britain, is unlikely to have ever happened. Even The Guardian of all places, which will often seize any chance it gets to tear down it’s own country, expresses great skepticism at the claims surrounding the poster.

But that won’t stop the Irish left using the phrase and the tale as a battering ram to force the Irish to not oppose their cultural agenda. One must ask does “More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish” actually mean? It seems to summarise the 21st Century progressive instinct that if in the past, people assumed foreigners and different races/ethnicities were inferior to their own, than the Progressive’s starting position will be that assume to foreigners and different people will be *superior* to their own. As with most of our cultural problems, this is an American import, which now sees it’s White Liberal population being the only demographic to have an in-group bias against themselves.

The song is empty platitudes, fake emotionalism, and false history. The music itself is truly one of the worst things I have ever heard, and I say that completely irrespective of the political message. Judging from social media, I am far from alone in thinking this. 

So of course Hot Press gave the song a glowing review. Irish Left Wing figures such as Richard Boyd Barret and Daithi K were quick to come out in support of the performance. One wonders whether they are just pushing their cause or actually like the song, but unfortunately only they can truly know that.

One of the main duo, who goes by the name “Steo”, sings with a very thick North Dublin accent, which I’m sure delighted RTE. His accent can let everyone know he’s salt of the earth, so he becomes the perfect person to preach their liberal gospel, and lecture the public on their racism. When he says the word racism, he says it with much power in his voice, so we can see how passionate he is in standing up against it. A very pious man for the modern religion no doubt.

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  1. I think some recent work on “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish” did find real life examples but more from the 19th cen than from the 20th cen and mainly the USA.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/01/2023 at 7:18 am

    Anything that mentions a combination of rte,comedy and far left is by
    nature rubbish and proven so.Expect more sewage to be aired in your
    comfortable homes as the national broadcaster begged for more revenue
    from the bottomless pit of taxpaying public,using the front of homegrown
    Dev was right at the launch of rte,he cautioned the public on what has
    become a reality…a danger to society,abuse of govt.control,and a tax funded propaganda machine.
    What would the former President of Ireland do now?I’m equally surprised that it still exists in 2023,despite what we all know,what it’s
    been guilty of and it’s abuse of TAX including abuse of Irish.homegrown
    how are ye…another overfunded cesspool of village idiots and watchers.


  3. Mr Stephen Wall from Shankill received a six yr prison sentence in 2006 for killing a man ( dispute over a bag of smack ) in Mountjoy prison .
    Ireland is a lost cause , there is no desire to run an effective asylum system . Everybody is allowed stay , deportations ( seemingly ) aren’t worth the effort . The NGO class are running the asylum ( into a dead end ) .


  4. Whilst having the greatest sympathy for “genuine” asylum seekers I cannot but feel that there is mass deception going on, with the majority being young males. Are we to believe that they are fleeing from war and terror whilst leaving their women and children behind?Many have come here from safe countries where there are no direct flights to Ireland. International law states that they seek asylum in the first “safe country” they enter.
    Who is funding this “mass immigration”?Why are the authorities so secretive in not informing local areas when an influx is due.Why are the Hotels in which these “asylum seekers” so hostile when asked about their status regarding being open to the public.A few years ago these rural Hotels were on their knees with the “Covid “epidemic.They are now awash with taxpayers money.Has anyone checked to see if the usual Irish “golden circles” have invested in these previously run down rural Hotels?Why does the mainstream media avoid addressing this issue with open debate instead of labeling everyone with an objection as “far right”?


    1. Hi Philip,
      As the son of Irish parents who migrated to Great Britain in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, it’s is true that the word passed around landlords and landladies that letting rooms to Irish navies who had a reputation for both drinking heavily and fighting as a result of the former and newly arrived Jamaicans who would have been perceived as very culturally different visually and aurally.
      My girlfriend entered the country as an ‘asylum seeker’ from war-torn Yugoslavia just under 30 years ago: the UK was her preference instead of Germany.
      All the young men are purely and simply seeking a better life – economic motivations – who can blame them for try to get a foot in the door.
      The crux of the problem is leftist virtue-signallers whose allegiance to a hierarchical narcissism pervades the main stream.


  5. Miles Byrne 17/01/2023 at 5:24 pm

    I suppose the regime and it’s feeder fish feel this kind of stuff will quell the tsunami wave of discontent that’s coming down the line. They must figure if they can just at least make it seem like all of ‘decent’ Ireland are pro-open borders that it’ll all go away and they can go back to operating freely.

    How do they think they’ll keep a lid on Swedish level crime increases in a country as small as Ireland? Twee street folk music and demonising the protestors will not be able to drown out the uproar.


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