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Faith Goldy’s Campaign for Toronto Mayor – An Exercise in Media Power

Faith Goldy, a Canadian political commentator formerly with Rebel Media, is a contender in the election for Mayor of Toronto, to be held this Monday. She’s running an above-board and professional campaign, her message seems fairly solid, and her campaign’s...

/ 20/10/2018

Brett Kavanaugh Is Not On Trial – the Presumption of Innocence Is

Brett Kavanaugh Is Not On Trial - the Presumption of Innocence Is By James Bradshaw Observers of American politics have been glued to the cataclysmic battle over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United State Supreme Court. It...

/ 03/10/2018

Denials and Misinformation on the Horror of the Gulags

Not too long ago, London’s Goldsmith LGBTQ+ Society described life in the Gulag system as “a rehabilitory one and self supporting, a far cry from the Western, capitalist notion of prison,” adding that “The Soviets did away with life sentences...

/ 24/09/2018

Analysing German Political Interference in European Nations

On August 22, 2018, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas published an important article in the ‘Handelsblatt’ with a telling title ‘Making Plans For A New World Order.’ He writes: “Only by joining forces with France and other European nations can a balance...

/ 14/09/2018

A Tale of Neoliberals and Leftists

We often hear the term Neoliberal being thrown about, sometimes as description, more often demeaning, but hardly ever used as a term of self-identification. Before we go further, it is important that we make a distinction here between ‘Leftists’ and...

/ 11/09/2018

Israel Asserts Itself: Emulation or Condemnation?

I ask what the reaction would be if a similar law was passed here in Ireland (or any other European country), confirming Ireland to be the nation-state of the Irish people.

Helsinki Hardships: The Debasement of International Relations

The summit was always going to be a damp squib and so the timeless battle will continue most likely until one country collapses or suffers a major political upset.

The Pence Rule

On February 6th, Cheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, authored a post discussing the ‘Mike Pence Rule.’ The Pence rule is Vice President Mike Pence’s refusal to eat alone with a woman other than his wife, and his refusal to attend...

/ 04/06/2018

The Iran Deal and a 1914 Déjà Vu

In a recent turn of events that can only be described as one of the most aggressive ‘diplomatic’ moves of this century, the United States of America withdrew from the JCPOA (otherwise known as the Iran deal) and issued a...

Examining Europe’s Recent Elections

The past month or so saw three major elections and many fascinating political events that came hand in hand with them. On the other side of the continent Vladimir Putin’s Russia-first mandate is stronger than ever following the presidential election...