With storm clouds gathering around the second coming of Leo Varadkar to the tanistry, the public purse strings are opening again to secure a new funding stream for the diversity lobby in Ireland. 

Announced Monday by the Department of Local Government, a new €215,000 funding pool is to be ruled out to augment the number of women and ‘people of diversity’ running in the 2024 Local Elections.

Doled out to 8 political parties, initiatives for receiving funds include the appointment of women and equality officers, the running of women focused recruitment drives etc etc.

Small change when it comes to political financing, the internal shift within political parties and impact Irish politics will dwarf the grant system.

One of many measures to increase diversity in council chambers, in 2021 Minister for Local Government Peter Burke introduced similar funding streams for pro-diversity initiatives, this time directed towards local authorities themselves.

Clear to all outside certain bubbles, this grant scheme represents more as a form of social engineering if not direct grubby backhander to political favourites.Indicative of the institutional capture at play at a state level, without question the moves run contrary to the democratic principle of the Irish public selecting politicians of their choosing than who simply tick a ethnic or gender box.

Tailored to alter our politics at a local level, the nation’s political apparatus is playing catchup for the vast demographic change which is ongoing at the present time. Destined to mimic the type of dysfunctional racial politics we see across the West, it on many levels flies in the face of the type of political bribery prohibited under SIPO regulation.

While various NGOs have been kite flying specific quota systems for diverse candidates, it is increasingly clear that the progressive lobby has picked up enough momentum within the halls of power to push the envelope on such plans. 

The infrastructure of the new diverse Ireland requires a new intricate system of jobs for the boys of which this scheme best embodies. Leinster House is working hard to fill the troughs for a compliant political system and were all picking up the tab.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. To paraphrase the leader of a small center right party here in Ireland, FF & FG are no longer interested in the Irish people. The Irish are yesterday’s news. The main political parties are actively & aggressively appealing to the ‘New Irish’ who, based on birth rates & immigration levels, will form the main voting block in the coming years.

    The indigenous Irish will become a tiny, persecuted minority within their ancestral homeland. At best, I fear that any Center Right party will be reduced to a civil-rights tier movement. I would love to be proven wrong. The pace of demographic change currently bears grim reading for Irish Nationalism.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/12/2022 at 8:41 pm

    The Real Deal is ” OK Ireland, Heads we win and Tails you lose ” and it doesn’t get any clearer to blind Freddy that a desperate coalition in govt.
    now,is buying it’s support base through the diversity representatives that
    is nominated by the NGO sector, which is picked from the UNcapped
    migration poole flooding Ireland for massive voting preferences.If this is
    not regarded as illegal,it most certainly is corrupt cute hoor skulduggery.
    It’s not in the least surprising when we’ve also been informed that TENI,
    despite losing its TAXPAYER FUNDING about 6 weeks ago from NHS
    is being Refunded by Gormless O Gorman’s department.Seems like they
    will do anything to keep their equally corrupt friends in NGOs afloat.

    They Despise us Paddywacks and firmly believe we are totally stupid.
    If any buffoons out there do vote these incumbents back in, well it remains to be seen…but enough rope has been given out and the noose is
    getting tighter and tighter…and tighter more tighter,….SNAP ! out of it


  3. The Brits are signing a deal with Albania today which will see 40 K immigrants deported & an end to many small boat crossings . Expect Constan & Xanik to make a bee line for Eire . The housing market will be saturated by Easter ( @ the latest ) . The Uk deported 11 K people so far in 2022 , Ireland has deported 7 ! There is zero will to implement immigration law #TooMuchHassle


  4. It would be nice to see some hope on the horizon, but there is no party big or small prepared to push back on what’s happening to this country. It’s very frustrating.


  5. Ivaus@ thetricolour 17/12/2022 at 12:47 pm

    I replied to you in detail Josie,
    Like numerous times before,it was deleted.It appears that so called
    Hate Speech kicked in a long time ago, and I like peoplssssssssbnnnnbnsssssnssssmsssSksjkssbssssssbsmsbnnvnnnnbssbmsbsssbsssnsbsbsmmnsssmssssssssss.ss,sssnssssssnbms,as,sass some,nbnsbvsmsm,ssss,sub,b,sssssbsbssv,sub,nbb,sass,s,nnbbssbns,ms,m,smash,sans,ssmnsbbmmnbsvvbvnbnbnvbbbNnn.sns.mmhbsbbbbmmsbsbsnsmnssnbsbm.snnsmnsnbmnsmbnmmssSSNSB,MVM,M.SSS.SBB.SBMMBmbnnnSmmssvmsnSsms,.snSs.BmMnbSS,NMshmnsnsbn!slbm,,MBsVSS,S,BlBnsBsBns.b,BsBn.nm?sbm,,by,N,.s..Bs!S,bb,,bank,v,b,Sk.mm.Snsssbs.v?ms,nob,?K.,subs,m.n,.LBS.BL


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