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Why was Richard Boyd Barrett Next to Killer Steo Wall at the ‘Ireland For All’ Rally?

‘Ireland For All’, surely the event of the year for sweaty neckbeards and fupa afflicted mingers, occurred yesterday. Organsied by ‘Le Cheile’, a pro-migration organisation established in late 2020, the rally’s raison d'etre was to demonstrate a show of force...

/ 19/02/2023

Shelbourne Hotel Protests: How ‘Dublin Says No’ Outwitted the Left

“Considerable fear about losing working class support to the nativist right was also expressed” – ‘Le Chéile: Ireland's Newest Censorship Org Off to an Uninspiring Start’, Ciaran Brennan Introduction When ‘Dublin Says No’ announced Saturday’s protest adjacent to the Shelbourne...

/ 23/01/2023

Dublin Fights Back Against the Asylum Industry

Introduction: The Day Dublin Fought Back The 12th of January will be etched forever in our nation’s history as the day when working-class Dubliners defied the asylum industry. A day where they said no to gombeen hoteliers parasitically profiteering off...

/ 12/01/2023