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The Sunday Business Post’s Brown Scare

{This article is written in response to the Sunday Business Post piece “Ireland’s Alt Right: The people building an empire online” 16/6/19 detailing the apparent rise of an online far right presence in Ireland supported by foreign actors} If Ireland...

/ 17/06/2019

Irish Anti-Trump Hysteria is Futile

Plenty of steam has (and will be) given off this week for the visit of President Trump to Ireland on the tail-end of his visit to Europe. Almost three years into his term, Ireland’s progressive classes have failed to properly...

/ 06/06/2019

Ireland Shouldn’t Care About Palestine or Israel

The Irish have a misplaced sense of nostalgia when it comes to Palestine. As the heirs of an anti-colonial past we tend to view contemporary politics through a lens uncommon to most Europeans. From the Plantations to the northern conflict,...

/ 18/05/2019