Visitors returning to the inner city in the post-pandemic period have been struck by the rather unsightly spectacle of throngs of Roma gypsy families dominating the Talbot Street and North O’Connell Street area.

That patch of Dublin has been no stranger to Roma colonisation, particularly in the area around Dalymount Park with Roma families inhabiting Georgian streets on the Northside for some time, providing a base of operations for begging operations citywide. 

The influx of Roma commenced in the post-Cold War area, with various high profile cases of asylum abuses and illegal migration through Rosslare Harbour being observed. Following the ascension of eastern EU states, the process accelerated with census figures (if they can be believed) putting the number at 5,000 as of 2016.

However, the sheer intensity of the Roma presence, normally consisting of extended families begging, present at street corners in recent months has been a sight to behold, impossible to brush under the carpet for most passersby.

The background to this inundation lies in the state response to the pandemic and the frantic search for emergency accommodation and isolation centres in the initial months of the crisis.

The result has led to a concentration of Roma presence through a series of hotels, guesthouses and state accommodation in the North inner city area by the HSE, NGOs and various state providers.

Identified as an at-risk group alongside Irish Travellers, Roma gypsies were earmarked for specific attention at the outbreak of the crisis. With translation services provided by the HSE, Roma were directed initially to an isolation centre on Nelson Street, due to their specific needs and perceived lack of documentation that made it difficult to send them to Citywest.

The state response to the Roma population and Covid-19 was assessed in a recent report syndicated by the medical review journal Global Health Documentation. 

The study documents how through lobbying by the primary itinerant advocacy group, Pavee Point, convinced health authorities of the need to provide specific isolation centres and emergency accommodation to at-risk Roma in Ireland.

With a Roma Response team established by the HSE National Social Inclusion Office in March 2020, health authorities commenced a tailored response for the Roma community factoring in their community disadvantages.

Quoting from the report.

After weeks of networking and negotiation with different stakeholders, the HSE secured a hotel in the Dublin area for the isolation of COVID-19 positive Roma people from all over the country. This service included transport to the facility, as well as access to medical assistance for the Roma people. In addition, COVID-19 resources and information on how to access public services were translated into different languages for Roma from continental Europe, and disseminated through the response team members.

It is believed that this hotel originally commandeered by the HSE is one in the Glasnevin area proximate to pre-existing Roma communities. Alongside pre-existing Roma families living in the North Inner city area, it should also be noted the concentration of Roma support facilities in the vicinity such as the Capuchin Centre and Crosscare Centres and Dublin City Community Co-op.

Sources residing near and working in the area report the daily congregation of Roma in hotels and guesthouses looking to make up the numbers following the effective evaporation of the tourist industry. With allegorical stories of Roma using Ireland as a way station before entering the UK, The Burkean obtained footage of Roma allegedly being taken into public housing accommodation as part of the emergency covid response.

Through on the ground observations and speaking to sources resident and working in the area, The Burkean was able to identify a series of hotels and guesthouses inhabited by Roma families, driven largely by covid response measures. 

Located around the Talbot Street, Gardiner Street area as well as state accommodation at St Mary’s Mansions off Sean McDermott Street, the inadvertent effects of the pandemic response has been to create a launchpad for Roma in the North Inner city region.

Central to this and what appears to be a central hub for the Roma community is O’Shea’s Hotel off Talbot Street providing accomodation to numerous Roma families. Upon entering the hotel, visitors are greeted by a health official managing the desk with visible signs of overcrowding evident upon arrival.

The author attempted to inquire about the availability of a room at the hotel over the phone and was met with the response that the hotel was not taking bookings in the immediate future, indicating its current purpose of providing emergency accommodation to Roma families.

A family owned charity owned by the O’Shea hotelier family, the group purchased the Salmon Leap pub in 2014 for €400,000. Social media for the hotel indicates that it has been closed to paying customers since March 2020. 

Not the only hotel to be commandeered in the pandemic period, the Central Hotel off Aungier Street played host to largely African asylum seekers following its snapping up by the Department of Justice and operated by Remcoll Capital.

In Ireland the primary NGO concerned with Roma affairs is Pavee Point who in their 2019 Annual Report listed the Department of Justice, Social Protection, TUSLA as well as the Dormant Account scheme as its primary contributors. 

The fruits of their lobbying activities is laid out in a recent report, which highlighted the NGOs efforts in pressurising the Department of Housing to assist in the providing of accommodation for self isolation as well as the inclusion of ethnic identifiers on the HSPC database.

In an Oireachtas submission, the group underlined the process by which the state forked over accommodation to the Roma community, helping to mitigate the issue of ‘one night only’ accommodation caused by proper documentation among the community.

Any examination of the agents behind mass immigraiton into Ireland reveals an effective alt-government of NGOs, lobbyists, state agencies, as well as community activists pushing on in the shadows to see their will done. The surge in the amount of Roma gypsies in our city, largely facilitated by state support, is yet another testament to this out of control cottage industry.

The initial acceptance of Roma migration into Ireland was a social disaster, more evident as the years went on and numbers invariably balloon. While Dubliners find themselves prisoners in their own city through pandemic restrictions and housing issues we now face the daily spectacle of Roma families living off the government teat.

The phenomenon first observed in rural towns of shady government agencies, unscrupulous hoteliers and property management firms ravaging parishes with Direct Provision centres looks set to perpetuate itself more and more in post-pandemic urban areas. 

We are becoming strangers in our city but let’s hope the obnoxious presence of Roma gangs begin to jolt a few of us from our political slumber.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. 100% agree, this stupid country thinks it can solve the worlds problems, solve our own problems first, housing crisis out of control, waiting lists in hospitals disgraceful, school places under sever pressure and yet this treacherous overpaid underworked incompetent corrupt Government bringing in more and more people that never have or never will contribute one cent to this country and the more you bring in the crime rate increases and we don’t have enough places to put our own scumbags let alone our social welfare tourists. Corrupt Toxic EU’s repopulation agenda. Being implemented by our politicians Banana Republic to the hilt


  2. (((They))) Live 11/10/2021 at 12:06 pm

    Thanks for this article, I noted the massive increase in Gypsy numbers but had no idea who or what was behind it

    How long before the Gypsy population is larger than the Traveler population ?


  3. Its shocking, we are becoming strangers in our country. The lilly liberals and looney left are destroying our country right before our very eyes.
    We are helpless. We are f####d.


  4. Phyllis Fleming 12/10/2021 at 9:20 am

    Are they going to do anything about the fact. That they rob the eye out of your head. Any chance they get.


  5. The open border,multicultural threat to the Irish people never so evident as now.The worthless traitors who do the bidding of their globalist masters betray the centuries of sacrifice of our Gaelic ancestors.


  6. Same as in the UK: Roma renting a house on road were noisy, were buying and selling cars – basically using the road as long-stretch parking and sales ground.
    Problems ultimately created by politicians leaving the council tax payer to mop-up the financial and social mess.
    The Roma left the road to go another area inundated with the ‘benefit’ of the presence following the death of a family elder: they said the house was ‘haunted’.


  7. Anyone in denial or has rose-tinted glasses, and that refuses to vote for a political party whose primary commitment is to the indigenous Irish people should be made to live amongst them. That’s you N.G.O’s.


  8. Wittgenstein 17/10/2021 at 9:58 am

    A very candid depiction of one of many phenomena that have robbed Ireland of her core identity. Mass immigration, reliance on globalised and hypocritically woke tech companies, and the abandonment of Catholicism have turned Ireland into waste land of materialism. Laugh as much as you like about my naive yearning for the past, but I prefer comely maidens dancing at crossroads any time to veiled Roma women begging at same.


  9. Shane Bradley 17/02/2022 at 7:46 pm

    This is not our country anymore since joining the EU. There is over a hundred thousand roma here. And a lot of them are in jail for crimes here. Yet not one word about deportation. For crimes. I never voted to be part of the EU. And it makes me sick to see them housed before our own who have been waiting years on a council house. I will never stand for our nation anthem again. It means nothing to me anymore. The men and women who died for our freedom. Died for nothing. To now be ruled by a government who put immigrants before it’s own people. And if we voice our opinion we are ignored.


    1. As someone living in London and seeing out London suburbs, which used to have a pleasant mix of both Irish and English simply thrown away and jettisoned for unrealistic ideal, it too saddens me to learn of the ongoing destruction of my land of heritage.
      Didn’t Ireland reject the EU on the first referendum and then had a second referendum which ceded controls of Irish borders to Brussels and various globalist?


  10. […] relocated here after UK made it less monetary attractive, or they were always living there and only going to the UK for “work”. Everything feels a bit like the UK. Same language, same time zone, same type G sockets, same […]


  11. Well written article. These thieves just steak and take and make no contribution to society . We have allowed political parties to destroy our once beautiful country. Imagine people have died for this country and we v allowed this to happen .shame on Ireland


  12. What you don’t know, is that these scumbags have more money than all of us here combined! They all have their massive houses back at their countries and basically move around European countries claiming any government support they can. I know some of them and they are all very open about taking any advantage they can. None of them work by the way, only because what we call work is just not part of their culture. Their culture is stealing and begging and oh trust me it pays well.

    Have you not noticed around Talbot St, that their women are always surrounded by 10+ children? They are all here breeding and making more babies, claiming benefits for every single one of them, free housing, can go where they please and do what they want because people are pussies and won’t speak about them in fear of being labelled a racist or end up in the newspapers, which are also run by all the fruitcakes that support all the degeneracy that’s happening in Ireland. I am not Irish myself, but have been here a long time and pay more than just taxes to the government and it pains me to see this country go to shit! Maybe it was not perfect 15-20 years ago when I came here, but it was nowhere near the level of F***d that it is now.


  13. The more comments I read, I realise how selfish and uninformed the people of my country are, when was ireland a paradise? When it was ran by the British? During the famine? During the troubles? This country was never perfect and saying that is was is just stupid. The reason these people are “colonising” ur precious streets is because they may be living in emergency accommodation in the area and many hotels kick the people living there out from like 9-5 and do you know why they live in hotels? Is it because their lazy? No, it is because absolute eijits like yous are branding them as lazy pickpockets and practically making it impossible for them to get jobs. I have grown up around a lot of the Roma people in my area and after reading the article and the comments it’s fairly obvious that yous have never actually had an opportunity to have a regular conversation with a Roma person or are just too ignorant to, most are good people in bad situations. Also the word g*psy is really offensive considering it was literally used to ostracize Roma people during the 500 years of slavery and during the hol0caust where around 800,000 roma were literally murdered. Blaming Roma people for the problems in this country and not actually trying to fix them is the reason why the country is the way it is 😂


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