And just like that, NPHET clicks its fingers and the pandemic is over. 

The curfew is ended, limits on capacity are lifted, and the use for Covid certs domestically is withdrawn – the demands of the ‘far right anti vaxxers who want to kill your nanny’ are met.

And with it Polite Society forgets all about its hysteria over ICU capacity, on how the unvaccinated are refusing to get vaccinated, and how wearing a mask incorrectly will have a butterfly effect bringing down the entire country. 

Not to sound like I am gloating, but we have been vindicated in what we have said: that lockdowns don’t work, that ‘leaky vaccines’ that allow transmission wouldn’t end the crisis, and that interested parties are smearing those who dissented on the basis of dissenting, not on the basis of scientific rigour. We have been proven right.

It is worth taking the time now, before it becomes memory-holed by Official Ireland, to look at what the national pandemic mitigation strategy got us: businesses will take years to recover, supply chains disrupted, inflation running at two-decade highs, a national debt that increased from €188.2bn in December 2019 to €237.2 bn in December 2021 – an increase of €49 bn, an increase of over 25% – that is an increase of €9800 for every man woman and child in the country – how many are in your family?

Before the pandemic-mitigation strategy chosen by the Government, the Exchequer was constrained in public spending by having to service the enormous national debt that consumed around €5 billion a year — what will happen to housing, health, education, defence, et al now that there’s another €49 billion to be serviced every year? We know that foreign aid won’t be cut — it never is, it’s more important to provide subsidies to ‘green energy’ scams in Africa than to provide for the Irish people in our homeland.

Notwithstanding the enormous financial burden placed on the Irish taxpayer — what do we have to show for the last two years of our lives? 

We have NPHET responsible for sending Covid-positive cases back into nursing homes, we had migrant labour causing outbreaks at meat factories and nursing homes, we had Keelings and other large companies fly in foreigners whilst we were all locked indoors because they didn’t want to pay enough for Irish people to pick them.

We were discriminated against and socially spat upon for remaining unvaccinated, treated like lepers when the risk to people under the age of thirty was ultimately minimal. 

Children’s development was stalled and retarded by being forced to wear masks, not being allowed to socialise, largely not being in school — and when they are, not allowed to play with their friends and forced to freeze in cold winter.

The laptop-class cheered on NPHET and demonised anyone who spoke against the insanity as being far-right; the founder of mRNA technology was removed from Twitter for ‘disinformation’. 

A bare month ago, NPHET was foreshadowing an extended lockdown and mandatory vaccinations, and now the virus is suddenly harmless enough to warrant a complete re-opening of the country?

We are going to be expected to put what happened behind us, to ‘all work together’ and to cheer on the same people who spat upon us and wanted us turned into social pariahs.

Do not do it. Remember that they were wrong, and we were right. Remember with what scorn they treated you, and how they lied about you and maligned you, and told anyone who would listen that you were a danger to society and how you were selfish and wanted to kill nanny for a couple pints.

As we face into a period when the cost of the lockdowns has to be paid, as inflation ramps up, and the policies fostered on us by ideologues begin to bite (most notably giving every foreigner who comes to claim asylum a house within three months of landing and the ending of Direct Provision), remember who took you for a ride.

Make these people pay.

Posted by Peadar O’Shaughnessy


  1. Oh I won’t be forgetting any of the shitheads who drove this psychopathic attack on the nation. I’m just back from the protest in town and I saw that the journal mentioned it, the comment section is something to behold, the vitriol being spewed is disgraceful, one woman called us ‘pond life’ under her own identity. If I knew her she’s getting a bollocking. Totally comfortable talking about people as though they are sub human.


  2. The more left of centre a person’s political beliefs , the more they bought into the hysteria .


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 02/03/2022 at 8:20 am

    THE PLANDEMIC, No,the govt.will not get the chance to memory hole the
    Deaths(RIP),Destruction,Debt,Dangers,Disruption,Dogma,Disease,Double Dealing,Deafness,Draconian Dribble,Distancing,Dress Masks,Death jabs,
    Disinformation,Dictatorship,Dystopia or DENIAL of Data and Debate during this FORCED DETENTION .
    It gives me grief that as early as March 2020, I posted all the dangers listed above,and continued to this present date…it mostly fell on deaf ears and I was
    DEPLATFORMED at one stage.
    So, I took the extra precaution of Saving the Data…For Future DEBATE and
    Legal Dealings…Compliments of Ivaus@thetricolour..


    1. Spot on Sir,

      The politicians think that they can just melt into the background now and it’s business as usual,

      A local Labour rep on the council was leafleting the other day as I left my house,

      She got a polite bollocking but couldn’t/wouldn’t bark back in front of my neighbours so just smiled,

      This ain’t over.


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