In a shocking turn of events today, much of The Burkean’s previous reporting on the alleged Antifa-Media Scandal at the weekend at an anti-immigration protest has been proven correct. But the reality is even more bizarre than we thought.

Our previous reporting was based on local sources. A phone of a journalist was dropped at the protest. We saw content from a phone online, recovered by protestors at the scene.

Newstalk confirmed that a phone belonging to one of their journalists was stolen at the demonstration. Locals claimed to have subsequently found a discarded phone on the site, with video detailing the contents of the device being posted to X/Twitter later that day.

In the last 2 hours, new pieces of information have come to light about the incident:

  • Newstalk (one of Ireland’s largest media companies) admitted they sent a team to an Irish anti-immigration protest in a statement to Gript (Ireland’s largest independent Irish news platform)
  • A Newstalk journalist involved contacted Irish conservative activist Andy Heasman, denying that they had been working with Antifa

Newstalk are contradicting themselves in several different ways, but it doesn’t matter: whichever version you believe, it shows the massive bias the company has and the underhanded tactics it pursues.

The main journalist on the story works with the BBC and the lost phone showed contact with them about unrelated work. The day after the Coolock incident, the BBC showed up to the Coolock protest. What was the BBC’s role?

Admissions of Biased Journalism

In their statement to Gript, Newstalk admitted:

  • Their team were doing an “undercover investigation” on right-leaning politics in Ireland
  • The Newstalk team went undercover to “engage in counter protest” against a group of families opposed to a migrant centre in their neighbourhood. They got beaten up and lost their phones
  • When asked if there were unaffiliated people at the “protest”, they gave no comment

Separately, this morning Andy Heasman posted what he said are screenshots with one of the Newstalk team.

  • The journalist claims to have not been “colluding” with Antifa

Nothing Makes Sense

  • Newstalk is saying it didn’t work with Antifa
  • They are also saying they went undercover to counterprotest
  • But the lost phone shows contact with prominent Antifa activists, and left-wing politicians who have engaged in Antifa tactics at protests before
  • A tweet from an Antifa activist saying they were in Dublin came 6 minutes after a call between someone of that name and the dropped phone
  • As Gript deduced, the Newstalk team, whether or not there were independent antifa activists present, went to instigate an incident at the protest
  • Text messages on the phone discuss a protest in the city centre and the one in Coolock. And that they would go to Coolock if it was “too hairy” in the city. Why were a group of men looking for a soft target to stage a conflict, surely knowing that Coolock is a residential area with mostly women and children present at the protest there?
  • Why did Newstalk brazenly lie to anti-immigration activists, claiming they were neutral?
  • Why are Newstalk so unwilling to confirm basic aspects of the story?

The Burkean will continue to report on the story.

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  1. Triggernometry 09/04/2024 at 7:51 pm

    CIA – MI5, lots of banker- govt invested in all this murky business to demonize local people as ”blood and soil racists”, all the while the govt get funded by the very people who they demonize, the dozy FG FF public just lap it up.

    They don’t want to rock the immigration boat, well one day it will rock you and rock your life upside down, whether Jimmy or Mary and the grandkids like it or not. It will happen, your grandkids future stolen from them for a few kudos on twitter and a few empty, but trendy meaningless likes on FB, that’s all that matters, right? Not real world consequences?

    As we know some so called nationalists and nationalist parties are set up as completely fake, OR severely infiltrated, there are good individual /protests out there, you can’t trust it all, you can’t walk around and take everything at face value, always with someone, something is bubbling under the surface, even the seemingly most innocent of souls.

    Always something, never trust, but that doesn’t mean you should not be standing up and be counted, go to one of these protests, what’s there to lose, we have no leg up, nobody will get a home at this rate we are at, people ( as John waters an Irish journalist put it) people coming off the plane hitting the tarmac on the airports are being called, more ”Irish” by these NGOs, and also just to say and by default more entitled than you – sure you’re only on the housing list 15 years, well a foreigner with 10 children needs that house and old Mary needs to be booted out.

    That will be how it rolls and the spies and rotten moles in on this, turncoats and whatever else of assortments working against us, on and offline, have a lot to answer for, was the quick few euro worth it? Will you and your grandchildren ( if you have any) will they have a future, will you?

    What did you do to secure the future? Not just for your own community but world stability? Did you sing and chant along with the pro immigration for all crowd, or did you do real community activism, and challenge this bs with protests and peaceful gatherings against some psychogards and whatnots spies and Journaliars and whatever else?

    IF you worked against your own community , you are empty, you are dead inside, you are a soulless creature that deserves nothing but contempt, and to be distrusted at all costs for the foreseeable future, you should be shunned from everywhere and everyone and discarded, and disregarded at every turn. You cannot be trusted, if you switch sides so easy either.

    Do you really want to see a post immigration apocalyptic environment, unsafe, street defecating , attacks on your young, afraid , keeping them locked in doors on often toxic media, and pornography of what seems to be preying on the young and turning young men into violent and brain addled sex addicts, if we are not careful we will end up like the Third world, as a lot of the Third world has its eye on us, they are here to use Ireland , not as a country the ”like” or have an affinity for – but to scam, and use it as some sort of ATM. It is not a country or a people to them, do you thick turncoats not get it yet, more than you is at stake, was the few euro worth it? You would eat your babies, and your grandkids future, you are….

    So , you can say ”not all immigrants” argument – but that is now not the answer here, Ireland is full, we have had enough, there is no room at the INN if tents everywhere, only to be fake about our ”humanity” only to discard those tents in a skip for a Mardi Gras St Paddy’s day, a day for everyone, that sounds nice in the honeymoon period, for now, wait till that takes off too, the honeymoon period is nearly done, crime is through the roof and ”Tate bro nationalism” has taken hold , silly white boys who don’t know their own Irish history, will commit to another religion or ”Tate bro nationalism”, without knowing who they are as men, or their roots.

    We have become to soft an underbelly of a cosmopolitan society where everything is about ”having it all” and ”convenience” where did that Uber eats bring you? Food, yes, but you are also supporting immigrants that live cheek by jowl and the media tell them, Irish people are blood and soil racists and they are inciting them against you. Media , government and bankers seek to divide and cause chaos, distract you with all this alphabet nonsense too, cut your boobs off – whatever, your choice, let it all hang out, anything goes, all bread and circus distractions. But OH, where is that roof over your head gone? Was it worth it?

    That is my message to fake nationalists, on and offline moles , spies and whatever else and the disgusting creatures who fund this. Immigration out of control will drive end times. Is that what you want? Careful what you wish for!



  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/04/2024 at 8:37 am

    For the moment consider the Irish Media 2024 Landscape.A paid for propaganda machine,CONTROLLED by Taxpayers expense.
    A National Broadcaster equally CONTROLLED and paid for that is the
    LAP DOG and tail wagger of corrupt governance. No opposition to a rogue
    Traitors narrative…JOURNALIERS FREE FOR ALL.
    The Headquaters for Global Media Corporations and Players that dictate
    THEIR OWN TERMS to the disfunctional inept Leinster House,and despite
    the shocking abuse and plunder of IRELANDS NATURAL RESOURCES in
    reference to POWER AND WATER pay next to fu.k all in TAX or JOBS and
    Ban-Bar-Deplatform concerned ethnic Irish People from comments.
    A so called MINISTER OF HATE SPEECH because she failed to do her
    Paid For Job and denies,with the help of media,the disaster of open borders,
    unvetted illegals,resulting in higher crime rates,abuse,rape and MURDER.
    Dont worry about BBC..look for MI5 and CIA…NGO LINKS,getting warmer.
    WHY DO YOU THINK LIEO DONE A RUNNER…free speech bullshit!


  3. Triggernometry 18/04/2024 at 3:27 pm

    Click on the link above , this is Ireland now, psycho garda against the people of this nation, they are spineless and should be ashamed, they wouldn’t treat any foreigners like this.

    I wonder has this anything to do with the row in the Garda force right now, probably not!

    Shows us where we are now, the gards took over the road the immigrants in the vans took over the road a road of generations belonged to the people of Ireland, those men and women had full right of way to walk their own road at any time of day or night, with the immigrants being bussed in by garda escorts, – this will no longer be the case. A dark day ahead for this lovely little country that I used to know, now I am not sure I fully recognise it.

    I am glad I lived in a more innocent era, even if it was bleak at times. We knew who were were, what we were and pulled through for each other, would beg and borrow for each other. A lend of this or that, that was real community spirit, not this fake volunteerism we see now or the odd class in this or that. Gards also were more respected by most of the mainsteam population. The community ”spirit” if you have to buy into it, that is not real community.

    That is NOT community that is not at all, I am glad I have had a wider lens of a timeline to see the difference between what was and what is , it wasn’t all magdalene laundries, and IRA or Orange sectarianism, there was true community, that is now jaded and worn down, eroded, beyond recognition, with immigrants being wedged inbetween us, NGOs contracted out by spy agencys and Eurocrats to tell us were all racist if we don’t agree, don’t fall for this left vs right bs. It is extremely divisive designed to break down communities.

    The old left now wear plastic eyelashes and drink starbucks – they want to be ”down with the kids or the ”new left” instead of teaching what the true principles of what was working class left ideals.

    And for all those ”tate bro” fan boys out there, pathetic just pathetic, pathologising white women as some sort of demonic force, lol, just get off the laptop, phone or whatever and see reality, each to their own, you will one day, find out the hard way. Tate bro ”nationalism” or ” manosphere ,masuculinity” won’t get you far – know who you are know your roots and what you are as a man, tate is just a dirty diseased whores mouth, nothing more all for hustles $$$.

    Your the fools buying into it, so he can drive his buggattis or bombastic yachts or whatever. Be a fool then follow that chase that or live IRL, have IRL mentors or people you can learn from or look up to if needs be, if you TRULY need that.

    If you need a ”donate” to me male that ”teaches you” how to be a ”man” from the convenience of your iphone or laptop or whatever, you have serious issues to overcome.

    Feral in a word, godless, manless, meaningless. Bastardised by whoever the ”alpha du jour” is telling you what to think and why you should hate white women. Do you not see this as a divisive tool?

    Europe time to have sex again, morons. See through the trap of what this all is. They want gay pitted against straight, man pitted against woman. Foreigners to hate us, because were just so ”privileged” so privileged there are more Irish homeless than anything else on the list.


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