Resisting the Far Right: Civil Society Strategies for Countering the Far Right in Ireland is a recent publication by the academic jokers of Maynooth University, which was once synonymous with the supposedly far right Catholic Church, before this obvious rot set in here and in other seminaries, namely St Patrick’s, Carlow.

The 104 page screed is the Irish Research Council funded result of collaboration between a number of Maynooth academics with backgrounds in “misinformation and hate speech around the European refugee crisis”.and with CrossCare, the Migrant Council and a number of like minded groups and individuals who, like little boys in little boys’ fables, “earn” their crust shouting about their imaginary wolf that is Ireland’s far right.

Lest we think that such hot air is risk free, the introduction tells us that “This report is dedicated to all those who take part in that struggle [against the far right in Ireland], often at considerable personal risk”. Though that clap trap would imply that Ireland’s massive NGO sector and the Maynooth academics these parasites are in cahoots with are fighting life and death battles against Ireland’s own “basket of deplorables”, that is not the case at all.

Though they can, a priori, have no credibility, their report is worth perusing to hammer home the point that those associated near or far with this report can have no positive role in redressing the problems Ireland faces because of their sins of omission and commission. Because they are, in large part, the actual problem, these leeches are no part of the solution.

To justify the grant they received to write this claptrap, the authors claim their report “was inspired by our concern at the rise of the far right throughout Europe, North America and elsewhere, and more immediately in Ireland, as the far right became increasingly visible in demonstrations against Covid19 public health measures in the country”. 

Now that the Covid scare has passed, at least for now, it seems that those who did not swallow the regime’s flip flopping propaganda here, in New Zealand, in Germany, Austria or other countries they mention made, on balance, the correct call. That being so, their purported raison d’être is invalid and, in so far as they use it to target Covid sceptics and others for attack by association, much worse than that.

Covid, however, seems to be the tip of their iceberg or, if you prefer, their spear. They are, they say, now more concerned with protecting those in the cross hairs of Ireland’s far right. These targets include “groups supporting migrants, ethnic and sexual minorities, women’s rights and groups with explicit anti-FR activities”, themselves and the grants they are in receipt of, in other words. 

And, to throw any semblances of academic neutrality, integrity or independence out of their pram, the authors write that “the main objective of the project was to work with civil society organisations (CSOs) concerned about the far right in order to establish from their perspective the level of threat of the far right in Ireland, the extent and effectiveness of state, political party and civil society counter-strategizing against the FR in the country, and ultimately to gather and share ideas about how these could be improved”. 

These academics, in other words, chose to accept the words of those narcissists who make a cushy living pretending that their vested interests are under attack by “the far right”, which they still have not defined, demarked and delineated from other groups.

The pamphlet’s “researchers” engaged in a number of activities, the first of which was surveying “affected populations, primarily in those supporting migrant populations, LGBTI+ communities, women’s groups, trades unions and anti-FR groups”. 

As the methodological pre-supposition here is that LGBTI+ “communities” who physically attack women for refusing to be raped by transexuals are the white hatted good “guys”, one has to dismiss their crude categorising for the shoddy, unscientific Junior Common Room waffle that it is.

Their second part is “a series of five webinars with” like minded wafflers and the third and final part concludes with its predictable “series of anti-far right strategizing recommendations for consideration by CSO, academic and policy communities”, whatever and whomever “policy communities” are.

Overall, the paper tells us that we cannot be complacent about the threat the far right poses to our “migrants, ethnic and sexual minorities, women’s rights and [sundry other] groups”, which presumably include the disabled, ginger hairs and so on and on, seemingly ad infinitum

Aoife Gallagher of the NATO and British security state aligned Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the ubiquitous Mark Malone of some dodgy number called the Far Right Observatory; are among the great and the good, who are wheeled out to say why there should be no dialogue with these purveyors of “populism and chauvinistic nationalism in Ireland”, among whose ranks are ‘Irexit’, the ‘Irish Yellow Vests’, the ‘Nationalist Party’, the Irish Freedom Party, Gemma O’Doherty, Justin Barrett of The National Party and Herman Kelly of the Irish Freedom Party, among others, who are used to justify the propaganda of these undeserving beneficiaries of the public purse.

Not that their straw men are confined to the above. Other Irish Far Rightists, according to these charlatans, include Familialism, those who “view the traditional family as the foundation of the nation and subjugate individual reproductive and self-determination rights [of women in particular] to the normative demands of the reproduction of the nation. This can translate into sexism and traditional binary views of gender, and feminism and feminists as well as LGBT+ groups are viewed very negatively as a result”. 

So, if you do not attend the endless State sponsored LGBT+ parades as our overpaid politicians do or if you do not attack Limerick men praying the Rosary as English politicians do in Limerick and as Loyalist death squads formerly did on the Shankill Road, you might be suspect and need to be dealt with.

But the Far Right are more pernicious than that as “the overall aims of the far right are both to move their countries in an illiberal direction, undermining the independence of courts and the media, snubbing minority rights, and weakening the separation of powers” and to establish an “ethnocracy, a nominally democratic regime in which the dominance of one ethnic group, is structurally determined”. 

After they cite the Irish Freedom Party and The Irish Journal as examples of this neo-Boerism, they drag in Niall McConnel’s Siol na hÉireann, a “hard line Irish Catholic Nationalist Party”, which “distributes homophobic and transphobic hate as well as strong opposition to women’s bodily autonomy” but omit McConnel’s connections with the loyalist activist Jim Dowson, as that might discredit McConnel and, thus, their guilt by association gambit. 

The truth is all new movements attract suspect characters and, as The Burkean and others have repeatedly pointed out, both McConnel and Dowson prove the veracity of that.

Having thrown that canard at us, the authors then delightfully reveal their collective hand by stating that “Sinn Féin occupies much of the electoral space of working class and anti-establishment voters which would in other countries vote radical right. Sinn Fein’s espousal of a progressive, left-wing and universalist version of nationalism and associated economic and social policies, offers an alternative discourse to explain inequalities among that electorate to that of the radical right”. 

Sinn Féin’s role, for which they are highly paid, is to bolster the status quo on both sides of the border. This can be seen by their fawning obsequiousness to King Charles and Mary Lou McDonald’s proposal to give away further billions that we do not have, as well as their Stalinist determination to impose the party whip to support the hare coursing industry and other topics that need not now detail us. The fact that their leftist knuckle draggers haven’t gone away is but one of many indications of where the true neanderthals lurk in Irish politics, in Irish academica and Ireland’s vast NGO mafia.

Though the pampered prats of Maynooth Secular Seminary can, along with their dodgy NGO allies, make all the fake accusations of hate crimes and homophobic crimes they wish, truth testifies the contrary. Ireland, the fleeced students of Maynooth University included, has a raft of problems that range from unconscionably high rents, tax and energy bills to the prospect of almost certain emigration to a life of economic uncertainty for Maynooth’s students, all while shoddy academic screeds like this search for a scapegoat in a phantom far right to exculpate their own crimes, the crimes of their collaborators and the crimes of every mainstream political party in Leinster House. 

Their phantom Far Right is not the culprit; rather it is the way what Eamonn Dunphy referred to as Official Ireland has blocked any independent examination or analysis of the crimes against Ireland and her people these parasites have perpetrated without penalty for so long. Ireland needs an alternative to that Parliament of landlords, alcoholics and yes men, yes women and yes transgenders, whose heads are stuck into the national trough when they are not stuck up their own backsides or those they are trying to curry favour from. 

As for the authors, it is really time they got a real job and stopped depending on handouts from the tax paying Far Right Johnny Average they despise to write drivel like this.

Posted by Dr Declan Hayes


  1. Here is a true tale for everybody.

    Once upon a time there was a nation of SAINTS and Scholars. This nation was both protected and attacked by it’s own church in Rome.

    Several generations pass and the once Catholic nation and her people, were first forbidden from practising their collective faith due to a vast and dangerous disease, then forbidden the pleasure of prayer as it went against the views and opinions of the new and most cruel leadership.

    During this period of quickly spreading infection, the believers were forbidden to congregate in their normal places of worship.
    Some instead gathered outside in the open air, all the time Obeying all imposed laws and restrictions. Such as wearing face covering and keeping a minium distance of two metres from each other!.

    As they were gathered in their capital city, they were unfortunate enough to be gathered in an area where lived one of the Evil ones! .

    Despite Obeying all the laws imposed upon them, this evil female (Perhaps) phoned the Police and using her position, she demanded that the Police attend and remove these law abiding, God Fearing people for alleged unlawful assembly!.

    During this period among many other things imposed upon these people, was this new way of life, where abortion, immorality, child indoctrination and many other laws of sort were imposed without the consent of the people!.

    Move forward in time, now the evil ones, having been successful in denying the Catholics the ability to assemble for prayer.
    NOW consider these dreadful Catholics to be a future threat to their rule!.

    All Dictatorships eventually come to such realisation.

    You see having had complete control over the Catholics, they now realise the possibility of these dreadful God fearing folk taking back control at the ballot box, and having treated them so poorly, they also fear that the God Fearing ones might be as spiteful, as Hateful and revengeful as they themselves were!.

    Therefore, a solution had to be immediately found and the Catholics must immediately be put back into their place of total and complete submission.

    With such a conundrum, there are many minds seeking a solution to a self created problem. Therefore, the Evil Ones decided to fall back on all they had learned, from their new Gods, who reside in a far off nation called the United States.

    However, in seeking a solution, they found that their new profit, their new Pontiff, was facing the very same issues as they are.

    The Difference however is that in this far off land, the God Fearing folk are fighting back and the Prime leader is close to losing ALL POWER & INFLUENCE!!.

    Despite this fact, the Evil ones in my land, chose to use the same system which has brought the Prime leader to his very knees!!.

    It was therefore decided rather than share power with those who the Evil Ones had so wronged, they instead decided to continue down the exact same road of persecution, which the Prime Leader of the far off land had travelled, despite his total and absolute failure!!.

    So the Evil Ones decided to further persecute the God Fearing Ones, by assigning the label of FASCIST to the God Fearing Ones, in the hope of shaming them into absolute submission!.

    To Conclude,

    Well only time will tell if the Evil Ones are successful or not, if the God Fearing Ones will simply hide away in fear of being called FASCISTS, Racists or only the Good Lord himself knows, what else the Evil ones might choose to assign to them.

    To further imprison these God Fearing Ones, within their own minds!.

    The End.. for now.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/09/2022 at 6:37 am

    TRUTH, is a bitter pill to swallow. I congratulate again the Author of this article, keep up your great efforts Dr. Declan Hayes and Burkean.

    I honestly believe that 1 of the main driving forces contributing to this
    FR narrative is the pursuit of self interest, which includes personal greed
    and a dogma of survival at all costs, I’m OK FU jack. We can relate this to Official Ireland, NGO sector, Foreign Interests and Legacy MSM, all
    mentioned in this and previous articles by a number of people. They have
    all combined and have control of all resources which comes from PADDY
    TAX. Again, considering all involved for THE TRAITORS PENCE you
    arrive at a very large percentage of the population, be it knowingly or unknowingly…it could be considered the biggest criminal cartel globally.

    So,unless everyone mentioned/accused of being far right does not unite
    under one purpose of Exposing and Ridiculing these Parasites and Traitors, making a combined effort,a primary goal to rid Ireland of their
    cancerous rhetoric, then nothing will ever change or be achieved.

    Sticks n Stones, we’ve all been falsely labeled especially over the last 2 yrs
    and we know it’s designed to shut us up…so why concern ourselves when it’s not true…be smart, United not Divided,beat them at their own game,


  3. bells of shandon 21/09/2022 at 9:49 am

    Under the Maynooth description of Far Right, anyone who disagees with the Official Regime ‘Narrative’ is a Fascist and a paid up Member of the Far Right.
    How dare you have an independent informed critical thinking position.
    Object to the destruction of your Nation by mass migration invasion is Far Right.
    Object to the indoctrination and attacks on childrens innocence by the propagation of Pornography in Junior school and Library story telling by Female impersonators is Far Right.
    Object to the Covid Injection of an experimental,unregulated poisonous substance,that neither gives immunity or prevents transmission is Far Right and has caused death and injury among so many young and old.
    Object to the biological nonsense of Transgenderism and you land in Mountjoy,by a sentence from a Judicary that is itself confused.
    By these definitions about 90% of the real Irish are Far Right.
    I trust that at Election time they will throw the ridicolous charlatans of the Regime on the scrapheap and vote for every Far Right candidate to rescue the Nation from the depredations of the lunatics that are at present running the asylum.
    Time to clean house,before we are consumed in this deluge of filth and criminality.


  4. The WELL resourced commies have won the war . Inner Dublin is a multicultural crime riden tip . Rest of the country will soon follow #GameSetMatch


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 23/09/2022 at 4:23 am

    I feel it’s worth mentioning that winning battles is not winning the war.
    They enemy is only well resourced because we allowed it, with OUR TAX
    We also gave trust to those elected to do the right thing.


    1. bells of shandon 23/09/2022 at 9:13 am

      We win when we get rid of these traitorous Poltroons of FF/FG.SF.G , whose policies are destroying our Nation and are sending us into the abyss of destruction and chaos.
      Their total control of the Media,RTE and print, enables them to lie,deceive,confuse and oppress the plain people of Ireland.
      This control of Propaganda is the well known and proven format of FUD, (Fear,Uncertainty,Doubt).
      All these tactics were evident during the Covid Injection campaign,
      The horrific death counts and injuries, especially among the youth, are proof of the Regimes complicity in the murder of their own Citizens.
      These death counts will increase significantly in these cold winter months,as the Injection has been proven to destroy the body’s natural imminity to infection.


      1. vril is not stored in the balls 24/09/2022 at 5:28 am

        No political solution for the shower that are in the dáil and its long enough that the sound of large guns going off should come sooner rather than later, as it will eventually be the only solution, all the cry about using violence is another liberal con, violence and use of force is reality of the world, whether its used for bad or good ends depends virtually on the people who use it, see africa the civil wars there over who lost the election, the old irish fought over books, and so on

        the vaxtards are only one part of the problem, the worser crowd i thought were many of the people who were skeptical of the covid scam, Their behaviour was erratic and they became borderline obssessed with the scamdemic instead of focusing on Winning, these Cranks have been a setback for Nationalists since 2020, and now you dont even see them supportiong nationalism, a load of demoralised egits, (not all anti vaxxers are like this but a large portion on the internet are, and as someone who never took the vax i cant even relate to these people because they have lost their cool and arent focusing on the idea of winning,

        until theres a culture of action and victories start coming in regulary (doesnt have to be all the time but rather a steady flow over a couple of years) that should liven up many people into supporting us (the quiet majority)


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 25/09/2022 at 12:43 pm

    LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP, yes the article is advising not to fall into
    a perceived FR trap. Yes, we can relate to traitors in our mist, the
    controlled opposition, what has occurred many times in our history.
    Many a full blooded Irish Patriot has reacted before and will again,
    Hindsight gives us the edge today.
    YOU AND ME, are obliged and within law to legally defend ourselves.
    The military’s code is to shoot after being shot at.
    A Civilian, protecting property,home,family and life does not need NEO –
    LIBERAL APPROVAL…operate within your rights of common law.
    Let the enemy know who they are, and you know them and they know
    who and what you represent…a lot of violence is avoided because your
    dealing with cowards,traitors and those that know they are on the wrong
    side of history and humanity…as feeble as they are they crumble.


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