Defying charity regulators yet again, it would appear that the trans charity TENI has missed another deadline for filing its financials-its fourth in as many consecutive years.

Missing a September 30th deadline, the trans group which has been plagued by repeated resignations faces the prospect of losing its HSE funding for the second time in the space of a year. It is believed that among other resignations the loss of finance manager Julieanne Zhu has particularly hobbled the advocacy group.

In receipt of millions from state and philanthropic donations, TENI has become something of a bugbear for anti-trans feminists as well as financial marvel for this publication, haunted by perpetual accusations of grift and bullying.

TENI’s latest malfortunes were revealed as part of a forensic look at a looming internal spat within the HSE over the issue of gender affirming care for minors by the Irish Independent.

It is expected that the HSE will now meet with TENI officials shortly to decide whether to discontinue funding. Alongside this FOI requests made by the Irish Independent reveal that some health officials at the National Gender Services (NGS) cut off official relations due to ‘online attacks’ made by two employees of TENI.

Receiving half of the €159,00 promised to it by the HSE, TENI CEO Tina Orban stated to have their accounts in working order within a week.

More generally, it was revealed by the publication that the HSE is under severe strain owing to the repeated lambasting of the UK gender clinic Tavistock, long a bolthole for sending Irish children abroad for treatment and which is facing closure following an independent report stating that practices at the clinic imperilled the health of minors.

With some medics wishing to immediately stop referrals to Tavistock and to focus on cultivating domestic gender transitioning services at the National Gender Service at Loughlinstown, the NGS has been creaking at the seams with booming numbers reporting in all ages.

Early this month it was released that around half of under 30 year olds directed to the NGS were sufferers of depression or autism with 167 patients being serviced directly and over 1,000 on waiting lists.

Due to leaking it was learnt that Minister Donnelly had at one time vacated a meeting with health officials owing to ongoing concerns about one of his properties. 

As a whole, the trans healthcare system is facing an overload even with Tavistock and a worrying spike in the number of DIY treatments reported in Ireland. The Irish Medical Times delved into a growing blackmarket of transitioning individuals availing of underground oestrogen treatments against the advice of endocrinologists. 

Central to policymaking and the provision of trans healthcare at all levels is TENI, which has repeatedly and despite its recurring accounting ambiguities has had a seat at the table on a policymaking level.

Much to the umbrage of Irish TERFs and many parents, TENI even had a prime of place role at the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment working party on SPHE education in which Catholic groups were absent from. Lobbying for a liberalised form of ‘informed consent’ when it comes to transitioning children, no amount of financial mishaps or mass resignations seem to spur on the attention of regulators.

Yet again TENI limps on. Yet again no spear seems to pierce the hide of an impregnanable trans lobby which has the state wrapped around its finger and seemingly only answers to itself as it rewrites Irish State policy.

Whether TENI is eventually wound down or not in the coming months and years is irrelevant to the institutional change it has affected.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. No different to much of the N G O sector – 200,000 employees , mean wage of 40 K per annum , unvouched expenses ; most staff spend their days trolling #MoneyForNothing


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 22/10/2022 at 11:50 pm

    It is so ” in your face “. Self Regulation Ireland,Criminals investigating Crime,Police Investigating Police and Judicial Ireland looks on with the blessing of Politics and Propaganda.
    Just to be sure,get it right,the Tax Funded NGO sector is the largest
    “Paid To Vote” monopoly in any democracy on the planet today. WHO do you believe that crime does not pay…a criminal, a court, a conman?


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  4. […] has frequently been in and out of the Irish press over wide-ranging financial irregularities, with the non-profit having some of its state funding stripped once again late last year after it […]


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