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Eduard Limonov: A Late Obituary and Brief Eulogy

It is a cold evening in Moscow. A small group of misfit followers are gathered by an old brutalist style Soviet monument, dedicated to the revolution of 1905. They fly a set of flags, the offensive mixes of blue, black,...

/ 13/05/2020

The Peculiar Politics of the Eurovision

The Eurovision is a strange affair. While many turn their nose up at the competition for being rather low brow, it can be entertaining to watch if you go in with an open mind. In what other competitions do you...

/ 14/05/2019

A Year in Review: 2018

It’s been an interesting year - but before we take a look at the developments here in Ireland, let’s review what happened on the world stage. In the United States passed another year of highly entertaining political drama. Tension seemed...

/ 31/12/2018