REVIEW: 85 Days of Slavyansk by Alexander Zhuchkovsky, translated into English by @Peter_Nimitz on Twitter.

What rages today is the largest conventional conflict in the European continent since the Second World War, fought by around half a million soldiers serving almost two hundred million people for a territory nearly ten times the size of the whole island of Ireland, yet surprisingly scant primary source material on the roots of the present Russo-Ukrainian conflict exists in either Russian or Ukrainian, let alone in English.

The YouTuber Ian McCollum, who runs the Forgotten Weapons gun channel with almost 2.5 million subscribers, had announced at the very eve of the official Russian invasion his intent to publish The Foreigner Group, a first-hand memoir of the conflict by a Swedish foreign volunteer Carolus Andersson, who served in the ranks of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion. His announcement however sparked controversy amongst his large fanbase, due to the Azov Battalion’s adjacency with National Socialism and Andersson’s own right-wing beliefs, and McCollum eventually cancelled the project. As of writing this however, The Foreigner Group is set to be published instead by Antelope Hill Publishing, who have also recently published Chechen Blues, an account of the First Chechen War of 1994 by Russian journalist Alexander Prokhanov.

This all being said, Nemets (@Peter_Nimitz), a rather eccentric yet affable history book account with just over 50,000 followers on Twitter, has recently done a great service to preserving the historiography of the conflict by translating one of the seminal works of pro-Russian separatist literature into English, 85 Days in Slavyansk by Alexander Zhuchkovsky.

85 Days in Slavyansk eBook : Zhuchkovsky, Alexander, Nimitz, Peter: Books

Zhuchkovsky, who fought himself alongside the militants of the newly-proclaimed Donetsk’s People Republic (DPR), sought to write the first book of its kind to examine in depth the Battle of Slavyansk, the first engagement of what would become an eight-year protracted conflict between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass region of the south-east, comprising the oblasts (regions) of Donetsk and Lugansk.

It is unapologetically a pro-separatist account, but a remarkably sober and honest one, a work that is not intended to be consumed in the vein of propaganda, and a work which consults an impressively vast array of Russian, separatist and even Ukrainian sources as well as extensive interviews with many of the prominent separatist commanders and fighters. One such figure ‘inextricably linked to the Donbass Uprising’, cuts head and shoulders above the rest, a constant presence in almost every single chapter, and a figure so prominent that a faithful retelling of Slavyansk could not be told without.

On 12 April 2014, 52 masked volunteers, commanded by its quiet yet imposing leader, Igor Strelkov, crossed the Russo-Ukrainian border, entered the large city of Slavyansk in the Donetsk Oblast, populated by around 100,000 people, and quickly surrounded the offices of the Interior Ministry in the city where a small police garrison were stationed. 

After a brief exchange of gunfire, the police garrison swiftly surrendered, were detained, disarmed and quickly released. The militants would in the succeeding hours gradually seize control of the city’s civil administration buildings, its police headquarters and the offices of the SBU, the Ukrainian Security Service. By the end of April 12, Strelkov and his men had seized the city of Slavyansk without bloodshed and almost without a single shot fired.

‘Strelkov’ was only Igor Girkin’s nom de guerre, yet of the man Igor Girkin, very little was known. He was born and educated in Moscow, and was a soldier by profession, having served with Russian peacekeepers in the Moldovan breakaway region of Transnistria, a foreign volunteer for the ethnic Serbian separatists Republika Srpska in the Bosnian War, as well as a regular Russian soldier fighting in both the First and Second Chechen Wars.

He had also worked for the FSB, the Russian state’s successor to the KGB of the Soviet Union, in both operational and managerial capacities for around seventeen years, varying from playing an active role in counter-insurgency operations in the recently re-conquered Chechenya to more mundane bureaucratic work based out of the capital.

War was Strelkov’s native habitat,’, Zhuchkovsky writes of Strelkov, ‘He had grown from a bookish boy to a specialist in small wars and paramilitaries. When not at war, he had to make his own by participating in historical re-enactments, decked out as a monarchist Che Guevara with the epaulettes of the army of the old Russian Empire. It says a great deal about Strelkov’s idealism and nobility that he never became a pure mercenary, working indiscriminately for any faction.

Strelkov is also ideologically quite eccentric even for a political landscape that had spawned the likes of National Bolshevism, a neo-monarchist committed to the restoration of the Russian monarchy that had been deposed by the 1917 Revolution, as well as an irredentist seeking the re-establishment of a Greater Russia to encompass Belarus, Ukraine and other Russian lands, with the remaining rump of the old Soviet Union to be an ‘unconditional zone of Russian influence.’ 

Map of DPR retreat from Sloviansk and other cities

Strelkov today enjoys a semi-sacred status for his command of the defence of Slavyansk, a cult of personality which the reserved and rather humble Strelkov eventually found himself unnerved by. The events of Slavyansk however transformed him into a nihilist, his reflections of the many failures, little and big, that led ultimately to the separatists’ retreat made him utterly distrustful of both the separatists and the Russian state, a distrust and fatalism which has stayed with him even when analysing the current war.

Zhuchkovsky found Strelkov to be evasive when asked on whether he acted alone or with the tacit support of the Russian government. Some months earlier, Strelkov had played an instrumental yet discreet role in the bloodless Russian annexation of Crimea and in one of the only answers he would give to Zhuchkovsky on the matter, seemed to suggest that the Russian-installed head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov had given his personal blessing to Strelkov’s operation.

Zhuchkovsky himself is at difficulty as to the question, for although it was implausible that a mere ragtag group of fifty-two volunteers acting alone could capture a city of 100,000 without bloodshed, it was also similarly implausible that the Russian state played any significant role, for they would have sent forces in the thousands as in Crimea rather than in the mere dozens.

Alexander Boroday, who would become the first Prime Minister of the Donetsk’s People Republic, writes interestingly of the attempt by himself and ‘some comrades in Moscow’ to recall Strelkov so as to suspend or outright cancel the operation:

I left the airport, got into a car, and called Strelkov on his cell phone. The call didn’t go through. I found out later that Strelkov had turned his phone off. He had foreseen this development, and had no intention of changing his plan for the Donbass.’

He writes further on the general opinion of the Russian state regarding the Donbass:

‘The support for Russian annexation was both less intense and less widespread than in Crimea. It was also apparent that there would be no repetition of the Crimean scenario in Donbass. Yes, a majority of the people in Donbass wanted to join Russia, yes there were large protests, but Russia herself hadn’t decided if the Donbass was worthy of involvement. We wanted to wait for the outcome of the protests before making a decision, and decided to slow Strelkov’s operation down. Strelkov had his own opinions, and rushed forward.’

A rational analysis fails to give Zhuchkovsky any real closure, yet such an analysis must assume that the Russian state was acting rationally, which cannot always be certain since states, like the men who create and govern states, are not always rational beings. Strelkov, for instance, argues that Vladimir Putin had effectively crossed the rubicon at Crimea yet inexplicably stopped short at the Donbass, and that the failure of the Russian government to strike while the iron was still hot in 2014 had condemned the separatists at Slavyansk to a long protracted conflict spanning years rather than a swift and decisive seizure of power that might have spanned only days. 

The volunteers at Slavyansk on April 12 were largely welcomed by the majority Russian-speaking population, and the volunteer ranks would swell from its original 52 to around a peak of 2,500. Largely made up of the local population, the separatist force also included a large contingent of ordinary Russian volunteers (around 40% were Russian citizens by end of June) as well as a smattering of volunteers from further afield.

A military administration would be established by Strelkov in the following days, enforcing curfews, armed patrols and restricting the sale of alcohol. Military courts were established and the death penalty became a de facto punishment in the city. Interestingly however, conscription, with the exception of local delinquents, was not enforced and the separatist force remained organised on a volunteer basis. Much to the chagrin of Strelkov, large sections of the population did not join the separatist militia, for many it was out of continued loyalty to the Ukrainian government, although Strelkov suspected that general lethargy also played its part.

Twenty four men, six of them officers, came from the Union of Afghanistan Veterans. They said they were ready to serve, but requested they be held in reserve near their homes rather than sent to the front line. I thanked them, but told them that we needed men who would listen to orders and fight where they were needed. Only three of them, only one an officer, ended up in the militia. The rest decided it was too inconvenient.’

In the early stages of the crisis, there was regular contact between the separatists and local soldiers serving in the Ukrainian Army, many of whom were seriously considering defection. They knew the separatists well, they were family, neighbours, friends from their school years and so on. The reorganisation of the Ukrainian forces, replacing these more locally based soldiers with more nationalistic troops from the Ukrainian-speaking western provinces largely prevented any such mass defection from occurring.

On April 13, the separatists ambushed an elite Alpha GRU unit eight kilometres to the north of Slavyansk at a checkpoint near the small village of Semyonovka, killing one and wounding four. The Ukrainians were so taken aback by the attack that for many weeks afterwards believed their assailants to have been Russian Spetsnaz, and led to a general overcautiousness amongst the Ukrainian troops who believed that storming the city would lead to a direct conflict with the Russian Armed Forces.

The general belief amongst many of the separatists and indeed the local population was that the Russians would eventually formally intervene, yet as time passed, it become more evident that the Russians would not intervene. On April 17, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov formally agreed with his Ukrainian counterpart that all illegal armed groups were to be disarmed and that all armed actions were to be suspended. 

Hopes were raised by a Russian military exercise being conducted in the bordering Rostov region, yet were quickly dashed again. The locals of Slavyansk waited intently for a formal move on Victory Day yet no Russian troops arrived. Repeated appeals by Strelkov, who had finally revealed himself to the public in a press conference on April 26, for Russian intervention were ignored, and following the Ukrainian presidential elections on May 25, Vladimir Putin formally recognised the winner Petro Poroshenko as the legitimate president of Ukraine. A month later, the decree which authorised Putin to use Russian military force in Crimea and therefore would have authorised Russian intervention in the Donbass was revoked by the Russian Parliament.

The aspirations of the separatists were not federalisation or independent republics, but re-unification with Russia proper, yet without Russian commitment, they had little choice but to fall back on independence. Two referendums were held in Donetsk and Lugansk respectively, several weeks before the Ukrainian presidential election, both returned overwhelming majorities in favour of independence, both votes however were believed by international observers to be heavily rigged and therefore illegitimate.

The tentativeness of the Ukrainians began to slowly wear off as they became more confident and therefore more aggressive, seizing back nearby villages as well as commencing artillery bombardment on the city itself. The TV tower overlooking the city at Mount Karachun was seized from a small unit of only twelve separatist defenders, and used as a Ukrainian artillery post. Small groups of saboteurs would be also deployed inside the city, assisted no doubt by the pro-Ukrainian loyalist elements of Slavyansk.

The defence of the city, now effectively under siege, relied on weaponry that had been mainly pilfered from the Ukrainians; guns, artillery, MANPADs etc. Separatist communications were unencrypted and therefore listened in at all times by the Ukrainians. The separatists, knowing that a full frontal assault on the city would result in their rout, employed the age-old tactic of deception; ‘Appear weak when you are strong, and appear strong when you are weak.’ Strelkov, keenly aware that his communications were being monitored, would grossly exaggerate the strength of the militia and play up to the Ukrainian belief that the Russian Armed Forces were in Slavyansk during phone calls.

He would reference well-armed companies where there were only poorly-equipped platoons, hoping to demoralise the Ukrainians with tales of an invincible force of Russian mercenaries. Strelkov’s years of experience in the special forces had not been in vain.

Like all great war memoirs, we have our fair share of characters, the eccentrics, the ideologues, even the fools. One of the most compelling figures frequently mentioned is ‘Motorola’, or Arseny Pavlov, one of the more semi-legendary figures of the separatist struggle. 

Motorola, affectionally known as ‘the red-headed separatist’, had formed one of the original 52 who had captured Slavyansk. He was an ethnic Komi, one of the Finnic peoples of Russia, born in the Komi Province and had been in the Russian Army, serving two tours in Chechnya. He had been one of the reconnaissance platoon that had successfully ambushed the most elite unit of the GRU on April 13. He would assume command of said reconnaissance platoon which quickly swelled into the most effective heavy weapons unit in the separatist militia, of around 200 men. 

He had a notorious reputation for psychological warfare; often recording his skirmishes with the Ukrainian forces with a GoPro camera and sending the footage to Russian journalists for publication as well as claiming Chechen Kadyrovites were fighting alongside the separatists, often screaming ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ in battle and broadcasting Islamic calls to prayer every few hours as to instil fear into the Ukrainians. Alexander Kots, the military correspondent for the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda writes of Motorola:

There are men who fight in bloody battles and survive, but with broken souls and constant cynicism. And there are those who cannot only love and war, but also keep possession of themselves. Motorola is one such man – a fighter from God, a joker, and a lover of Russian rap.

Motorola would be killed several years later by an IED explosion in his Donetsk apartment, the exact perpetrators to this day unknown.

Another interesting figure that made up the original 52 was ‘Vandal’, in fact a sixteen-year old field medic Andrey Savelyev from Kiev, who gained a reputation for his heroic bravery in rescuing his mortally wounded commander ‘Bear’ whilst under Ukrainian fire. He had been initially refused several times by Strelkov whilst in Crimea, yet his persistence paid off and he was despatched to Slavyansk. 

There is also Zhuchkovsky himself; Zhuchkovsky, a native of Saint Petersburg, joined the separatists at Slavyansk following a Strelkov appeal for more men, having been initially stationed at Lugansk. He had narrowly escaped death by shelling twice, once by a few minutes and once by only a few seconds. Near the tail end of the battle, whilst accompanying new Russian recruits to the frontline, his minibus was ambushed by Ukrainian forces. Although Zhuchkovsky and his men escaped with their lives, two of the recruits were killed, their mangled bodies charred beyond recognition and only identifiable by process of deduction.

By July, the position of the separatists had become untenable as the Ukrainians completed their encirclement of the city. Strelkov, by July 4, ordered a withdrawal from the city southwards to Kramatorsk, breaking through the encirclement and thus ending the Battle of Slavyansk after 85 days.

Although the battle of Slavyansk had ended in defeat, the wider struggle had only begun. Eight years of grinding warfare later, Russia has finally crossed the Rubicon and their troops are within twenty miles of Slavyansk, inching ever closer by the day. Strelkov may live to see the day where the Russian flag is finally once more hoisted over Slavyansk, yet it will have come at a personal cost to himself having made too many enemies over the years, but perhaps it will have been at an even graver cost for the many thousands dead since, including Motorola, that may have lived had the Russians taken action eight years ago as Strelkov so desperately appealed. 

Separatism is a fine art that the Irish are masters of, and many of the themes evoked in this memoir appeal very deeply to the Irish nationalist; the sense of betrayal the separatists felt at the ambivalence of their motherland is something that as a nationalist from the North appealed to me especially so. But what most struck me and what, I think, will strike the average reader is that 52 men shaped not only the destiny of a country, or even of two countries, but that of an entire continent. 

There is little criticism to be made regarding such a highly valuable work that has been re-published and translated at such an important juncture in perhaps the entire history of European civilization. To make petty criticisms here and there would be to nip at ankles. I salute Mr. Nemets for his commendable work in translating Mr. Zhuchkovsky’s excellent memoir. I shall hope that many such memoirs, whether they be the testaments of Russians or Ukrainians, will be published in the coming future. 


Posted by Black Northern


  1. In reply to the author Black Northern.

    Firstly, Thank You for bringing to light this work!, especially considering that even refusing to speak out against Russia in Ireland of 2022, can atleast see one excommunicated from local society or worse attacked physically for simply refusing,.
    I have studied closely and written on the conflict in Eastern Ukraine since early 2014, always under a pseudonym.

    I am astounded at the absolute gullibility of people in general, when it comes to the current situation in Ukraine.
    I am constantly assured that Russia is losing badly and the Ukrainian military is only weeks from all out victory!.

    In a conversation only a few days ago, with a close friend’s new boyfriend, I actually realised that the prior history of the conflict is not only absent from current conversation, but it is also Not considered relevant!.

    A rather strange conversation began with
    ” the Russians are cold hearted murderers”.
    It then moved to unfounded claims about President Putin being mentally unstable and ” A certified killer of the KGB”.

    When I asked the guy making all these claims, where he heard such stuff, he replied from News. He then went on to quote sources such as the BBC, CNN, France 24, ITN and RTE.

    I asked if he knew when and what caused the current conflict, to which he replied smugly, of course I do, ” It began on 24th of February! and the why is obvious”.
    ” Russia invaded Ukraine to occupy the country just like they did in Crimea”.
    He continued : ” Putin wants to restore all the former countries of the USSR again! ”
    I’ll tell you something else he said:
    ” There is intelligence which suggests that Putin will continue until he takes the complete EU”.

    I replied, asking why he assumed that Russia invaded Crimea?.
    ” Ah for Fu*ks sake, have you been in prison or something?” he replied : ” It was all over the News when Putin invaded Crimea! “, ” sure, there was film and pictures of armed Russian Soldiers as well!”.

    I explained that the soldiers were not invaders, but rather they were stationed at the port for generations.
    Furthermore, I continued: Crimea was never Ukrainian!.
    I went on to explain that In 1953 Khrushechev assigned responsibility for the management of Crimea to the then Ukrainian Soviet, purely as a mark of respect and at no time was Crimea ever land belonging to Ukraine.

    Immediately, he accused me of telling lies and countered further by calling me:
    ” Some kind of Putin loving faggot!”.

    At which time my friend (his girlfriend), piped up and demanded that they leave as her sister was coming over to stay.

    It was one of those situations where everything feels unreal!.
    As another friend said later to me, ” It was like an episode of Tales of the unexpected, though in real life”.

    Thankfully, I have the honour of never having to either see or hear from the guy again and I suspect that my long time friend, may be out dating again soon, as she told the Ladies how upset she was that he would become so insulting to her best friends.

    It was nothing to do with being insulted, as far as I am concerned, what genuinely knocked me off balance (so to speak), was his absolute ignorance. Not just ignorance, but absolutely 100% assured ignorance! .
    As far as this grown man was concerned absolutely Nothing whatsoever happened prior to February 2022.

    My Father (rest in peace), a former soldier would often say ” In times of war, ignorance is manufactured bliss and Propaganda is a means to appeasing a worried public”.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 24/05/2022 at 1:27 pm

    Society is crumbling before our eyes. The gullible inherited the Legacy media.
    The 4th Pillar/State of Journalism is not only accountable,it is totally UN-
    accountable. A rabid dog unleashed on Western Democracy, for globalization.
    Thanks to the Author, Black Northern and everybody else that tries to get an
    informative,detailed account of the topics in question,to an information starved public. WHO benefits, WHO fears, WHO s responsible, UN-known !
    Out of all the guilty players involved in FEAR- PROPAGANDA since c19, and
    they know WHO THEY ARE , We know you too, the biggest slime dogs are in
    Msm. They will never survive the onslaught from their many Victims, they are
    Finished, Banished from a Civil Society for eternity, they will burn in hell too.


  3. Nemets is a hardcore supporter of covid vaccines, and demonizer of the “anti-vaxxed”. Not a pleasant person, though at least he did a good translation.


  4. In reply to Ivaus,

    Firstly, please forgive my tardiness in replying to your comment above.

    I find myself in agreement with you regarding printed Press, TV and social media (MSM-SM).
    I can not recall a time in my lengthy existence, when all MSM were in absolute agreement with each other surrounding Any Subject!.

    Even during WWII there were differences of opinion among MSM in the West, of course back then the United States / UK / Europe and others, did not have the ability to silence Germany, as they did with Russia’s RT & Sputnik, by effectively switching off all alternatives to Western MSM propaganda!.

    In fact a WWII historian friend, recently reminded me about the infamous Lord Haw-Haw broadcasts from Berlin to the UK during the war.

    Now, I am of course, not for one moment suggesting that Lord Haw-Haw should have been allowed to spread Nazi propaganda to the UK! .

    Rather, I am suggesting that We the people should have the ability, NO the Right! , to a free press!.
    To hear the facts about the war in Ukraine and NOT US driven propaganda!.

    That said, I and most people I know, became extremely suspecious of US State department claims on Ukraine, as soon as almost EVERY MSM outlet started becoming Stenographers to power, by releasing Word for Word statements, Videos & Articles and even Social Media outlets literally followed suit immediately!.

    As a friend recently stated: ” Even Aljazeera is word for word, making the same claims, reporting the same (so called) facts and more recently, are even directly echoing the White House!.”

    YET, certainly few here in Ireland find this in any way suspicious. It seems that the propaganda marriage of convenience, between MSM & Social Media has been very successful.
    A clear example was witnessed during the Eurovision contest!, liberals across Europe voting and encouraging, NO Demanding that a Rap group from Ukraine should win!.

    Echoed by some bint, on one of the Irish channels the next day, when she stated, waving fist in air, ” Sure only Ukraine had to win”, Woohoo!.

    Christ above, these people are Stupid!, Ukraine winning a crappy, so called song contest will really save lives and fill Ukrainian bellies. Yet even this Liberal Stupidity is considered a success.

    Such success of course means, that those of us currently under the dictatorship of the EU, WILL now suffer drastically lowered living standards, due to decisions taken in the White House!.

    US political lap dogs, like in the EU & the UK dutifully obey those in the US, who CAN and Will ensure their increased wealth, vastly higher living standards and future career paths, as the current UK & EU political class are assured!, in return for their loyalty! .

    Meanwhile, subjects (Citizens) of the UK, EU, US, to name but a few, Will soon suffer financially for decisions made by such political leaders.
    Their collective greed and worse again, their willingness to forsake their country of birth and her people, will of course, go unpunished!.

    The people of Ukraine, her citizens, will be little more than memories in the shape of pictures on the walls and mantle tops of partly rebuilt homes!.
    Ukraines current and future political leaders WILL of course tell future generations of the bravery of their people and the strength of their nation in the face of Russian aggression.

    Zelensky will continue to Don his now familiar green T-shirt, in an effort to convince mainly European, UK and US Liberal flag waving supporters, that not only is he in charge, but he is actively at the head of his military, making gains against mad Putin’s Russian Killers, despite the fact that he is hiding out in Poland as HIS people suffer!.

    He will, like a greedy petulant child, continue to demand that the West must provide More & More!.
    Despite the fact, that US President Biden has already thus far, given over $68 Billion to assist Ukraine in just over 3 months.

    CONSIDER THIS, the US has given Yemen $5.5 Billion since the conflict began back in 2014, soon entering it’s 9th year, of near complete starvation! .

    So what does this prove?,

    well it proves beyond doubt that since the 2014 US lead, Coup d’etat in Ukraine, the United States, her weapons industry and ergo her political class, on BOTH sides of the Isle, both Republican (with few exceptions) & Democrats are reeling in the cash!.

    You see, although the US has sent Billions of Dollars to assist Ukraine,
    VERY LITTLE has left the United States!.
    The Billions of dollars go to the weapons industry, who in turn provide weapons to the regular Ukrainian soldiers and The NAZI groups on the ground in Ukraine!.

    Meanwhile, in the EU the flag waving Liberal backing idiots, stand outside Russian Embassies demanding two things:

    1. Russia should stop killing
    innocent Ukrainians.

    2. The West MUST send more
    money to the poor Ukrainian

    Meanwhile, the Fat Cats in the United States are literally rubbing their sweaty, greedy, fat little hands together!.
    Knowing that their Liberal supporters, will continue to demand more money for the poor Ukrainian people, which is directly sent to the Arms industry in the United States and the profits are divided out among it’s share holders!.

    GUESS WHO their shareholders happen to be???
    LOOK LEFT, THEN RIGHT of that very same Isle!.

    As for MSM and MSM-SM, we’ll they are destined for absolute destruction! . If anything the existing split between left – Liberal and Right, will act like a MSM-SM self destruct button, as all faith in the CNN, MSNBC, Facebook & Twitter ilk will bring about their, very much deserved demise!.

    Eventually even the flag waving Liberal idiots outside Russian Embassies, will find their position/s as being no longer tenable.
    They will most likely scurry away or begin the pro abortion fight all over again, to occupy themselves.

    As for the Arms industry Billionaires,
    well, if Afghanistan has proved anything, it is that, where there are Democrat war mongers like Victoria Nuland,
    there will always be poor Ukrainians, Syrians, Iraqis Afghanistanis or who ever are their replacements!.
    For Liberal flag waving idiots to enrich even further, the Billionaires like Mr. Soros, who only yesterday insisted that Ukrainians must continue the fight!,.



  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/05/2022 at 5:48 pm

    Thank you for your input TC,
    I’m sure it is appreciated by many at the Burkean. Is there a way forward for moral ethical society?
    I think we have to go back to basics. We have to rebuild communities, and should that involve setting up small independent news outlets,or using local
    Facilities like a Town Hall to talk and discuss amongst fellow citizens,what is really going on in Our World.
    A lot of this can be traced back to Round under the disguise of
    Think Tanks..eventually lobbying govts and picking candidates for future govt.
    Yes, I believe Democracy is one great disillusionment, it’s been exposed now
    and the Dealers at the table,namely UN..and the players like WHO,WEF,EU and Govts. are all willing to accept any hand delt and bet any amount,be it in $$
    or human misery.
    Reflecting back about 20 years ago,I thought at that time that it would be a good option for the US,UK and Ireland to form a United West Atlantic Zone,it
    could have succeeded in the right hands,with the right policies.
    What I see and understand now is that Particularly the same three countries
    mentioned above is IMO being SET UP for destruction, using economic, family
    breakdown,religion and ethnic replacement. WHY ?
    More than anytime before in history, the Strategic Influence and human aspirations of these Countries were critical to maintaining a global moral and
    ethical standard if we go back to the time before these International organizations got the recognition they so UN-justly deserve.


  6. In reply to Avaus,

    With apologies to other readers and the reporters / staff of the Burkean, for taking up so much space in my replies.

    Avaus, Your most excellent point on use of the village square, local & small media outlets, is both valid and exceptional thinking!.

    I commend such thinking, outside the box so to speak.
    Where non-Liberals in Ireland have failed (so to speak) in this country, is their lack of ability to get through to the every day man and woman, in an effort to show that opposition to Transgenderism, so called sex education of Irish children without consultation with Parents, the over reach and attempted coup d’etat by Liberals, LGBT+++ groups, so called NGO’S and as, clearly witnessed in the past few years, by Pro- Communist groups, IS not Racism!, but rather only concern for this ancient land of ours, Her people, Her future generations and Her history.

    I have a very good friend (mentioned in my last post). A highly educated man, now in his 90’s who loves this country and often becomes visibly emotional as he speaks about Ireland.
    Recently, he said something which resonated with me and made me think of the great Chieftains of our little nation, pre- Christian Shaman or Medicine men and of course the village Elders of old!.

    He said almost Matter-of-factly : “the issue with Ireland since the late 1940’s, began with the loss of the local or village Elders!.”

    These were Men and Women who for decades would advise locals on all kinds of issues, for example if a farmer suffered due to bad weather, the Elder would seek help for him from others in the area. In matters of morals, He or She would draw a picture of the likely outcome or dangers of immoral behaviour.
    Where the Elder found an issue to be outside of his / her wheelhouse, or something which he or she had no experience of, then the person was pointed to professionals who could help.

    I mention the Elder system, because I believe that is in effect, what you are pointing at (Do Correct Me if I am Wrong) when you speak of locally created media and village or speakers corner kind of a set up.
    Somewhere where not only can the words and opinions of others be heard, but also advice and help is given freely to those requesting such help.

    I completely agree with your recent statements on the part played by the EU, UN, US, UK, NGO’S and others who have effectively hijacked civil society, our media (MSM-SM) and have successfully managed to destroy our independence politically, leaving this great country without opposition of any sort.

    I also agree with previous comments regarding the attempted Communisation of this once holy land of Saints and Scholars.

    My sincere Thanks for your replies!, along with again, my apologies to TheBurkean. ie for taking up such space.


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