The 20th century problem of partition took a 21st century turn for the worse this week as Westminster commenced a sabre rattling campaign against Dublin with a semi-overt threat to target the Republic with hybrid migration Lukashenko style.

A week from local elections and circa one year from a thumping Labour majority in the Commons, UK Tories hope to capitalise on the Irish government’s institutionally lax asylum outlook with the threat of migrants heading south of Newry to make up for Sunak’s Rwanda Plan being locked down by NGO lawfare and the ECHR.

Paddybashing and bus tickets for Connolly Station are the order of the day for Tories hoping to exact leverage over the EU with regards returning migrants via France. Naturally there is a big gap between rhetoric and reality as with anything Tory related. 

This is happening as the British government itself slyly prepares to ink a calamitous free trade agreement with India that will accelerate mass migration into Britain even more than the post-Brexit dispensation.

Whatever the truth as to whether the so-called Rwanda effect is already impacting asylum numbers in Dublin the Tory opportunism seeks an outlet for its letdowns on migration and Ireland is now a pawn in a wider geopolitical game with the EU and London.

McEntee and co. have been caught totally on the hop with the prospect of the Common Travel Area being torpedoed, the ghastly prospect of border checks in Dundalk or more shanty towns in Dublin underlining the geopolitical and social open wound left by the state’s dated open border outlook, already an outlier among EU member states.

Even taking into account the complexity this was an own goal enabled by placating the open border lobby in Dublin and may substantially change the equation on Irish foreign policy nevermind reunification henceforth.

Events in Newtownmountkennedy bordering on civil insurrection were bad enough without electorally cynical and Brexit-weary Tories throwing a curveball at Leinster House by spiking the migration issue on the international stage.

Some points to note.

  • The North Begins Again: Regardless of Dublin’s dysfunctional attitude towards the refugee crisis, this week should highlight the continued perniciousness of partition. Only one jurisdiction can exist in Ireland in the era of replacement migration—one hopes it will be run by Irishmen rather than increasingly-Indian Tories.
  • The Brussels Angle: This internationalisation means that migration is not just an issue behind the cordon sanitaire anymore but a genuine security risk to the very survival of the state especially as the EU and UK face a decade of post-Brexit transition and regulatory wars and an expansion of war beckons on the continent. An all-Ireland approach to migration is not just republican fantasy but a geopolitical essential.
  • The 6 and the Great Replacement: If you thought the emergence of nativist sentiment post-East Wall was wild, wait until the northern statelet, with its lingering paramilitarism and splintering unionism—nevermind the fact it is now an EU frontier after 2020, gets going. A dispute over an African mayor of Derry being parachuted in could just be starters for the decades ahead when Belfast and Derry already pre-existing sectarian machines come into contact with the third world, potentially in transition towards a MI5-run ‘Shared Ireland.’
  • Tory Tactics: Regardless of how many GBNews slots are offered, the Tory machine has zero interest in solving demographic replacement on either side of the border or in Britain. Just as in Carson’s time, Ireland is a chip in a wider internal power game by London elites happy to placate the Brexit-voting peasants with some cheap Daily Mail headlines as the country transforms into a Pakistani slum. Thinking that the Republic’s hopelessly anglophile political class is simply Brit bashing a la John McGuirk doesn’t cover the real issues at hand. London mandarins seriously considered moving millions of Hong Kongers in the 1980s to the six counties to kill two birds with one stone and won’t hesitate to direct tens of thousands of Afghans to Mount Street if it needs a polling boost.
  • The National Question: This has and will continue to floor Sinn Féin, already grappling with populist electoral stirrings in the 26, and adds a roadblock to any path to a United Ireland of any description. A sane republican platform needs border control (preferably in the Irish Sea) as a leading issue with the Danish option an easy out for any constitutional nationalist looking to outwit an as of yet immature nationalist right.

The North becoming a space of chaos in the migration wars is something that should keep both you and the Irish government up at night regardless of your hostility to replacement migration. Amoral and jingoistic Tories playing around in Irish affairs is nothing new, but a Pandora’s Box kept in check since the 1990s has been opened up as the North becomes a potential asylum dumping ground for UK elites.

If you thought the East Belfast UDA was bad enough, imagine a prospective new Irish state post-reunification navigating Albanian and Afghan narco gangs. Aside from institutionalised open border policies in Dublin and Brussels, let us not forget the one wold that poses arguably the greatest demographic threat in the long term after this week: partition.

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  1. There is no refugee crisis.


  2. Linda Freedman 01/05/2024 at 11:12 am

    People shouldn’t be falling out over this situation. Economic migrants are exploiting human rights laws aided and abetted by these NGO agencies and the gravy train lawyers. They need stopping where they land and not allowed to progress anywhere at all before being vetted.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 01/05/2024 at 4:37 pm

    There Ye go now Paddywack…and we told you so,again n again n again.
    Of course “the border “was the sole intention around Brexit.
    Of course “the eu ” play the Irish Pawn,didn’t they ignore the Dublin Rule that
    stipulated migrants be processed at first port of entry into the eu.
    Of course ” the UN/EU migration pact was forced on Ireland with the aid of
    NGO IRELAND and it’s rogue puppet government horse trading peddlers.
    Of course ” UK” will not deport it’s migrants to it’s commonwealth countries.
    Of course ” Irish Trade and Irish Tourism ” will be destroyed.
    Of course ” The Irish Economy ” will collapse,that’s the intention.
    Of course ” The govt.” engaged in dealings ,remember DUNDALK being
    traded as destination for ” MASS CHINESE REPOPULATION ZONE “.
    Of course “it’s SINGLE MALE MIGRANTS ” who will also repopulate themselves from Irish female Stocks for THEIR FUTURE GENERATIONS.
    Of course ” Aganda 201/2030 ” is in full swing,ask Simon Covany Bilderberg.
    Why Of Course ” it’s a replantation,replacement genocide ” they have all


  4. Triggernometry 02/05/2024 at 11:08 pm

    Landlord barons, aka politicians, and the well heeled and well connected, we need to take heed and wake up. Rishi is a tory, tory as gaeilge, means pilferer and pirate. The ink never dried on any english treaty or truce, remember your history, the Crown hasn’t changed one bit, we need a back to basics attitude.

    Rishi is playing a smart game and easy to make an incompetent government look very foolish, people are fooled especially old dozy irish on the edge of europe who are not worldly wise and lived in a fuck each other over culture – will be lullled into a dozy trance by RTE and the dozy old ff,fg sinn fein that these parties are a pair of ”safe hands”. That argument is BULLSHIT.

    Case and point, the north, remember no sitting government present for over a year, the north still ran, there was still a beating heart. We didn’t NEED politicians, civil servants make the cogs in the wheel turn.

    Politicians are just window dressing, answer and cower to bankers, ”international obligashoons”, they need their excuse.

    They are arrogant and out of touch. We need to wake up. Vote nationalist and independent, register to vote if you haven’t already and more importantly bring id and check the register.

    Irish have been left behind. We need to change this, they are calling people who are calling this out hysterically as terrorists.


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