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Nationalism and Law in an Irish Context

Law can be a tricky bitch to describe. One can assume the role of explaining what actions are legal or illegal (or lawful and unlawful) and never give a second’s thought to what it actually is that is being applied....

/ 26/03/2022

Will Irish Globalism Buckle in 2022?

The Irish Government has said it wants to see farmers grow crops in response to the war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of grains, producing between them nearly a third of the world’s total traded grains. Much...

/ 07/03/2022
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Will Ukraine Crisis Force Ireland to Militarize

The last number of days have seen an enormous Western reaction to events in Ukraine - from Germany announcing it would double its defence spending and put Nordstream 2 on ice, to Western powers providing significant quantities of war material...

/ 27/02/2022

Welcome to the Age of Multipolarity

Under cover of darkness the Russian Federation has invaded Ukraine. Airstrikes as far west as Lviv have culled the Ukrainian Air Force, and Russian propaganda outlets suggest Russia has overrun the borders and is en route to Kiev. As with...

/ 24/02/2022

Richard O’Halloran : An Actual Case for Foreign Intervention

The Irish Government and its quango-class loves berating foreign countries over their human rights abuses - whether it be threatening the Taliban to allow free flow of migrants into the West to supporting CIA-inspired colour revolutionaries in Belarus, or any...

/ 24/01/2022

Don’t Let Government Memory-Hole the Pandemic

And just like that, NPHET clicks its fingers and the pandemic is over.  The curfew is ended, limits on capacity are lifted, and the use for Covid certs domestically is withdrawn - the demands of the ‘far right anti vaxxers...

/ 22/01/2022

Ireland and Ukraine: Avoiding Another Great War

In early 2014 I watched the events in Ukraine with equanimity. I could appreciate the national desire of a people to determine their own destiny away from the impulse and aggression of an imperialist, colonial-power.  I can also appreciate Russia’s...

/ 23/12/2021