There are strong indicators that the government’s resolve to ratify the EU Migration Pact could be wavering after a Fine Gael attempt to postpone a crunch Oireachtas vote on the asylum deal was carried Wednesday afternoon at the behest of parliamentary whips.

Insider reports relayed in the Irish Times describe Fine Gael chief whip Hildergarde Naughton moving for the matter to be adjourned until next week as government representatives feared that grassroots pressure combined with Independent and Sinn Féin opposition could thwart the passing of the bill.

Lambasted in the Dáil as one of the most significant transfers of power from Dublin to Brussels in modern memory, the adjournment of the debate on the Pact coincides with a High Court challenge against the asylum legislation by barrister Una McGuirk demanding a constitutional referendum on the grounds that national sovereignty is under threat.

Wednesday’s adjournment was explicitly motivated by both government and opposition TDs insisting on more speaking time to air their disquiet on the Pact with Fine Gael only securing a postponement by a measly 4 vote margin. Hardly a stampede away from liberalism it is clear to even the average bogger TD or Shinner machine politician that pro-migration edicts are no longer the flavour of the month as contrarian votes from the left block the passing of the Pact.

Failure for the Pact to clear the Oireachtas would necessitate a return to the drawing board and potentially years of EU-Dublin negotiations to perfect the controversial legislation that demands refugee quotas of member states in exchange for a more Europe centralised system of asylum management expected to take shape over the next decade.

Ireland’s special place as both an island and travel arrangement with the UK under the Common Travel grants Dublin a special dispensation to opt out of the Pact, an option categorically ruled out by Fine Gael mandarins.

Next week could very well shape up to be a deciding moment in Ireland’s legislative wrangling over the migration and asylum question as a prized piece of anti-Irish globalist lawmaking is put on the potential chopping block by the votes of government TDs slowly copping which way the wind blows.

The grand strategy behind the Pact is to enshrine open border policies at an EU level away from the prying hands of populists despite promises of fast tracking deportations and bringing order to a dysfunctional system of international protection threatening to consume the state and Irish society at large.

Una McGuirk’s High Court challenge, if conducted properly, may end up being a pivotal Raymond Crotty moment for Irish asylum policy, throwing a constitutional spanner in the works for would-be migration technocrats in the coming years.

The pavement pounding by East Wall, Newtownmountkennedy and a variety of courageous communities the length and breadth of the nation is now having a direct impact on the voting patterns of Oireachtas gombeens and may see their parliamentary resolve break next week should Fine Gael and company now not close the ranks in time. 

Should the Pact slip through, an Irish populist government, or at least one willing to reign in the ongoing plantation  in 10 years time will have to face fines and EU-harassment to untangle an asylum system strategically put in the bureaucratic hands of anti-Irish forces. In essence, a needless hurdle.

In an era when most tangible administrative and regulatory power has been hoovered up from Leinster House by alien technocrats the potential derailment of the Migration Pact could be a moment of genuine democratic catharsis next week and certainly kill in the womb many future attempts to regulate migration by EU fiat going forward.

A NGO empire and compliant majority can barely mitigate that the numbers on which hyper liberalism was guaranteed at an Oireachtas level the past decade are now becoming very dicey indeed.

For once, every vote counts next week.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 20/06/2024 at 11:10 pm

    Congrats to Barrister and Senior Counsel Una McGuirk for inserting a crowbar in the machinery of this rogue,reckless and anti -Irish Regime.
    The Crotty decision may still give us a Referendum on the EU Migrant Pact.
    Still do not understand why a similar legal case was not made against the illegal Covid anti-Constitutional Lockdowns and Apartheid policies against the toxic vaccine refuseniks.
    Una McGuirk recently stood in the EU Elections and was unsuccessful.
    Instead we got an ex Rose of Tralee carpet muncher and a lady Jockey with expertise in horses arses.
    Would appear the Irish Electorate have a weird sense or humour or are just plain retards..


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/06/2024 at 1:31 pm

    God only knows for whatever reasons the electorate still continue to vote for ff/fg but what is still abundantly clear and factual is the tail that wags the dog…NGOs/Leinster House is bogged down in treacherous business as usual.The millionaire barons come public servant politicians…like the Hooley Ray’s are laughing all the way to the bank,and it’s a case of fu.k you Paddy I’m alright,this d mockery gig is a great earner.
    Round up all independents,nationalists parties and create a go fund me,their must be plenty of millionaires out there that want to “Save Ireland “and set up our own broadcasting station and newspaper come media corporation. THE IRISH PEOPLE GLOBALLY WILL BACK IT
    This is the only way of stopping the septic serfs corrupting communities.
    This bunch of banana heads in govt.are so thick and corrupt that they may fund OUR OWN IRISH NGO.
    So come on now…all the voices out there,John Waters,Gemma o D and
    the thousands of followers…we have the numbers..where’s the will.


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 21/06/2024 at 1:49 pm

    A Nation that does not control its Borders , whose Laws are subservient to the EU, whose Currency and interest rates are controlled by the ECB. is but an abject miserable colony of serfs.
    The EU progresses its insidious Totalitarian program of centralised control, with the attempted passing of the EU MIGRANT & ASYLUM PACT, by a EU controlled and subjugated Irish Regime of quislings.
    The PACT will remove the last remnants of Irish Sovereignity ,with no means of later redress within the EU .
    If you wish to fight for your freedom,without taking to the streets, address all members of the Oireachteas, by email with your objections via the link below with over 200 addresses


  4. Daniel BUCKLEY 27/06/2024 at 7:31 am

    Now is the winter of our discontent as the wretched traitorous,puny ,pathetic , political pygmies of the FF/FG/G Regime have signed away the last vestiges of Irelands Sovereign Republic for a mere handful of shekels, and promises of advancement in the suppurating stagnant bureucracies of the EU Juggernaut in Brussels
    Soon to follow on this hollow victory will be the Hate Speech Bill and the EU Defence Army entry.
    The path to the destruction of Europe is clear with the coming overt attacks by Europes NATO Military on Russia.
    The Bear has had enough and will be forced to retaliate brutally for the terrorist attacks on its people by NATO , hiding behind the screen of the NAZI Regime of the illegal ,unelected Zelensky.
    Ireland with its supine,stupified Regime will be collateral damage in a futile war.
    0ld Ireland is dead and gone,with O’Leary to the grave and I weep and despair at its ignoble .passing


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