We can share more details that implicate media and police entities in a potential plot to frame Dublin nationalists for violence

This is a follow-up to our reporting yesterday. More details have emerged which many believe points towards a dangerous plan by the far-left, mainstream media, and possibly elements in the Gardaí to cause an incident. The full picture is not clear, and The Burkean wishes to emphasise that no conclusions can yet be drawn.


  • Leftists accompanied by journalists showed up at a protest against plans to install an asylum centre in Coolock, North Dublin. They had been filming a documentary on immigration in Ireland at the time.
  • They were confronted by protestors, and while fleeing, reportedly dropped phones which were subsequently examined by the protestors
  • The Garda Public Order Unit (police riot squad) showed up remarkably quickly. Locals claim they had been lying in wait just metres away.
  • Information from the phone that was subsequently posted online reportedly shows close coordination between some of the biggest media organisations in Ireland and the UK (including state broadcasters), hardcore antifa activists, left-wing politicians, NGOs, and Islamic clerics and left-wing politicians
  • The information posted online appears to indicate that attending leftists and media were accompanied by Muslim and/or Asian security from the U.K.
  • Also allegedly discovered was the fact that the journalists had been closely colluding with Antifa, including buying materials (flags and disguises) to be used by Antifa with footage emerging of one high-profile Irish media personality apparently helping to make banners.
  • The leaks also appear to show how journalists helped Antifa strategise on how to confront the protestors
  • Antifa appeared to have been daring anti-immigration activists to show up to confront them. This is a suspicious difference from the norm, wherein they avoid street interaction due to being overwhelmingly outnumbered by nationalists
  • A similar situation occurred a few years ago, where media interviewing a nationalist leaked details that resulted in him being attacked on-camera
  • We are making no claims to the exact events that transpired. At the bare minimum, it seems major media outlets colluded recklessly with extreme leftists, some of whom may have been looking to engineer a confrontation. But many locals suspect a far more worrying scenario: that politicians, journalists, Antifa, and — remarkably — the police wished to stage a conflict with nationalists to discredit their cause.

The Background

Over the past few months, prominent journalists working in Ireland and the UK have interviewed anti-immigration campaigners in Ireland. As shown by the outlandishly slanted BBC ‘coverage’ of the George Nkencho death British state media has severe biases when it comes to the emerging form of populism in Ireland as well as close connections with certain NGOs. This comes as the country experiences a popular pushback against the establishment’s reckless immigration and asylum industry.

A public demonstration against illegal migration was planned for Saturday, April 6th in Dublin City centre.

There has been an ongoing picket protest in the north of the city in Coolock, opposing plans to move up to 1000 asylum seekers into a disused factory in the area.

Friday, April 5th

A prominent antifa organiser, well known for diatribes against anti-immigration protests, was active on X/Twitter stating she and others would be counterprotesting the Saturday demonstration and daring anyone to show up to oppose her.

Separately, official Garda Twitter accounts had recently been caught “liking” activity from Antifa-linked users.

Saturday, April 6th

The demonstration in the city centre was cancelled, seemingly due to bad weather. At around 3.20pm, several people came to the picket protest in Coolock in the north of the city. They set up a tripod and started filming while unfurling flags with leftist slogans.

They were immediately confronted by the protestors and physically removed. In their haste, smartphones ended up in the hands of the nationalist protestors.

The data on the phones seemed to show a shocking level of coordination between ANTIFA, the media, leftist politicians, and Muslim activists.

Locals also claimed that a riot squad were waiting nearby. This is highly unnecessary and bizarre, given that the picket protest has been ongoing for weeks and Ireland currently has a Garda staffing shortage.

The Big Picture

At the very least, this incident shows the levels of extreme unprofessionalism that the media and politicians will stoop to to cooperate with leftist street gangs (as unintimidating and irrelevant as these leftists are), to the point of buying things for them and providing them with transport and accomodation. While we cannot name the organisations involved, think of the largest media companies in Ireland and the UK and you’re probably over the target.

However, the more sinister picture that many are lending credence to is the possibility that the state’s police force cooperated with antifa and journalists to potentially incite a violent incident in the presence of women and children.

The Burkean will continue its coverage of this scandal in the coming days.

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  2. Sheila Gavin 08/04/2024 at 12:02 am

    Christian Morris led me to search and find this article of excellent journalism.


  3. Information from the phone that was subsequently posted online reportedly shows close coordination between some of the biggest media organisations in Ireland and the UK (including state broadcasters), hardcore antifa activists, left-wing politicians, NGOs, and Islamic clerics and left-wing politicians

    You mention left wing politicians twice. Either a typo or you may have left out a word.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 08/04/2024 at 4:35 pm

    The time will come when Politicians ask for your help ( VOTE NO ).
    The time will come when Police ask for public assistance ( SAY NO ).
    The time will come when Press ask for your comment ( NO COMMENT ).
    The time will come when a broadcaster asks for money ( NO WAY ).
    That time is now,time to stand up and fight,for your rights,your homes,
    your country…because these poxed parasites have proven they will not do it
    for you,and only when they want something-FROM YOU,despite being on
    the PUBLIC PURSE…they come begging to any NATIONALIST FOR HELP


  5. Triggernometry 09/04/2024 at 8:44 pm

    BBC = MI5 journo-liars. Jimmy Saville – also knighted by UK royalty. Need we say more?

    This goes as high as the un-named bankers who want to divide, and destroy and drive a wedge between communities through politicians whose clinics work against us, 24/7. NGOs and scrags are the ”guns for hire” by the politicians, the politicians, and ”journalists”, and the ”judiciary” all of it, are also ”guns for hire” off the bankers. This can go as high as you like.

    The drug trade too, crime and law, are linked there is always links corruption does not work for Ireland but Ireland inc. Look at all the distractions of the Kinahin Hutch feud, look at all the drugs they bring in, yes, but also look at the new gangs sprouting up, they will have it on steroids and worse is in the works. You think it is bad now???? You think you know bad?????

    Think of the world wide web , as a web a trap, that is what it means, it is dark energy that has been released by the pentagon on orders from above to harvest thoughts and use them against you. They will pick targets who they have entrapped and the FBI and CIA MI5, Ministry of ”Defence” will be watching everything, make a wrong move, do something illegal , it’s on you, don’t think because ”you know how to code” or ”use open source” this and that, or bounce your ip here and there that it matters, what I hear you have VPN, they can look you up if they want you as an example, to throw out there. To distract from the real issues.

    Don’t think they won’t make a spectacle of you, they will ,some unscrupulous journalists work hard to destroy lives.

    It doesn’t mean you have to cower and self-censor, but be aware that there are certain elements out there to run you down a rabbit hole, look at the explosion in demand for pre pubescents in pornography, common knowledge to all, even to people like me who don’t watch porn – yes, I am aware I am an oddity. Perhaps being of a certain vintage, TF, I don’t and didn’t grow up in a hyper pornography, and pedoage of anything for pleasure soceity, knew what a pence meant and hard work. Too much sexual pleasure fries the brain, too much of any pleasure fries the brain, too many dopamine hits and not enough discipline will fry your brains, you might aswell have none.

    If you spend more than 4 hours a day on the internet you need to take a long hard look at yourself – and yes that phone counts too, the tablet – put it away!

    Vote independents, vote for your Mattie Mcgraths, and no it doesn’t make you a ”blood and soil” racist for wanting to see Ireland for the Irish. YES there is immigrants, we accept that and have accepted that, but now that enough is enough – we are racists now apparently according to briefcase ,starbucks clutching NGOs whose bread and butter it is to shout racist, everywhere they go.

    Immigrants, we have more than our ”fair share” time for them TOO, to think about ”pulling up the ladder” and being that bit selfish, unless you want to live in a topsy turvey dog eat dog society, where everything is up for grabs by this tax trigger happy government, who pays for all this extra immigration?

    Whether you are on the dole, or subsidized working or a full time job, you got stake in this, the public kitty is limited, do you want your grandkids and children and children’s children and yourself to have no future,? Attacked on the street for being old with a wallet in your pocket, acid throwing is very popular in the UK, we cannot make links or join the dots, that would be racist.

    Last word, beware the come to me grifters, the Tate bros and the ”based” Jordan Peterson, all very well funding certain people or outlets ( that are worthwhile) real journalism is worth it if Gript and Burkean make a few waves , no harm.

    Just know where you are throwing your euro, it matters.


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