Proof that you don’t need to be a corporate big hitter like Paddy Cosgrave to get cancelled, pro-Palestinian sentiment claims a new Irish victim of it’s international cancel culture. This time, it’s in the form of Dublin based folk/avant-garde musical outfit Lankum. The quartet found themselves excluded from the line-up of the TransCentury Festival in Germany, which they were due to perform at on November 19th.

According to the festival’s organisers, the cancellation owes to political stances by the band that Transcentury say do not represent the values of the festival. In Germany, this decision should come as no surprise, with left-leaning figures such as Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders having recently had appearances and meetings cancelled in the light of ongoing conflict in the Levant. This is accompanied by close scrutiny towards all public expressions and demonstrations in the country that could be construed as moral justification of Hamas.

When The Woke Become The Woked

The context of this is amusingly ironic, as the pro-Palestine Lankum members are outspokenly woke and have a history of anti-Irish and anti-White statements. Originally founded in 2000 as Lynched by brothers Daragh and Ian Lynch, the quartet announced their name change to Lankum in 2016. A reaction to the connotation of the word “lynching”, the change of moniker was attributed to the percieved “systemic murder and persecution of black people in the USA”. Whilst Lankum drape themselves in the cloak and aesthetic of Irish culture, their cultural anti-Irishness is hidden in plain sight, with Ian Lynch having expressed disdain for “White”, “rightwing”, “nationalist” and “backward-looking” audiences and sentiments in Irish trad music from an anarchist perspective. And recently their members have engaged in the usual anti-patriot panic and foreigner-worship in response to grassroots opposition to mass immigration:

With members who are involved with the crust punk scene, none of this is hardly surprising, especially from an act whose anti-clerical song “Granite Gaze” was to the Repeal campaign what Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” was to the backdrop of same-sex marriage leglisation. Lankum’s pro-Palestine sentiment domestically is hardly rocking the boat. Many Irish are quite naturally sympathetic to the notion of Palestine’s territorial integrity, and this won’t harm their reputation here.

Safe Edginess

This will also not hurt their present status within the wider soft-power protest ecology of the astroturfed pro-Palestine left, where deranged bourgeois anarchists and Trotskyites rub shoulders in the streets with Islamists of all factions, as well as resentful members of immigrant populations. But as we can see in the case of their canceled appearance in Germany, this momentum has a clear limit. It is sweetly ironic that the festival which prides itself on the creation of a “non-discriminatory and non-judgemental” performance space has willingly excluded an artist on the basis of their partisanship.

A decision such as this is in no doubt largely influenced by a strong pro-Israel stance by larger EU governments, which has likely induced such a festival to neuter and gatekeep artists like Lankum from playing at it. When one considers the frequent incidences of Antifa-adjacent groups and proxies pressuring and threatening musicians, venues and speakers both physically and reputationally, this is sweetly ironic. This should serve as a dose of medicine for Lankum, who have been brazen enough to tread out of their lane and fall foul of decisions made within a power structure where they can exert little to no strong influence.

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  1. El Tio Rico 08/12/2023 at 6:01 pm

    Germanistan so loves its hollow co$t culture of self-loathing and the flagellation of its masses that nobody should ever dare question this imposed burden of fake collective guilt on its tax cattle. Only the dumbed down populous of Germanistan (mostly thankfully triple coavid$ squirted and boosted) would fail to see the contradiction of cheering on the ongoing genocide of Palestinians by the mixed bag of ethnic Jews (mostly of non-Semitic origin, ironically) that have taken over that unfortunate land and are now wallowing in the blood of innocent civilians and blameless children, most of whose crushed bodies will be bulldozed permanently out of sight and history when this disgusting Judaic horror show has ended.

    Call it the fatal flaw in the character of the German, that imagines he/ she/ it must aid and abet the criminal regime in Khazar occupied Palestine to “atone” for the sins of the grandfathers and grandmothers of the current ruling classes in Pentacon occupied Germanistan and the weapons manufacturing oligarchs that curiously happen to be the same ruling dynasties that made a killing under the Onkel Adolf regime. As the French would say “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. But try explaining that to the rubberized goons masquerading as police when they are whacking you over the head for daring to wear a Palestinian scarf or shawl or Mein Gott, for showing up at a demonstration against the brutal slaughter that their gubermint and taxes are supporting in the “Holy Land”.

    The only question still remaining is how can even the most woke, programmed libtard ignore the current televised genocide of actual Palestinians while crying about the much abused and used ancient Holocaust of the Jews, homosexuals, deviants, communists and the rest of the undesirables that the German fascist ruling class wanted rid of almost a century ago? Why is one Holocaust more kosher and still to be cried over almost a century later while the current ongoing evil is to be celebrated and explained away because of some Jewish myths and Zionist chsenite supremacy garbage spouted by the mostly Jewish press and our shamelessly manipulated meat-puppet “leaders”? What will be the outcome if Mr Nut’nyahoo and his evil cabal get their wish and annihilate the majority of the Semitic Palestinian people and ethnically cleanse the survivors to the Egyptian desert? If the number of slaughtered Palestinians were to reach the sacred, mathematical equation of the Jewish 6 million that we are constantly told were burned in Hitler’s ovens, will that then trump the Holocaust that the Israelis have used ad nauseam since 1948 to destroy the native Semitic people of Palestine and repopulate it with the “Jews” from Urupp and elsewhere that nobody else wanted? Will a Semitic Holocaust surviving Palestinian then have the same status and rights of a European or American (sic) or Russian Jew illegally squatting in the land of Palestine should that horror scenario come to pass? If you know anything at all about the nature of the evil of Zionism and the monsters that practice it and fund the genocide then of course you already know the answer.


  2. John Maguire 08/12/2023 at 7:32 pm

    I’d take Zionists over Irish Liberals any day……
    Good to see that Lankum are having their careers ruined!
    They are being shown that what Ireland is a country controlled by freaks and weirdos, and real countries like Germany won’t put up with our Irish BullShit!


  3. I’m trying to recall the exact wording of a Padraig Pearse quote. In lieu of that, here’s an approximation that carries the sentiment: “anyone who tries to put a wedge between Irish speaking Irish and non-Irish speaking Irish is a traitor indeed”.


  4. I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning!


  5. Daniel BUCKLEY 11/12/2023 at 1:03 am

    I care not for Foreign conflicts or those in Ireland who chose to support either side and are inconvenienced for their mis-directed efforts.
    I shed no tears for those fools, who waste their energy fighting the wrong enemy without effect.
    It is but virtue signalling, without danger of retaliation usually.
    The long reach of the Zionists money power and influence reached into Germany in this case , and kicked these idiots in the gonads. Reality is a bitch and has consequences.
    Go Woke ,Go Broke
    These Foreign conflicts are but deflections and distractions from the real sinister ,insidious war that the monstrous Regime of FF/FG/G/and Fake Opposition wage daily on the People of Ireland.
    I am only interested in the conflict in Ireland as the Regime discriminates against Irish People in matters of Housing,Health, Education and Employment.
    The real war is at home to protect our Homeland against the depredations of this rogue Regime and this is the real battle ,with real consequences for Ireland’s future should we fail to rout out the traitors and collaborators in this evil Regime and their puppets in the Media and NGO’s.


    1. Well said Daniel, Ireland and the Irish first. To hell with this conflict over a thousand miles away in the sand dunes. We have a war on our Island we need to prioritize before we are wiped out and our Island is turned into Hati minus the sun.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 14/12/2023 at 2:29 pm

    Wokeism is the cloke of CommUNism.A clot shot,transcult,followed by
    Ukraine,now Gaza and to top it off…a mega dose of CLIMATE FEAR led
    by Charlie Boy at COPs invitation.
    bring such disasters not seen before throughout the length and breath of a
    NATION that has always since infancy been led astray by the HAND OF
    Look closely at the players involved in the JAILING of Enoc Burke,MC.nt,
    the school,new principal, LGBT and CORRUPT GOVT.including JUDICARY…the shit has without doubt hit the fan while a REPUBLIC wait
    to be informed… the CONMEN OF RTE.


  7. Triggernometry 22/04/2024 at 5:19 pm

    Where did the rubberbandshits go, I never heard of kneecap, they are government stooges that appear out of fairydust, or on the government payroll, to keep people distracted with this left vs right divisiveness, and naval gazing of cutting your boobs or dick off. BUT – Do please speak the cupla focal!

    Time to get real, go IRL – don’t listen to MI5 pop gibberish, cupla focal traitors, what good is speaking the cupla focal in a rap style format, if your buddy down the road cannot even get on the property ladder, or yourself? But a foreigner off the banana boat can?? In a few trips to the state offices? Figure that one out please?

    What good is KNEECAP to any sane society? In case you don’t already know over 99.9% of the music industry including those so called ”cottage industry” musicians are all bought and paid for – why do they all have the same marxist views? They are zio owned. NOBODY not one of these musicians, or three chord merchants, has a different point of view – does anybody find that wierd , like bought and paid for? Sponsored by the powers that be!


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