Lentin Cashes In

An old hand in the Irish diversity scene, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at TCD, Ronit Lentin looks set to extract blood from the stone with her new pricey book on the Irish asylum industry. 

Retailing at €105 in hardback, Disavowing Asylum looks set to be hitting Irish bookshelves shortly, examining the racialised inequalities behind the much maligned Direct Provision system in Ireland.

Written in conjunction with the artist and asylum archivist Vukašin Nedeljković, the book follows a long line of overpriced editions of antiracist screeds, normally bought up in bulk by Irish colleges.

The Israeli-born academic (though she prefers being referred to as Palestinian) has haunted the Trinity arts block for years prior to her retirement. She has been instrumental in the reckless push for open borders at every possible turn. Wife to the deceased filmmaker Louis Lentin, the academic makes no qualms about her motivations in part being driven by the Irish refusal to accept refugees en masse during the Emergency period.

The new text published by the publishing house Rowman & Littlefield Publishers claims to utilise “visual autoethnography” in arguing for the belief that asylum seekers can be utilised in the campaign against the asylum process.

The book was launched courtesy of the Peter Sutherland School of Law in UCD, accompanied by a fleet of prominent asylum activists and open border academics. The latest iteration of a string of books by the author on the matter, the hefty price tag illustrates the detachment asylum activists have, flogging hardbooks at over €100 yet moralising on structural inequality.

Despite giving out socks about the inherent racist nature of the Irish State, Lentin has lived a rather charmed life professionally through her academic gig in TCD.

Doomed to be read by select cadres of undergrads and academics at best, per the institutional model, expect editions of Lentin’s works to find their way to university bookshelves in due time owing to the habit of colleges to buy these works in bulk.

Not the only academic to make hay out of overpriced print editions, diversity darling ‘Dr’ Ebun Joseph last year made coin with her book on racialised inequalities in the Irish labour market retailing for €93 with Manchester University Press.

With Direct Provision on borrowed time, and a new asylum regime potentially undermining the Irish housing market per the government’s very own research, it is worth reflecting on where the work of Lentin and co. has got us.

A strata of pampered academics through their ivory tower activism have derailed the Irish asylum process and will result in the disprivileging of the Irish in their homeland. Whether she knows it or not Lentin has roadblocked the prosperity of numerous working class families through her pursuit of asylum insanity and has had the check to charge us all for courtesy.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Eoin Ó Fátharta 22/09/2021 at 1:45 pm

    Lentin is it? Early Life Check on Wiki. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


  2. Ireland hasn’t deported anyone during the past two years ; the entry doors are wide open & exits are locked tight .
    How do you deport people who have no i d ❓?


  3. Mary Stasia Concannon 22/09/2021 at 10:36 pm

    “We’re here for your real estate and resources. We have no interest your Irish culture or history . You are an inherently despicable people, flawed by genetics, so shut up and shove off.”

    Haven’t we heard this before? Over and over for centuries? This is the new conquerer, strutting around like Cromwell, hating tbe native.


  4. It seems apparent that the intent by Lentin (Let In) and follow travellers is to demographically traduce the indigenous Irish people; rendered them the ‘oppressive white’ majority versus the disparate ethnic minorities, or ‘people of colour’. The ‘David and Goliath’ ancient fable politicised for the 21st century West – the old trope of aggressor and victim underdog.
    If more evidence were available that sending our young people to these places of learning can be cerebrally injurious to their independence of thought when toxic rubbish that passes for an ‘asylum’ critique then please provide it.


  5. I hope I don’t find this book in my Xmas stocking!


  6. “Academic” sewage. Continuing the traducing of the native Irish people and attempting to profit by it.


  7. (((They))) Live 26/09/2021 at 12:55 pm

    Gradually I began to hate them


  8. If you want to see an immigration policy that is explicitly ethno-nationalist in nature, look no further than the state of Israel. Of course, Ms. Lentin would never tackle such a subject due to her tribal allegiances.


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