In the past couple of weeks, a newly-formed NGO calling itself East Wall Here For All, has established its online presence and made an appearance leafletting residents in East Wall. The organisation has been created to lobby in support of asylum seekers in East Wall and aims at moderating the community’s expressed discontent at the state-enforced influx of asylum seekers into the old ESB building in their neighbourhood. 

Rather than addressing East Wall residents’ concern for the sudden influx of a substantial population of undocumented and unvetted (and in most cases, most likely bogus) asylum seekers, East Wall For All wants the refugees relocated elsewhere in Ireland, so as to mitigate discontent in Mary Lou’s Dublin Central constituency. 

Rather than citing the vacant ESB office block’s conversion to an asylum centre as an indicator of the government’s folly in accepting excessive numbers of migrants, this NGO has fixated its rhetoric upon the building’s failure to meet the standards required to ensure the well-being of its inhabitants.

Leafleters were heckled by East Wall residents as they lied to concerned locals about the NGO’s status as a community-organised movement. Among these leafleters was James Connington, a member of the Irish Refugee Council and lecturer at the Whitaker School of Government & Management at the Institute of Public Administration. Connington has since deleted his Twitter account.

Despite the organisation’s claims to political neutrality and lack of affiliation with political parties, the East Wall Here For All Twitter account demonstrates the contrary. The Twitter account in question both indicates those who are behind the organisation by following left-wing TDs, political activists and other NGOs. 

Equally so, the true target audience of East Wall For All can be inferred by the accounts following this newly-made NGO. Its followers include known university professors and pseudo-scholars, possibly a result of James Connington’s involvement with the group.

The organisation’s fundraiser furthers suspicion, having raised nearly its entire €5,000 goal within the two weeks of its establishment. With several anonymous single donations ranging from €100 to €400, it is likely that this fundraiser is being flooded with donations under fake names and anonymous donations to give a semblance of public support and legitimacy to the organisation. Several Irish leftists names could be cross-referenced with the East Wall Here For All Twitter account’s follower base, indicating the additional monetary support from Irish left-wing activists.

East Wall For All claims it is an organisation without political affiliations and started by the local community, however, the backgrounds of those known to be involved with the organisation have demonstrated otherwise. The duplicitous nature of the Irish NGO complex is on full display this week as East Wall For All shows itself to have participated in the same deceptive tactics as Ireland’s NGO complex. 

Evident through its cultivation of an illusory public image amongst Irish leftist circles, East Wall Here For All is neither a serious effort at compromising local sentiment nor hindering the activities of Malachy Steenson and the East Wall Protest Committee. It simply exists as an outlet for Irish lefties to whinge, virtue signal and throw their money into a community which does not want them to be there.

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. Thank you for the information. I wondered who these people are and am grateful there is a platform which goes to the trouble of investigating and reporting on these pseudo groups.


  2. Yes, as always happens with local community demonstrations, the left gather in force. They invariably are recruited from the universities, as left-wing politics dominates at these establishments. I say charity begins at home. Unfortunately the left can’t see what’s under their noses and are always looking the wrong way. We will have to enlighten them.


    1. You’re absolutely right lads. Deplorable what these scumbags are doing. These “so-called” asylum seeker have travelled halfway across the world, landed in a Dublin 3 tinpot fire hazard, and now have the temerity to expect free toilet rolls, tampons and toys for kids – and these “activists” are using DONATED MONEY from PEOPLE WHO HAVE SPARE CASH to make it happen! It’s an easy life for some!

      And worst of all, remaining anonymous online to do it! At least our proud protestors have the balls to use fake names and identities instead.


  3. Declan Hayes 19/12/2022 at 6:30 pm

    Good work showing up the government’s East Wall (sic) champions, who will no doubt get another blank cheque to spread their message. It is interesting no local political group has merged in with the, not even the SDs whose colours they seem to wear. I checked out the twitter link. Panti Bliss, the East Wall champion or whatever, organising nappy drops, baby diapers rahter than the adult sort this lot might need, having ben thus exposed to anyone with open eyes.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 20/12/2022 at 6:21 am

    The Cancerous NGOs grip on everything Irish is known to us all.Just like
    successive governments continually repeating mistakes,willing and able
    to do “Anything But ” in solving problems efficiently and effectively.
    The Left may gather in force because they certainly would not do it alone
    but Right minded individuals generally stand alone failing to gather in
    organized numbers…the lesson must be learned,we can do it too.
    Stating the obvious,just look around you and what has been promised for
    Our Futures.The numbers keep coming and getting LOUDER because
    the crackdown on individualism will turn US to a WHISPER.

    Miser Martin has threatened the wrath of God on dissenting voices,funny
    coming from a pro abortionist and 1/2 Loser that detests Sovereignty.
    We have not used the Lords Name in vain and if we all manage to gather
    and Celebrate Christmas….We have No Problem Gathering en MASS.


  5. Greystones to Lansdowne is full ! Let the plebs in East Wall enjoy the ” benefits ” of diversity . With the UK stepping up efforts to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda & other paradises , expect 1,000 non Ukranians to claim asylum in Ireland every week from the start of january . There won’t be a vacant hotel room / B & B by Easter .
    Why doesn’t Irl deport failed asylum seekers ? No i d , #Here4Life


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