Earlier today, locals protesting against a refugee centre in Coolock, Dublin were confronted by leftist journalists and other antifa types. Here are the facts as we understand them from local first-hand sources in Coolock. We will be updating this article as more details are established:

  • A small group of men arrived in the afternoon of Saturday April 6th to the old Crown Paints Factory in Coolock which is being picketed by locals opposing the plantation of up to 1000 asylum seekers there. They arrived to counterprotest and take footage
  • According to video and our sources, the men were told to leave as they allegedly posed a risk to the women and children at the protest
  • When they wouldn’t move on, they were apprehended by the locals, had their flags seized, and forced to vacate the area
  • Some of the protestors dropped their mobile phones, unlocked, at the scene, along with other belongings such as driver’s licenses and UK identification
  • The protestors reviewed the content of the phones to delete any invasive content that had been recorded
  • On one phone, which seems to belong to a mainstream journalist, would appear to show a concerning level of cooperation between various media sources, NGO workers, and prominent antifa operatives in both Ireland and the UK
  • Our sources explained, and this appears to be corroborated by messages on the phone, that the antifa group had planned to oppose an anti-immigration protest in the city centre. They ultimately went to Coolock as they thought there would only be women and children there
  • The videos of the phone’s content, widely circulating on social media, seem possibly to hold a vast quantity of insider info on the Far Left in Ireland
  • The contents are certain to be studied in detail by nationalists. Already it seems the phone numbers of maybe a majority of prominent pro-plantation activists have been revealed
  • This embarrassing physical humiliation for the Left, along with the trove of info revealed, is the final nail in the coffin of street-level leftist organising in the 26 counties. The time of “No Pasaran” has passed

(The Burkean is relying on local sources in Coolock for this piece. Since it is a breaking story, this article merely relays what is being discussed at street-level and on social media. As such this information should be considered unconfirmed, and therefore we refrain from identifying any of the persons involved for legal reasons. Most the video/images can be found on X/Twitter)

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  1. Geoffrey Britain 07/04/2024 at 6:43 am

    Best news I’ve gotten in I don’t know how long!


    1. Daniel BUCKLEY 07/04/2024 at 8:25 am

      No surprises there.
      It has long been suspected that the Antifa Left have been the physical attack dogs o f the Regime , with connections to the NGO organisers , the Garda and Media.
      This maladorous system was observed during the BLM riots in the USA and is a Democratic Party strategy imported to Ireland.
      History repeats and this was the system used in the early days of the Nazi Party to physically attack and suppress oppposition using the SA thugs of Ernst Rohm.
      Totalitarianism has come to Ireland, under the cloak of liberalism.
      Follow the money to expose the enemy.
      A $6 Billion NGO slush fund buys a lot of muscle and Psy-Op propaganda.
      The Regime has a well oiled NGO Psy-ops machine to de-fuse objections by locals to forced plantations in their villages and localities.
      Gearoid Murphy has long time recorded the methods:
      the parading of NGO stooges with ‘Welcome Refugee ‘ placards,recorded by the Media.
      The planting of NGO stooges in community meetings to disrupt with the racist ,xenophobe, far right, tags to fracture, silence and demonise objectors.
      The introduction of Local politicians with false promises to defuse public meeting ; as was so obvious in Roscrea.
      There can be no doubt that a Plantation and Displacement policy is being enforced by the illegitimate Regime.
      It has lost its greatest weapon of control byRTE and Print Media and now is reduced to physical force and intimidation.
      This is a sign of desperation.
      Know your enemy,its tactics and strategy is the first rule of warfare .
      The illegitimate Regime is at war with the People, and the People are now on the offense and have momentum.
      This is a battle of survival for the Irish People, we can not afford to lose our Homeland,.
      We owe it to our children and the sacrifices of our ancestors to fight once again for our freedom and future.


      1. Patrick Collins 08/04/2024 at 10:42 am

        As recent as yesterday 7/424 the incoming teaboy Taoiseach is on record as saying “Ireland is not full”. From my perspective, this fight has not started as the Irish people have to be pushed further. But when that happens it will make the Dublin riots look like a scene from Disneyland.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 07/04/2024 at 9:02 am

    ANTIFA-links to BLM,links to far left,links to communist,links to ngo’s,links to George Soros,which links to the EU (kalgeri plan ),which links to WEF and
    UN Global agenda 201/2030 plan,which links to WHO and world diktatorship
    for future pandemics ,which then links DAVOS and COP for climate plandenic,
    thus linking charly King,the commonwealth and City of London,Blackrock,
    and reserve banking,which includes THE 1% ,rich elite and all global media
    players,including digital data,global security,digital currency,food production
    and distribution,Big Harm-a , linking Bully Gates and Global Depopulation by
    UN-tested VAX…which links to the REPLANTATION OF IRELAND,linked
    DAVOS-ALL GOVERNANCE GLOBALLY…thus all of the 99%.
    When all else fails have a war…UKRAINE…GAZA…MIDEAST…W W 123


  3. I first encountered the Antifa mob when I attended a free speech rally organised by the Irish Freedom Party. I have no connection with this party, but went to find out what they had to say on the subject of free speech. There were a couple of speakers who had something interesting to say to the small group who turned up, but this was drowned out by the mob across the road who used any and all means to create as much of a din as possible. While we were assembling, there were a couple of tall young guys mingling with our group, I assume to intimidate us with their covered faces. Herman Kelly has recently accused Peadar Tobin of sending some of his people to disrupt proceedings. I don’t know if it’s true.


  4. To this day in the US, when you type antifa.com into search, it presents the White House, whitehouse.gov


  5. Please. if you know what im talking about, add their names to the list. I do not currently have access.


  6. […] Street-Level Leftists – “[L]ocals protesting against a refugee centre in Coolock, Dublin were confronted by leftist journalists and other antifa types.” Antifa Battered In Coolock, Their Phones Seized By Nationalists Apparently Revealing Seedy Links Bet… […]


  7. What a horrible piece of wurk that Joan creature is omg she is very rude,stuck up her own hole is right ,a nasty bitter sad individual who thrives on attention,lots of people I’ve heard saying that Joan mulligan is causing division at the coolock camp it’s common knowledge now the woman is not wanted from day one by alot of people in coolock for being such a horrible person ,very rude very selfish,very ego driven you can see right trough her she’s full of herself sorry love it’s not about your ego

    This campaign is about people who want to stay united fighting the government it’s not about uniting who wants to fight with each other step aside woman you are a very toxic person.

    Another iphone Joan we call her she comes up for photo shoots for 20 minutes once per week then leaves claiming to be the head of the protest sorry love jog on coolocksaysnoegos


  8. Triggernometry 10/04/2024 at 2:53 pm

    Coolock was always a bit rough around the edges, people in thee 90’s would do you a favour or anything for you, there are good decent people that live there, why make what problems – were there. WORSE?!?!?!?!


    All sloganeering on part of the trendy politicians who copy each others buzzwords or the word of the day, time for action, no more bullshit.

    Train locals up for whatever jobs or companies come into the country, to guarantee Irish people do not get left behind for some bargain basement foreigner, someone who can safely do the job!

    Instead I look around Dublin and see people – HOMELESS, dying on the streets near Leinster house, why become yet another cold, unfeeling cosmopolitan shithole?

    Like the kebabs too much? Look around you, people stuck on Heroin to take the bite out of the cold on the streets, some who never touched the drug before!

    Wake up, no Irishman left behind, No Irish man or woman to left to rot on the streets , for some multicultural shithole pipedream. A 70 year old man in his car – HOMELESS! A nurse died on our streets!

    We need to look after our OWN problems and working class people! That is where a good strong society starts.

    Sinn fein making the right noises about immigration but don’t listen to them, they are all liars, vote independents, 3 votes max, don’t vote all the way down the ballot sheet – that is how Simon harris got in on the 15th voter count, don’t forget there are transfer votes too….

    Look up how to vote strategically. Or just look at how they do things, a spoiled vote can also be a transfer vote, you effectively vote for someone or forced to vote for someone you don’t even regard?!

    Don’t vote just ”number 1” , have a number 2 or 3 max, so they don’t manipulate it into a transfer vote, if your number 1 doesn’t get through.

    It is a very corrupt system.


  9. This American supports you in the fight against the (once imminent) woke takeover of Ireland. I’m no de Valera, but you have my prayers, and the prayers and support of so many other Americans who would love to help but have to remain content with watching from afar.


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  11. […] political right.  Recent examples here in the US are Occupy Wall Street, BLM and AntiFa.  Irish protesters demonstrated this nicely a week or two ago in Coolock, Dublin, Ireland, where locals protesting a refugee center were confronted by AntiFa types, and journalists.  […]


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