• Over the past few months, Hermann Kelly has carried out a harassment campaign against several nationalist Irish journalists in Brussels.
  • This has included doxxing, defaming, attempts to have them fired, and public meltdowns (including once at a Christmas Party he turned up at to hurl abuse) culminating in Kelly physically attacking one of the journalists in question in front of colleagues in the European Parliament before running from security.
  • He is under investigation from the Brussels police and the European Parliament security with footage of the altercation online.
  • Both the Journal and the Irish Times in the past 48 hours reported on this affair with the issue now firmly in the national press right in time for a crucial election cycle.
  • Kelly has continued his bizarre claims regardless of attempts by Irish Freedom Party (IFP) members and other to calm him down.
  • In other settings, Kelly has several times admitted that his harassment campaign is based on false premises.

The Burkean is publishing this editorial to dispel untruths propagated by Hermann Kelly, lies that have also implicated this publication. Hermann Kelly is a dishonest liability to Irish nationalism and this publication is morally obliged to warn other Irish nationalists, including in his own party, of the danger he poses. Everything in this article can be proven conclusively with evidence we have obtained.

Today we contacted the Irish Freedom Party for comment. Due to the short timeframe, understandably the party has not replied at time of publishing. If or when they respond, we will publish their statement promptly. 

Today, April 3rd 2024, an article in the Irish Times outlines allegations against Hermann Kelly, MEP assistant and leader of the Irish Freedom Party. The Burkean can confirm that Kelly slapped a phone out of Thomas O’Reilly, a young Irish journalist’s hand after confronting O’Reilly and trying to instigate a fist fight between them as well as making physical threats to other conservatives working in the Parliament. This occurred in what was arguably the most public part of the Parliament in front of multiple witnesses, many of whom are horrified co-workers of Kelly’s.

This is not the first such harassing behaviour that Kelly has subjected the journalist, and others, to in recent months. The details will come as a shock to many Irish nationalists.

Unhinged Behaviour

In late 2023, Kelly perceived a slight against himself and his political party on the part of a young conservative Irish journalist working in Brussels, Thomas O’Reilly. Kelly proceeded to attempt to ruin the career and prospects of this journalist, a campaign that then expanded to target other Irish journalists.

October-March 2023/2024

Kelly began his campaign in mid-October with multiple emails to O’Reilly’s employers decrying his “ethnonationalism” and a lack of support for Israel. This persisted for months with Kelly implicitly threatening similar harassment to other young Irish right-wingers working in Brussels.

Once rebuked, he began a social media and in-person harassment campaign. This includes doxxing O’Reilly on X/Twitter (including O’Reilly’s photo, something he has done repeatedly since including in the last 24 hours, the photo was taken by Kelly on a day trip with his own son and O’Reilly) and accusing the journalist of being “ethnonationalist”. 

The first phase of this harassment campaign culminated in Kelly’s appearance at a work-related Christmas Party to hurl abuse in a room full of dignitaries, causing a scene in front of his own young son who he recklessly brought along to the fiasco.

Despite multiple warnings and complaints by various people within and without Kelly’s network, including the IFP, Kelly has only escalated his behaviour even expanding it to encompass more young Irish nationalists working in Brussels.

A key aspect of this harassment campaign is how Kelly has admitted that his doxxing and defamation is motivated out of personal anger and that he doesn’t care about the substance of the accusations he is making (see below):

In a recorded phonecall Mr Kelly made he admits to fabricating the claims with the express intent on getting Mr O’Reilly fired admitting “I don’t give a f##k about people’s views on Israel/ Palestine. I really don’t. I genuinely couldn’t give a f##k about people’s views and Jews and Muslims and all that,” as he laughed at prospect of the young journalist getting fired.

Thereafter he continued to harass O’Reilly and others, sending emails and texts around professional networks in Brussels again accusing O’Reilly of, among other things, being insufficiently loyal to Israel. (He has even degenerated into accusing random Twitter users of nonsensical actions.)

At this point Kelly’s behaviour started drawing the attention of other right-wing groups in the Parliament horrified at how such an unhinged individual could claim to be in a senior position at home.

March 5th, 2024

At about 4pm, March 5th, in arguably the most public part of the EU Parliament in Brussels, Mr. Kelly approached Mr. O’Reilly and immediately started hurling abuse and threats against him and two other journalists.

After challenging Mr. O’Reilly to a public fistfight in the European Parliament, Mr. Kelly then assaulted Mr. O’Reilly in front of multiple of Mr. Kelly’s work colleagues resulting in security being called.

Mr. Kelly immediately fled the scene before security arrived and despite direct witness evidence and CCTV in the Parliament, denies initiating the altercation. Mr Kelly has also not provided counter footage that he was recording as he struck Mr. O’Reilly.

In statements to the Irish Times and on X/Twitter, Kelly denied any wrongdoing despite the black-and-white video evidence of the fact and multiple shocked witnesses.


Irish nationalism is on an upward trajectory. Many figures and groups work diligently and at personal risk and expense in the interests of our nation. We can neither afford nor deserve to have figures like Kelly in our ranks, doxxing, harassing, threatening, and defaming other nationalists out of admittedly-spiteful ends.

We are in this together. We will never all get along, but we should aspire to avoid feuds. If that isn’t possible, we should at least support each other in rejecting any people who seek to ruin the lives of nationalists for personal gain. Especially when they try to publicly cancel nationalists based on accusations of not being sufficiently aligned with the ideology of the regime.

When a nationalist gets doxxed, harassed, and attacked, that is an attack on us all. Our movement will not survive if malicious liars like Hermann Kelly are allowed to assume roles as “leaders” of the struggle for our nation.

This is not an attack on the many fine and equally as disgusted activists and candidates of IFP, but a public warning of Mr Kelly’s deteriorating behaviour and the damage it is doing to the Irish cause. It is abundantly obvious that Mr Kelly is not capable of fulfilling the role he has placed himself in with this week’s headlines potentially just the firing shot for worse and worse press.

If you tolerate Kelly’s subversive behaviour now, don’t complain if you’re a victim of similar abuse in the future. We as a country cannot afford such low standards in our leaders, least of all in a time of such pressing national need.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. Triggernometry 04/04/2024 at 3:32 pm

    Strange how you can’t publish my comment with regards to navigating the pitfalls of nationalisms and fake nationalism. What are the Burkean’s motives? Another comment under varadkar leolexit, didn’t get published either, wonder what gives? Suffice to say I won’t be back commenting, what is the point – when there is a filter on. I haven’t said anything – illegal.

    It’s been good, but its been real, good luck now.


    1. The Burkean 04/04/2024 at 4:26 pm

      Hi, that wasn’t intentional. We don’t moderate or approve the comments intently enough. Apologies for that. I’ll approve any comments you haven’t had aprrove right now. If you feel like writing an article please send us a draft at info@theburkean.ie


  2. Triggernometry 04/04/2024 at 4:51 pm

    Oh apologies accepted, no need.. You are probably busy with a lot of comments. I was just offering advice on that old nugget nationalism.

    Last comment: On that subject, I was thinking of sending you an article on the History of Leo and how he wasn’t elected by the people of Ireland in an honest, and dignified way.

    I wouldn’t delve into his personal history I was thinking, as it would put your website in a pickle.

    I don’t do hit pieces on people unlike scum mainstream Media, who have deep pockets , and all the apologies in a small article at the backpages of the newspapers, we cannot afford to do hit-pieces unless we have 110% proof to back it up, otherwise you are left hanging wide open.

    I might write an article on it sometime, thanks for the suggestion and offer – I will take it up, this country is in a bad state and will get worse, Leos exit, yes I can take it as a ”win” but what comes after him?? I was thinking on it recently, how Leo left, funny after his boston trip, and he was quick to rush to the establishment media cameras to ”dispel” any ”conspiracies” or rightful questions or speculation.

    It seemed a little too perfect a Lexit. What do they got on him?


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 04/04/2024 at 7:45 pm

    If the cap fits…well just as the article rightly points out we should not condone
    bad representation or behavior on behalf of Irish Nationalism,we have more
    than our fair share to deal with in govt. circles.
    Without taking sides lets see what the cards say,or in this case its time for those
    to step up who bare witness to allegations.
    Irish Patriots have suffered throughout history the failures of all who
    proclaimed to represent them and Irish Interests and equally the failure of
    Honest Journalism…?( need we rimind each other )


  4. It came as a surprise to me to hear of HK’s behaviour. It’s always a good idea to get two sides of an argument I believe. Having said that, if his behaviour was as public and as disgraceful as you describe, it brings shame on all Irish people. You dealt with Trigernometry in a very diplomatic and humble way, so well done on that.
    I don’t understand the word doxing by the way.


  5. Triggernometry 05/04/2024 at 5:28 pm

    Josie, get fucked, There was nothing illegal about my initial comments on nativgating the woes of petty infighthing nationalism and how discern from fake and genuine nationalists. You can get fucked. I don’t need to hear sh*t from you. Stick it where the sun don’t look.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/04/2024 at 7:15 am

    CUT THE. CRAP, I’m sure Josie is more than capable in defending herself.
    There’s no need for such insulting personalized deranged dribel,get a life and
    heed your own advice…an apt description of gobshite.


  7. Linda Freedman 06/04/2024 at 10:57 am

    You do well to distance yourself from someone who has no control over his behaviour. I think all of North Western Europe and indeed beyond is worried about how we are going to maintain our secular values if we keep importing people who don’t share them. Our politicians simply don’t seem to listen to our widespread concerns or if they do the politicians are up against others who overrule them in very undemocratic ways. I just think there are to many idealists who haven’t learned the lessons from history, Nationalism primarily is about preserving your valued identity.
    Unfortunately this man will become a stick to beat you with. How he hasn’t been banned I don’t know.


  8. Triggernometry 06/04/2024 at 1:16 pm

    Every-time I come on here ( which is not often) unlike Josie – I have an active life, not the life of some fat, negative nay say slob.

    Get a life Josie instead of picking on people, you psycho! Nut job. Why was I singled out and ganged up on by… HIS sock accounts, don’t worry I won’t dox you now, ( apparently you don’t know what that means) !


  9. Daniel BUCKLEY 07/04/2024 at 2:07 pm

    Reported by the Irish Slimes and the Journal.ie. both Regime rat finks.
    I cannot give any credibility to these stories about Hermann Kelly from the Fake Irish Media, it does not pass the smell test.


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