Here is the Aontú immigration record under the spotlight; an exhaustive list of all the reasons not to trust them, compiled by Stamos.

“We are not saying whatsoever that you limit the number of immigrants into the country….. We have never stated that there needs to be a cap or a stop put on immigration. We have never blamed or are saying that migrants are causing the resource pressures in the country.”

– Peadar Toibín, on the Tonight Show, 2022.

Ireland’s pro-life Shinner spin-off has seen a bounce in support in the wake of the stunning referendum defeats over the Woman/Care amendments, hitting 5% in national polling. This may mark a breakthrough moment for the party, which has struggled to get beyond 4% in the polls, and whose party leader Peadar had been projected to lose his seat in the Dáil at the next general election (the only seat the party has).

In the past, it has been up for debate what Aontú really believes on policy beyond its headline issues of Pro-Life, Irish Unity, and Social Democratic Economics, and The Burkean wrote at the time of the party’s founding about its potential as Ireland’s own version of Conservative Populism, launching just after the Repeal the 8th referendum on a proudly anti-abortion identity. On the 3 headline issues above, it speaks confidently and in no uncertain terms, with Peadar happy to go hard in Dáil against the government or opposition parties on anything related to Abortion or Irish Unity/Northern Issues.

As time has gone on however, curiosity has turned to scepticism and now the time has come for cynicism if not justifiable hostility. There is now a large amount of evidence that Aontú is intentionally courting a Right-Wing vote, while not actually being Right-Wing on anything outside of Abortion, and maybe the trans issue. The party claims to exist to challenge “Establishment Group Think”,  however its actions suggest otherwise.

Opportunity Squandered

As immigration has exploded to the very top of voters’ concerns in the post-Covid era, no party was better placed to become the vehicle of Conservative / Nationalist Populism than Aontú, with the most notable Right-Wing Nationalist parties, the Irish Freedom Party & The National Party failing to crack 1% due to numerous errors, the most notable being how both had been led by unstable men who were fundamentally unfit to lead major political parties. 

Whatever about Peadar’s political beliefs, he was certainly more competent than either Hermann Kelly or Justin Barrett. Being a break-away party formed from Sinn Féin, Aontú arguably had the perfect background to mobilise the growing anti-immigration sentiment, due to a large amount of this coming from people with a history of voting Sinn Féin. 72% of people who currently vote Sinn Féin are polled as favouring a more closed immigration policy to reduce numbers, a result far higher than any other party in mainstream politics. Aontú’s failure here represents a massively missed opportunity.

What Do They Believe On Immigration?

Immigration has become too notable an issue for Aontú to avoid and not take a position on, & the party loves to show how much noise it makes on criticising specific aspects of the government’s immigration & asylum policy, while at the same time avoiding being too direct in stating what policy it actually wants.

For example, if you read through the party’s official immigration policy page on their website, you will see many things you like if you oppose immigration. It pays lip service to many of the common concerns people have – refugees being mostly placed in working-class areas, applicants destroying passports and having criminal backgrounds, and the damage to the tourism industry. 

On the potential of climate change refugees, it states: “Where will they go? The inability of the government to provide housing, hospital beds, GPs and school places for the current population is already disaster. Reality and common sense must also play a part.” But in other areas, it hits the government from the left on the issue, such as saying “Direct Provision is a source of national shame. Given that refugees are people who have had to flee their own countries, to arrive here and be left in camps for years instead of their cases being dealt with efficiently is abhorrent, and utterly disregards their humanity and circumstances”. 

Recently on Twitter, a clip of Peadar Toibín went around showing him proudly boasting that “Ireland for the Irish” is not their policy at all. In this clip, he references a recent debacle of the announcement tweet of a Palestinian Aontú candidate, which was “ratioed” heavily by its own followers, deleted, and then reposted with comments turned off. Peadar seems to regard any criticism of this decision as by a fringe on the “hard right”, a small number of people beyond the Pale, and characterises himself as being in the Sensible Centre. This “both sides are bad” is something Aontú regularly does, portraying itself as the voice of “common sense”.

The Asylum protests have been going strong since “East Wall Says No” began in the Winter of 2022, and roughly 16 months on, the only time the party will comment on these is to criticise them. There have been many instances of them condemning the asylum centre protests, regardless of how peaceful, and with a tweet by their Dublin Bay South Twitter characterising all those claiming asylum as “fleeing war”, with no mention of the enormous numbers of those within the system who have no legitimate claim to asylum.

Their Wexford Councillor Jim Codd condemned the Asylum protests, calling them “hate-driven”, and the people involved a “mob”. A piece in the Independent is revealing, with Codd quoted as sayinglanguage used against refugees, phrases like ‘unvetted males of military age” is dehumanising. He goes on to say “The othering, the lessening of humanity is a dangerous business, I’d like a clear voice to go out of this chamber today condemning this commentary.” This is the same rhetoric we see from Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil of “I know we’re supposedly in opposition but can we all just declare we are in complete Agreement on social issues?” This is the language of someone looking to join the club, rather than of a real opposition.

Another councillor, for Mid-Ulster, Denise Mullen, said at the time of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan that “Ireland must be a leader in accepting Afghan refugees”. This councillor subsequently failed to win re-election in 2023. 

It should also be noted that before Asylum became a major national issue in 2022, the only comments from the party on the issue were criticising it for not having good enough conditions for those in the system, jumping on the left-wing bandwagon that Direct Provision was some national atrocity, and that it’s problem is that it isn’t compassionate enough! See examples here, here, here, here and again their policy page here. No mention of numbers coming in being too high until they were forced to by the change in the public mood.

In a Facebook post in June 2020 for the launch of the party’s youth wing, Peadar is quoted as saying “Aontú cares about the common good for everyone, whether you are somebody who is in a Direct Provisions centre, or you are somebody in the North who is used to being ignored by both Dublin and London”. The equivalence between asylum applicants in Direct Provision, and Irish in the North is telling, and from a party that calls itself Republican and Nationalist, it is just ridiculous.

It should also not be forgotten that right as the party began, they signed the INAR anti-racism pledge not to make immigration & asylum a political issue. Whatever about the party still being in favour of some levels of legal immigration, this action removes any pretence of the party challenging “establishment group think”, instead being a sign of the party wishing to join the establishment in regarding open-door immigration as a sacred thing, beyond the pale of political debate and cost-benefit analysis, or thinking in terms of what is best for the country’s own interests.

Not to mention Aontú raking in state grants for diversity.

This brings us to the headline quote of the article, which is the clearest statement on Immigration and in particular legal immigration that we have from the party. Peadar Toibín on the Tonight Show rules out any possibility that there would ever be a cap or a pause on the numbers of immigrants coming into the country, despite the party being on record acknowledging that the numbers of people coming in have drastically outpaced the growth of the housing sector or public services. The main concern for Peadar in this clip is reassuring those from the establishment that he is not out of step with their beliefs on migration.

“We are not saying whatsoever that you limit the number of immigrants into the country […] We have never stated that there needs to be a cap or a stop put on immigration. We have never blamed or are saying that migrants are causing the resource pressures in the country.”

Inside the Party

A look at some of their party activists’ Twitter accounts is just depressing, with the worst example of this being Luke Silke, a self-described Left-Wing Catholic and the personification of the “Conservative on abortion/Religion, left on every other issue”. Someone who is part of the party’s Oireachtas Staff, working close to the party leadership, and a candidate in the Local elections for Galway, it is striking that someone like this represents the party’s youth, and the future of the party should it exist in 10 years.

Some of Luke’s greatest hits include: tweeting that Peadar isn’t complaining about housing to criticise immigration, but that he wants better housing to house immigrants. Criticising our asylum system because the applicants (meaning not confirmed refugees) don’t have good enough living conditions. Or hitting out at Sinn Féin for criticising the government’s asylum policy as too generous, with Luke calling them “UnChristian”. 

There is a certain level of contrarian attention-seeking with Luke, seemingly desperate to show that despite being religious, he thinks the government’s immigration and asylum policy is bad because it isn’t going far enough. The type of person jumping at the opportunity to tell you that pro-life doesn’t just mean anti-abortion, it also means he’s against the death penalty, and supporting human rights and the most vulnerable are at the core of who he is. Exciting stuff Luke, some really dangerous opinions you have!

This does not appear to be limited to Luke, with the party youth wing in general being more of the same. The Ógra Aontú spokesperson recently after the launch of Ógra called for consent workshops to be made mandatory for all students in college. That the youth wing’s immediate priorities were competing for the Student Libtard vote is disappointing, but not surprising. In a Facebook post in February 2021, Havlin again played the “Direct Provision is bad because it isn’t going far enough” card, with the language of the post showing concern only for those claiming asylum and none for the scale of numbers or concerns of Irish people.

Covid & Anne McCloskey

As reported here back in 2021, Aontú fired its Deputy Leader Anne McCloskey over her position on lockdown and the Covid vaccine. This was despite the fact that she had significant support within her party, and she polled more first-preference votes than each of the two Sinn Fein councillors standing in her ward in 2019. 

At the time of the controversy, she was quoted as saying: “She said: “I had to beg Peadar to let me resign as deputy leader. That was about a week ago. He did not want me to resign. What he does want me to do however is moderate my views. And I’m not going to do that. I am doing this to protect him, so he doesn’t have to fire-fight for me. The membership in the north and leadership of the north are 100% behind me. Northern people are different. We’re not trusting of government. A lot of the northern membership are in agreement with my position on this.”

By October 2020, Peadar himself should have been a lockdown sceptic. The fact that merely having someone in his party with those views was too much and could not continue is pathetic and typical of the fence-sitting we have seen from the party many times.

2004 Referendum

Going further back in history to when Peadar was still in Sinn Féin, he opposed the 2004 Referendum to end birthright citizenship, which was passed with 79% of the vote. His reasons given were the standard Left-Liberal take of “sure the Irish went everywhere around the world”. He also laughably called this unpopular despite 4 out of 5 voters being in favour of it. 

It should be remembered that birthright citizenship was never something the Irish ever put into law in the first place, and the purpose of the referendum was to close a legal loophole that had arisen as a result of the Good Friday Agreement. Being in favour of birthright citizenship in 2004 was a very niche position, and a sign that someone was most likely ideologically in favour of mass immigration.

Worse still, and proving this is not just digging up forgotten history, he voted for birthright citizenship again in January 2019 in a bill proposed by People Before Profit. This was after his split from Sinn Féin so he was not even under the party whip. This is all a huge red flag and cannot be ignored. Despite all the noise the party and Peadar make about the particulars of the government’s policy, they are in favour of mass immigration and with it the radical demographic change it is bringing. They see Ireland’s Asylum Policy as primarily about the country’s virtue signalling about “compassion”, in line with every establishment party.

Catholic When Convenient

In the pro-life movement and Catholic community in Ireland, Aontú are very popular. They are stridently against abortion and many of their activists mix in Catholic circles, which makes them seem strong on Catholic values. In reality, aside from abortion, they don’t do much for Catholicism at all. Notwithstanding the globalist fervour we have already outlined in this article (which could not be argued to be at all Christian), they are almost silent on the consistent attacks by the liberal Ireland regime on Catholicism and the Church. The vast majority of Aontú’s base is Catholic, but similar to how their base is anti-immigration, they seem to only want to pay lip service to these sentiments.

A Question of Trust

If the party is intentionally making much noise on immigration while clearly believing the opposite, it calls into question how can the party be trusted on other issues. The party arguably does a good job in pushing back on Transgenderism & Gender Ideology, even bringing a bill before the Dáil. But are they just doing the same thing here? Is it all just hot air in the end? If in power, would they say, ban gender reassignment surgery, or even do something basic like not allow kids to get surgery and castrate themselves because their parents convinced them they’re trans? Would an Aontú party councillor even be allowed to say the above sentence?

That this party calls itself an opposition to mainstream Ireland is absurd. At best, they aspire to be pro-life/pro-religious wing of Liberal Ireland. Perhaps seeing themselves as the political party version of Fr. Peter McVerry, who the Liberal-Left will happily praise when he invokes his religious faith in politics, since he somehow only does so for Left-Wing causes. This is the Aontú ideology if we can say they have one. Be Catholic, but say something the Liberal-Left agree with and get your pat on the head.

Left-Wing Catholicism has an annoyingly established presence in the older generations of Irish society, and in institutions that still have people who are openly Catholic. Despite the fact that this brand is so specific as to be completely unrepresentative of the Irish population as a whole, and is an electoral dud that will go nowhere. That anyone would look at Irish Politics today and go “what this country needs is a party who are solidly religious, but also bizarrely Left-Wing!” is just absurd.

Those of us who do see ourselves as on the Right of politics need to do all that is possible to ensure Aontú does not end up being the main benefactor of the surge in momentum for opposition to Liberal Ireland, who are competing for much of the same voters as parties further to the Right, many of whom are unclear as to what brand of party they will vote for, as long as it is against the current status quo.

In 2019, this publication asked “Aontú: Friend or Foe?” 5 years on, that question has its answer.

Posted by Stamos


  1. Triggernometry 23/04/2024 at 7:04 pm

    There will be parties that do this, pretend to speak your language, hear your voice but twist the knife deep in. You won’t even notice it, like butter it will go through you. What is it about these parties, they seem even worse than Sharia fein. They speak in your tounge but will betray you.

    What the problem is, what we all know to be true, anyone who has seen the goings on of this sort of left vs right bollox, is most of it like the political house Dail, is that this is just a bit of theatrics. They pick up their pay, all in days work, another life ruined. More Irish homeless on our streets.

    All show, all mouth, no action, that is all there is to see here, even the Healey raes, all mouth mouth mouth, yes they are men of the earth , land and wheeler dealers, but they are removed from that now, and their father Jackie Healey rae, they are now gentlemen landlord barons and know where their bread is buttered.

    They will screw the knife in just like anyone else in that rats den, they all are, they will throw their hat on the ground make impassioned speeches, but when all is done, look not to what a man says, but what he does.

    None of them can be trusted now, apart from Mattie Mcgraths, John waters ( running for EU elections) a few rouge independents , not subject to the party whip. Who take a punt on it, and take the risk. Most of the established parties and ”left” sit comfortably, not like you.

    Look at all the crusties, like Paul Murphy etc, on over 100k a year, Puke Ming flanagan in his underwear on a video call to brussels? They should have sent dustin the Turkey..

    Getting to the crux of this or the point, vote your independents , who count, who are not afraid of ”hate speech”, anyone that comes to you and says ”free speech comes with RESPONSBILITIES”, needs to be distrusted, or is an infested media headed zombie, avoid like the plague.

    Another point on this, none of these ”Aontus” or civ rats are to be trusted in any measure,or the unstable actors it can attract for a few pence.

    Vote for independents who speak on immigration, who also – more importantly are not under the party whip. And who DON’T speak for brussels but the working man or indeed woman on the streets who work with their hands, and have lived in the real world.

    Not those who lord it over the rest of us like that Eoin o Broin, with his overpriced, food delicacies ”ceviche and capers” and ”responsibly sourced fish”. Fuck him, that scrag on six figures, who is he to tell us how to think, he doesn’t live in the shitholes he advocates for.

    These people might aswell have computer monitors or tv’s attached to their heads 24/7, they are not even people to me , just so badly and deeply affected by media, you are talking to a media parrot, not a person – just remember that, they are not even proper people, you cannot have a normal everyday conversation, disagree, or anything, they would freak out and go into RTE mode and call you the ”far right”.

    Is it really ”far right” to want the culture of your country – protected? Those who worked all their lives – with their hands to be protected, who payed into the system to be protected, and our own Irish vunerable on the streets, genuinely begging, not like the foreign ones with the mansions back home? Do our vunerable Irish need protection? Of course they do! Without the backbone the backbone the working classes, and defunct working classes, we have nothing, what do we have??? Donnybrook dublin 4???? Telling us how to speak, think act and feel? No thanks, I have a brain, time to use it.

    Don’t be baited by these useless paper pushing talking heads, think for yourself, look around dublin – tent city, all fawning over the so called ”homeless” what about our own. The so called ”homeless” – from other countries after a ryanair flight ( who should be fined to within an inch of their lives ) the foreign homeless come here, get all the benefits, pop out the babies, even fake ones, ( there was a case in the uk) after the benefits, they go out and street beg?? Dog as a prop? No problem!

    See the wood from the trees here, all the pop stars, fake – same opinions, all the politicians, fake – same opinions, why so? Why is the whole establishment set up against the Irish people? Why has this been done in every country, like an infestation the left have taken every institution, the young are afraid to speak out, too weak too comfortable, too much on the net, get out IRL, see whats happening, talk to people. Don’t be afraid of a different opinion, people can disagree, I remember it in the 80’s and 90’s – it does happen and everybody gets over it!

    Remember some of these parties, while they may seem ”nationalist” they won’t even be a fart in the wind, a piss in a pool they will be nothing at the voting booths, vote for someone like John waters, find out who is not afraid to speak on immigration, I don’t mean someone that does it for a vote, but really means what he or she says. DO your research on this, vote for strong independents.

    The worm is turning, and the politicans are putting off national elections, the best thing we could see – are independent nationalists running for the EU and also nationally, so THEY can hold the balance of power.

    And please wexford, forget mick wallace. He has done enough damage already. He is no friend of Ireland – he never was! He walked away from his debts, who payed for them, did he pay that foreign builder when the building went bust?

    Remember the dail is a rats nest, a rouges gallery. It needs to change, they need to speak for the people of this country who have ancestors rolling back centuries. Not some imports or spies telling us how to think , act and speak.

    Time to end this state control over us.


  2. Triggernometry 23/04/2024 at 8:13 pm

    No comment published, at all, is the word ”foreigner” and ”import” now verboten?

    One wonders where the burkean is going on this?


  3. Triggernometry 23/04/2024 at 9:48 pm

    Home of free speech my eye!


  4. Catholic church opposed the # 2004 referendum as did most who oppose abortion . They see the family unit as sacronsact ( one reason why Ireland Never deports children & their parents ) , just 70 enforced deportations ( all single ) during 2023 .

    The Rwanda scheme will see asylum applications here hit 1,200 by year end ( treble the present level ) . Dublin 2 will soon be a shanty town . Total mess , politicans have their heads in the sand .


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 24/04/2024 at 4:44 pm

    Burying heads in the sand and ignoring the obvious will never eliminate the
    reality that is Ireland’s number 1 problem of problems,ILLEGAL Migrants.
    Cap fixing exists in all other EU member states except Ireland and the per capita number is the HIGHEST IN IRELAND,the closest 2nd is 1/2 of this no.
    More importantly Irish Landmass is far smaller than other EU states and for the
    Dumbest of Irish politicos at least 1/3 of IRELANDS LANDMASS is not fit
    for housing…mountains,bogs,forestry,bogs…got the message now.
    So, logically and mathematically you cannot have UNlimited numbers jumping
    One only has to consider the last 2 years…or to be exact the last 20 years.
    Yes, I still remember IRISH HOMELESSNESS,and how it’s GROWING.
    It would be easier and cheaper to PAY OUT all the corrupt pollies and send
    them abroad,get Ye the fu.k out and never return…BECAUSE NOBODY IS
    GAME TO LANCE THE BOIL…it will erupt and what a mess. Sure to be sure


  6. Triggernometry 24/04/2024 at 6:14 pm

    The contempt here is palpable, what are ban words now? I said nothing illegal yet this site has done it to me again – CENSORSHIP!


  7. Richard Duffy 24/04/2024 at 7:25 pm

    Aontú is and foremost a new political party, which is steadily growing in the whole of Ireland. Reading you’re very well put together piece of journalism, I felt a little turn in my stomach, anger and resentment, but then it abated, and I thought, everyone has a free will, as long as that will doesn’t hurt another person. Indeed the pen is mightier than the sword. I believe you have personalised this work, unfairly, I believe, maybe you carry a bias against Aontú, but, to identify individuals brings in an other chain of thought, considering again what you have penned does lead to the question and attempt to penalise Aontú and it’s members (named), takes away the professionalism that I believe you hold. Personally, I have no issue with critical critique, it is a good thing and it allows people to develop their approach or mindset, even to go as far to changing their view, no matter what they do in life.
    I can only thank you for enlightening me to the Pitt falls in Irish Politics today.


  8. Triggernometry 26/04/2024 at 8:25 pm

    Aontu just look like controlled opposition to me, I could be wrong but they seem like an empty talking shop a waste of time! Vote Niall boylan, Vote John waters – Vote any nationalist independent, look up Malachy Steenson.

    Do not vote the same old comfy traitors , eating & dining on your grandchildrens and childrens future, and YOURS! The established ”parties” have us in this mess, not just recently exited party boy Leo, but Roderic o Gormans invite on twitter didn’t do us any good.

    Did anyone see the hit piece on the latest protestors in this tiny island, that is bursting at the seams? No word from posh ceviche and capers, responsibly sourced fish Eoin o Broin? No injustice there so Eoin?

    Men trafficked by six figure sum NGOs feeling all very important, moralising over us, men from far flung off places with no care or compassion for our country only to see it as a welfare atm, or to undercut us for jobs, being bussed in the dead of night, psycho gards pepper spraying and initiating a riot, only to be captured by RTE – at the opportune moment, painting the beligerent psycho gards as ”victims” – what could be more manipulative and devious than that?

    RTE are dead to me and so many other people in Ireland with a conscience, how can anybody standby and look at that for more than 1 minute and 40 seconds, yes I counted! I could burst with anger if I watched it any longer, it is designed to wind people up! They want us stuck to this. Don’t fall for it. They don’t call it the world wide web for nothing, this dark energy was released by the pentagon, a satanic symbol, in the 1950’s, its been around a while, whole armies of bots, military and otherwise are on you 24/7, vpn, bouncing your ip means nothing, it all comes back.

    So don’t be fooled by ”online security” it is all a big world wide trap. They want to ban Tiktok, so many free speech outlets need to be ”controlled” or outright banned because – ”think of the children” when did they ever care about ”children” they haven’t banned pervs off the net, they are happy with late term abortions pushing for it, they are happy with beta blockers and all sorts of stuff from big pharma that can mess up a young kids mind. They don’t care about you or your kids, look at that 5 year old Irish boy who ate chips out of a cardboard box at the GPO, a few years back? Remember that? If they cared they would limit the time children spend on the net. But they won’t get to root source, not profitable for them!

    I cannot believe the depths of manipulation and undermining of the Irish public by the Government and RTE – at least let us deal with what we have , we don’t need to be overloaded.

    Refugee obsessed RTE, need to just stop it is cringe, we can see through it!

    I cannot believe the dizzying heights of arrogance of our shame fein and fianna failures and fine gall, these people are spineless spin master traitors. Greens are not green they are fake they want brazilian beef and to log brazilian rainforests rich in biodiversity and their heritage for brazlian beef, why not the cow or bull down the road, isn’t that more environmentally friendly??

    Look up good citizen journalists, not the journaliars look at truth seekers, like John waters, Gearoid Murphy, Philip Dwyer ( yes he he kicked a dog maybe I don’t know the ins and outs of it) who doesn’t have an unblemished record in life?

    Let us look at how these people are out there risking life and limb and neck to tell the truth to the public, if it weren’t for people like this, nothing would see the light of day.

    RTE are not your friend, NGOs are seeking to undermine what it is to be Irish, they even said it themselves , years back, why trust or watch any of their shows they pump out, or Imelda may or any of those Astroturfed controlled artists, of past – artists used to use their creativity as protest, as a means to go against the government, now they are with the government, their songs and scripts written for them by big corps, like plop stars, one day wonders they might aswell be.

    Beware those who all have the same opinions, or say those famous bot words ” free speech comes with responsibilities” – it means you are living in zombie land, same people , same viewpoints? How can this be? Do they have a tv monitor or a phone attached to their heads? Media parrots, they parrot what they see on tv, slackjawed watching the latest outrage du jour unfold.. How can you trust that? How can anyone trust that? In a healthy society all viewpoints must be aired, they are trying to take away that, why let them, make words illegal.

    Is this what we want cowtowing because someone might WRONGFULLY see this as ”racist, racist, racist” these words are battering you down, and you allow it. Shame on you, your children will be part of grooming gangs, and you will have a child not able to go outdoors, to freedom to experience youth, programming for the mind, on some xbox meeting some anonymous perv, because you are afraid to let them out to a ”vibrant world” oh dogwhistle I hear you say? Look at what they did to Italy and Paris, look at the pickpockets in Rome. Do we need this to happen to little old dozy Ireland too? Edge of Europe, dozy because we enjoyed being on the edge of Europe for so long, now we have to say enough, we have enough multiculturalism , we don’t need anymore, essentially this is a numbers game, no more of this ”racism” bullshit.

    We have had enough of being verbally abused, mug shots on tv of people who care about their community. If you think you are going to be a victim of a ”mugshot’, get prepared, covid mask glasses, big overcoat and hat. Don’t let them win.

    They are intimidating you, they are threatening you, the government and RTE are bearing down on you paddy what are you going to do, sit there? Take it up the endhole? What does it take? Why is it they are allowed to ”shame” people for caring about their own community, let us cope with how this country has already changed, without pouring more in???

    Yes – we had our Paul McGraths and Thin Lizzies, we have taken our share, but with unmanageable numbers, they won’t integrate into us or our communities, they will have the ghettos of crime and mayhem, you think you have it bad with your own crowd? Wait till these get going, you think its bad now paddy? The changing face of crime will show you, what’s what. Wait till you see scores being settled, roadmen -or lookouts as they call them in London, lots of them. Look at how people get caught in the cross fire. Wait till the acid attacks start, wait till the terror hits our streets, when it hits critical point, you may look back on this ”effort post” and think to yourself, ya maybe there is a point there – but too late your cowardice has your fate sealed.

    This didn’t all happen in a day, it started with a word, ”isn’t that a little bit ”racist”, isn’t that a little bit this or that, ”intolerant” if you have to tolerate this – then your children will be next, comes to mind.

    Never mind get back to your tate bro , or jordan peterson based bros, they got this!

    How about you see the wood from the trees on this one? Oh but wait this is a dog whistle I hear you say, why concern yourself with a ”dog whistle” than someone that has a grudge against our communities, more importantly , the media inciting them against us, and using all this left vs right circus to further demonize us. Dehumanize us, time to see past this and see it for what it is.

    They want to keep the rotation of homelessness too , import more homeless – another NGO homeless charity ”billionaire or millionaire” – why allow this madness?

    Do we need to concrete over everything, and have Irish still waiting on not just medical hospital lists, but housing too?

    What happens when you lose a people , you lose a culture, look at what they have done to so many other countries in Europe. Will they dare try it on China?? No, time to man( or woman) up and see this for what it is ,be an adult, truthful , responsible and truthful with yourself and the world around you, be practical and don’t play their game, don’t get roped into it, its all a set up.

    Spend as little time on these outrage left vs right as you can, be a normal responsible adult, take your day up doing or reading IRL stuff, don’t bother with bots or riff raff online trying to suck your day or night from you.

    You will thank me later, or in ten years if you are immature – and haven’t quite figured this out yet.


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