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The Burkean’s Political Parties – Renua

Renua Ireland is a modern, open, collaborative political party designed to engage the nation in a new political and social conversation. The party’s six pillars reflect our core beliefs and priorities. We seek to have these pillars reflected across our...

/ 19/09/2018

Welcome to the Metrostate

Just over one hundred years ago, Patrick Pearse famously stepped out of Dublin’s GPO to read the Proclamation to a somewhat bemused Dublin populace. Pearse’s reading of the Proclamation is generally viewed as the founding act of a new independent...

/ 12/09/2018

The Death of a Republic I : The Death of a Democracy

To whom it may concern; I hereby regret to inform you that after a long battle with various afflictions, the Irish Republic (née Saorstát Éireann) passed away during the year 2018. She went relatively peacefully in her sleep, the last...

/ 26/08/2018