The Department of Foreign Affairs has announced that the Tánaiste Micheál Martin, beginning on the 17th of July, will visit Mozambique and South Africa in a week-long diplomatic visit. 

The apparent reason for the visit is to bolster the bilateral relationships between Ireland and its African partners. However, given that Mozambique and South Africa are key targets for Irish international aid, Martin’s visit amounts to a mere check-up on Ireland’s humanitarian policies, and a diplomatic formality. 

Why is one of the most prominent politicians in Ireland gallivanting around the Global South, touring failed states south of the Zambezi, when his own country appears ever closer to becoming a failed state in its own right?

Ministerial nonsense

In a DFA briefing on the Tanaiste’s visit, Martin included, in his own words, a statement of purpose for the visit:

“As I travel to South Africa and Mozambique, I look forward to building on our excellent relations with both countries, particularly with respect to our political, economic and development relations. South Africa is one of our key partners in Africa, a significant market for Irish exports and home to the largest Irish diaspora on the continent.”

“Mozambique is a close partner where Ireland’s second largest bilateral international development programme is focused. While there, I look forward to witnessing first-hand the positive and sustainable difference that Ireland is making to the lives of people in Mozambique.”

“This visit holds special significance for a number of reasons. I look forward to marking Mandela Day in South Africa on 18 July, where I will be participating in 67 minutes of service at a community centre, in the company of Foreign Minister Pandor, in commemoration of the 67 years Nelson Mandela spent working for social justice in South Africa. In Mozambique, I am particularly looking forward to my visit to the Province of Inhambane, where Ireland has had an active presence on the ground for over 25 years.”

In 2006, Martin previously headed a trade mission to South Africa as the then Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment. The results of that visit saw the signature of a measly €2 million contract between the Irish company BMA GeoServices and the South African exploration company NuCoal, to provide legal and environmental management services.

Wasting resources

Of course, the state is unlikely to sign any meaningful contracts beneficial to the Irish economy, and the trip is simple virtue signalling at taxpayer expense celebrating funding corruption regime’s at taxpayer expense. It would be foolish to funnel any more money to the corrupt ANC-led South African state as it teeters close to the brink of collapse.

Martin’s visit serves to reiterate Ireland’s commitment to fund ailing African states. Though not alone in its folly, the Free State “punches above its weight” in wasting its money on international aid programmes to Africa which have proven to only aggravate domestic issues on both the African and European continents. 

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  1. Why is Irl the only country in all Europe that doesn’t require South African passport holders to acquire a visa for entry to it’s borders ?
    Why didn’t he bring some or all of the thousands of asylum seekers residing in Irl who hail from Mozambique & S A , back to their obviously safe home countries ?
    With the Brits Rwanda policy about to spring into action , what contingencies have the Irish govt made to deal with the immigration overspill from our 70 mill population nearest neighbour ?


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 18/07/2023 at 4:31 pm

    For someone of this cretinous nature to hold any public office is beyond belief.
    For someone of such low integrity to parade as Foreign Minister is a joke.
    For someone called Tanaiste,the former 1/2 Tea shock it is laughable.
    For someone who totally disrespectfully disregards Sovereignty is ludicrous.
    For someone who hails from the Rebel County he is a disgraceful traitor.
    For someone who loves clocking up frequent flyer points,at taxpayers expense,
    on wasted juggernauts against Carbon Footprints,to guarantee foreign aid to
    Countries abusing the refugee asylum claim, HE IS YER MAN…and if the fact
    was correct about the largest Irish Diaspora on the continent,then he is surely
    up to tricks because he deserves to be reviled by all The Irish Abroad.


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 19/07/2023 at 2:04 pm

    Martin might as well be farting on the Cliffs of Moher for all the effect his visit to Africa will achieve.
    He is a retarded controlled muppet of no consequence, as his visit, under orders, to support Zelensky’s fading credibility in Kiev proved.
    Martin is a revolting ,treacherous wretch and failed specimen of humanity ,without principals, integrity , credibility , or a future for his failed FF Party.


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