The announcement on Wednesday that migrants, formerly stationed at Mount Street’s International Protection Office, were to be cleared from the area, precipitated their dispersal. 

The question remained: where would they go? 

St Mary’s Road residents were shocked to discover that 15 male migrants had pitched their tents at St Mary’s Church Park. The migrants, who had arrived prior to 9pm on Thursday night, were directed to the location by volunteers, “most of whom are women living in the Sandymount and Donnybrook areas”, per Kitty Holland in the Irish Times. 

The choice of location evinces negligence on behalf of the activist coterie. Directly adjacent to the park is Gaelscoil Eoin, a primary school. Further up St Mary’s Road, a mere minute or so away, is John Scottus primary school. St. Declan’s, on Northumberland Road, is a primary school designated for special needs students. St. Christopher’s, on Haddington road, is equally proximate to the novo-shanty town – for the sake of clarity, it too is a primary school. 

Even vociferously pro-immigration TD Ivana Bacik criticised the measure: 

The tents used by the migrants were procured via the Light House, a Pearse street-based charity which offers services to the homeless in conjunction with Tiglin Ireland. In the aforesaid letter, the Light-House based cafe was listed a service migrants could avail of. 

Like many institutions designed to serve our homeless, the cafe has been stretched to its limits by the influx of migrants in recent years. 

Speaking with the Irish Times, Aubrey McCarthy, Chairman at Tiglin Ireland, stated:

“We used to feed 80 a day and we thought we were busy. At the moment, we’re feeding anywhere between 400 and 500”

Tiglin Ireland noted that the increased strain owed to migration:

“as a result of the single asylum seekers who are referred to our service and who are no longer accommodated by the International Protection Office”.

Based on social media posts, McCarthy and his organisation appear to possess a cordial relationship with both the Irish Refugee Council and the Ukrainian Ambassador: 

The blatant disregard by middle aged female activists, undoubtedly re-directing their material instincts toward third world scammers, for the safety of local primary school children is appalling. As is the assistance being re-orientated away from our native homeless toward sub-saharan swindlers. 

The response of our NGO-class is transparent: whether primary school child or homeless Irishman down on his luck, your safety and well being will be sacrificed on the altar of mass immigration. 

After the fiasco at St. Mary’s Park, the Irish nation must again ask itself: why do we allow policy to be controlled by an NGO-stratum who’ve proven, time and again, to be anti-Irish?  

Posted by Cathal Fitzgerald


  1. Triggernometry 03/05/2024 at 9:42 pm

    This goes back to the times of the plantations, of the Oranges, make no mistake, they never went away, from WASPS in america, or our neighbours that shipped food out of the country, when all our ancestors had was a rotting potatoe in the ground, we still, to this day , lick Englands hole and don’t refer to it as an outright genocide, some didn’t take the soup and fought – or did and fought anyhow. Time to get a back to basics attitude on this, they are not your friend. Time to end the common travel area, or at least give it a tough review. I seen a few and heard a few birmingham accents around – why are they here? Are they fleeing war??????

    This brings me to well heeled, monied up and well salaried and handpicked and hands clean people like Neale richmond and Helen Mcentee, these people are not a ”safe pair of hands”, wasn’t Neale richmond at a cromwell orange march?

    Getting to the point, it doesn’t matter FF, FG, SF, who you vote for don’t vote for the ”safe pair of hands” where did it get you??? Civil servants run the country and the bankers and tech politicians are puppets, they are nothing. You could vote a totally inexperienced politician and it would be all fine. Because they run – NOTHING!

    We need to realise where the Rwanda fiasco was hatched, the house of commons and lords scoffing at the foolish Irish again, we need to cop the fuck on. English have always been interlopers and wheeler dealer off shore globalists, its their strength it’s what they are good at, there is no ally in England, been saying it for years, they are not your friend, look at Nick Henderson, or any of them, that cupla focal GAA traitor bantu, or whtever his name is, all worship the orange, make no mistake that is where it started and England a thorn in our side again.

    Time to stop this dozy voting of fg, ff, sf traitor class, Nimbys the lot of them and that newstalk fella Pat Kenny too – they have all the pull when it comes to opposing apartment blocks in their area, but never in working class areas who get hit hardest first, if history is to go by. The refugee will take the cities, as city votes count more than sparse country or towny villages. They cherry pick and take all the services – all nearby for themselves. We need to cop on and look around and look out for each other. Like they look out for each other, Irish need to pool their money together and set up businesses too, just like their refugee counterpart.

    Time to ignore the kitty holland hit pieces and establishment media, time to just IRL talk to people like an adult, don’t use ”americanisms” like boomer, or gen z, or gen x, or millennial. Do not use stupid alphabet talk either, talk like an adult, read, go for a walk, cook, do other stuff, this in ten years from now will be meaningless.

    Look at all the clicks and click revenue the media like RTE made over the so called ”refugee crisis” , this is what it is about for them, listen there will always be a war, a ”disaster” or a ”diplomatic catastrophe” and the media, will be exhilerated by it, because they want your views and clicks, don’t give it, talk like an adult, treat people meaningfully and do not engage in this tit for tat nonsense. It won’t matter.

    Politicians do not run our country, it is clickbait trillionaires and billionaire bankers, tech and banking sector run us and want to run us into the ground, they are obsessed with refugees and end times, they want the bunkers, well they can have them , nobody if this goes down , will man the nuke reactors, want to inherit that earth, you won’t even make it that far! There is no end to their greed.

    Don’t worry your head about the alphabet stuff, or any of it, get your vote in, vote independent and nationalist , the ”safe pair of hands” argument is complete and utter bollix, time to see the wood from the trees on this and wake up, grow a pair and don’t be cowtowed into voting – for a certain ”safe pair of hands” party. They have done enough damage with their puppet propoganda.

    Do not watch RTE, do not watch Virgin media, Do not watch sky news, CNN, any of it, all tat , chewing gum for the mind.

    Devalera was right, media in the wrong hands is as damaging and as bad as any mass weapon of destruction, look at how media has divided our nation. Harris rushing to the RTE cameras to proclaim his children were traumatised or in bed, well boohoo, his children won’t be at risk of abduction by some import , will they? They live in a nice quiet cushy area. They want to call people who see the lies and the truth for what it is, terrorists. Like Sharkey said they need to go! They need to go NOW!!!!!


    1. Excellent!


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 04/05/2024 at 6:10 pm

    One question for any so called ” Irish Politician ” …WHEN WILL THIS END ?
    Is anybody game enough to put a timeline on this wholesale fiasco,or as usual
    will it be allowed to continue on regardless,like a gun to the heads of every
    Irish Citizens…just like everyone was forced to accept Homelessness as the
    norm…a complacent downtrodden society that is totally humiliated and
    disrespected by a free loading tax funded CABAL OF SELFRIGHTIOUS
    PRICKS…running a fools fu.king utopian nightmare in dystopian Direland.
    Or do you same stupid fu.ks expect to get away with a tidying up before your
    snivelling election time…sweeping your mountain of shit under your carpets.
    I’ll guarantee a timeline for all you useless parasitic peasants,GENERATIONS


  3. Love it!


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