Following a spat over Ukrainian grain swamping European markets, Poland has stopped the export of any further war materials to Ukraine in their war against Russia. 

Warsaw may not be considered to be a major military power in the eyes of most casual readers, but Poland has for many years now been one of the largest per capita spenders on defence. The Poles have shrewdly invested heavily in modernising their military and indigenous arms industry, through both procuring equipment form foreign suppliers and also from acquiring licensing rights to produce equipment domestically. 

Over the next number of years, Poland has agreements with South Korea to buy or produce a thousand main battle tanks, over 80% of which will be built in Poland, and with the US to provide nearly 300 Abrams, alongside already significant inventories of Leopard 2s and upgraded Soviet-era battle tanks. 

Germany by contrast has about 300 Leopard battle tanks in total, significant numbers of which are mothballed and dysfunctional. Alongside fielding F-16s and contracts to procure FA-50s and F-35 fighter jets, Against a lackluster Germany and declining France, Poland is without a doubt a pre-eminent military power in Europe.

It is this significant investment in their military capacity on a consistent and regular basis that has given the Polish the ability to be major early movers in the war to supply the Ukrainian army with war material – Poland has provided more hardware than any other NATO country aside from the United States, including Soviet fighter jets, hundreds of battle tanks and fighting vehicles, artillery and ammunition. 

Polish defence planners foresaw the likelihood of Russian expansionism and were responsible for a significant amount of the training of the Ukrainian military after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 – training which is arguably the reason that the Ukrainians stuffed the Russian advances in the north and north-east in 2022. 

It could be argued that without Polish support in the early stages of the war, Zelenskyy’s regime would have fallen, the bravery shown by Ukrainian nationalists in the likes of Mariupol and outside Kyiv notwithstanding the material reality of warfighting.

As Ukraine’s advance falters in the east, as Western stockpiles dry up, and now their strongest proponent grows tired of the abuse for not allowing their farmers to become impoverished, it is a very real possibility that Ukraine might not see out this war as Western hawks may want, particularly if Russia secures Iranian missiles and North Korean ammunition to supplement its still vast reserves of materials.

Even should the war end tomorrow upon static lines however, it is unlikely we will see most Ukrainians going home to re-settle their country – there’s very little for them to go back to, and why go back when the Irish government is willing to break its back to accommodate you?

Posted by Gearóid Ó Broin


  1. Mammy government and NGO sector, wants your hard earned cash = tax to enrich and fatten themselves. 30/09/2023 at 4:13 pm

    The Ukraine/Russia conflict is clearly artificial in nature, there is clear top down control and other agenda’s at play there, it is orchestrated chaos, so a new order of things can be created, classical masonic playbook that the fuckers have used time and time again, they done it in WW1 and WW2 to bring about a desired outcome. We have already seen much of the desired outcome for the artrificial ukraine/russia conflict.

    Those brainded ukrainian nazi nationalist trash were riled up to attack the Donbass and used as cannon fodder to bring in the russian bear to justify all the funding of ukraine into war,. Where no one seems to know where all the money is going, they impoverished europe through ENORMOUS costs in electricity which hit pockets hard, all that ties in to their climate bullshit and quite blatantly conditions people to accept and live in poverty.

    Instead of the masks on twitter avatars, they exchanged it for ukrainian flags and ended up paying higher electricity costs, they took one for the team, the same way the fucking idiots let themselves be clot-shotted with injections to stop the spread od the VIIIRRRUS, what fucking virus though, all i see is a virus of stupidity.

    It is all orchestrated. Look at what they do with Zelensky, a jewish individual with ties to Israel, they made him a celebrity in the same way they made Putin a celebrity, another individual with strong jewish ties to israel and who Klaus Schwab touted as being a valuable member of the WEF. It is clearly orchestrated behind the scenes.

    I can picture Zelensky having a glass of wine with Putin. Both are likely freemasons, the KGB was highly masonic, Putin was living in germany for years FFS.

    The victims are the impoverished poor people who receive lower standards of living due to high energy costs as seen in europe and the conscripted cannon fodder of ukrainians and russians sent off to the front to die for other peoples interests while puppets Zelensky and Putin sip their wine in their luxurious properties. Many agendas at play clearly, population reduction of slavs, extraction of tax money, climate change bullshit, weapon manufacturing profits etc. The list is endless.

    I pity the poor ukrainians who go out to die for the jewish transexual midget zelensky.

    The irish establishment support people like Zelensky who have destroyed Ukraine, and wants to fight to the last ukrainian instead of surrendering, they even conscript and send young women out to die in ukraine, but on the other hand the irish government have no problems about giving hundreds of thousands of ukrainians modular housing and anyone else who identifies as ukrainian a free house.

    The irish government are the most brainless dimwitted fucking idiots imaginable.
    They will impoverish irish citizens and do their masters bidding at a whim, that is what makes them so dangerous for irish society.

    When they support Ukraine, they are costing you the average citizens thousands in ESB costs and tax for the new arrivals that they increase in the budget ALL THE FUCKING TIME, THEY ARE DRIVING UP POVERTY in ireland. They put a Tax on everything in Ireland, even your farts, the air your breathe, it is fucking outrageous, those feckers in government are leeches sucking off the taxpayers, as is the NGO sector, they are resembling a fucking CABAL in all but name.


  2. Mehole Fartin 30/09/2023 at 4:35 pm

    I have had a wonderful chat with Zelensky on the phone earlier, we have so much in common.

    What do we have in common?


    we want to fight to the last ukrainian, we don’t care sbout ukrainian homes and infrastructure turned into rubble, we support conscripting and sending women out to the front lines to be mince meat, so what if homes and peoples lives are destroyed i told my pal Zelensky, we are building modular homes for them here in ireland, they can come to our lunatic asylum centre of a country with epidemic homeless rates and we can accomodate them all, shur feck it, send all of them over we will throw them in tents on the side of the road and let them freeze. Shur our own irish homeless are used to it (well not my own, but the peasants own, i am better than peasants, i’m the tanaiste FFS)

    Now excuse me while i go kiss my masters ass in brussels, priotities, priorities i say, most certainly not to irish homeless people or financial safety for my irish citizens, well fuck ireland anyway, i prefer the “tarte au riz from Verviers”, i must get the tax funded jet ready, i deserve the luxury and excess, i am the fucking tanaiste i might add, i need this shit, i deserve it, maybe might give myself a payrise through new leglislation, well i do deserve it, people have forgotten i bankrupted the country, THANK FUCKING GOD they forgot!


  3. Declan Hayes 30/09/2023 at 5:08 pm

    “the bravery shown by Ukrainian nationalists in the likes of Mariupol and outside Kyiv” The Ukrainian nationalists in Mariupol were hardcore Nazis from the same pool the Canadian Parliament recently honoured – for slaughtering tens of thousands of Poles. And there was no major battle outside Kiev (to use the non Nazi spelling). NATO’s puppets in Warsaw are back peddling because the Poles do not want to die for Ukrainian scum who slaughtered them in droves. The Abrams make good bonfires nothing more. Meanwhile, the Russian air force destroyed a further 37 Ukrainian depots last night as we house their deserters and arrest their coke smugglers off the Cork coast. Over 500,000 dead Ukrainians but never mind as Micheal Martin aka CRH has promised to rebuild it. The war will end when Russia conjoins up with Transnistria, when Hungary. Romania and Poland take what is theirs and when the cross dressing Zelensky, the transexual Sgt Sarah Cirillo and the rest of them get their day in court, if not on the gallows.


    1. What Declan said…


  4. Pascal O DontKnowHow (Fine Gain) 30/09/2023 at 5:11 pm

    Hello folks

    In the upcoming budget 2024, me and party will be bringing in broad range of measures and services to combat the “cost of living crisis”, we are going to increase TAX rates all across the board.Ttax the air you breathe, and the farts you make, to accomodate the entire world claiming our social welfare and receiving free accomodation, and frankly i am due a fucking pay rise anyway, now cough it up, come on cough it up, we know you have it, cough it up.

    Me and my party are doing all we can to also see a reduction in energy costs, now as we all know, this affects the most poor in our society and we can not be having old granny freeze to death.

    Now excuse me please, i have business to attend, me and Leo are going over to Kiev to support the war efforts of Zelensky (he is not doing really well in his efforts, except having ukrainians massacred in the front lines) but we support him in fighting to the last ukrainian,

    Now as we all know, russia stopped supplying energy to europe, this increases our ESB costs, but we can tough it out (me and Leo that is) as we are leeches of your tax paying cash and are well nested up and won’t feel the cold, granny can FREEZE though, to hell with granny wanting to put on an electric heater or light a fire, we must support ukraine and lower our global emissions.

    I best be off now to warm my arse by the fire.



  5. Daniel BUCKLEY 01/10/2023 at 2:16 am

    Gearoid o Broin knows zilch about the war in Ukraine.
    His claim of Russian expansionism is testament to that.
    The real expansion was by NATO , into the former satellites of the Soviet Union.
    Not an inch Eastward was the promise to Gorbachev, prior to the unification of Germany in 1990.
    Just another lie by the Imperialist ,expansionist US Empire.
    This war is not about Ukraine. its about destroying the rising multipolar world from the West to the East ,connected by the multi transport system of Roads , Rail.and maritime spurs.
    Russia is a major node of this system.
    This is a direct threat to the $US extortion racket , bypassing their previous choke hold of the Maritime trade routes ,by the 11 Carrier Group of the US Navy.
    This is the Admiral Mahan Doctrine, copied from the previous British Empire Naval Doctrine.
    Its time has passed.
    Naval warfare is dead. Carrier Groups are just big fat suicide tincans ,with the development of Hypersonic weapons by Russia.
    There is no defence against Hypersonic missiles.
    The war on Russia has many forms .economic sanctions, diplomacy by a failing West. monetary . and trade.
    Russia has shrugged off all these attacks and has allies in the East
    The BRICS+ has expanded to include Saudi,UAE, Iran,which now have a monopoly on world energy of OIL/Gas.
    The Petro $ is fading and a New Multipolar world is forming in the East.
    These are epoch changing times. The domonation of the world by Western Institutions is coming to an end. especially its fraudalent Central Bank system.
    Do not be distracted by what really is a tragic sideshow in Ukraine.
    The US Empire is declining in chaos, as is the way of all Empires.
    Manifest Destiny ,Exceptionalism. has been replaced by arrogance ,hubris and overreach
    This is a time in World History that is momentous,as the baton of supremacy, Military, economic and Trade moves from West to East.
    The parochial ,insular policies of the inept ,incompetent,imbeciles of Irelands Regime has condemned us to be on the wrong side of History and supporting the’ useful idiots’ puppet Nazi Regime in Ukraine.


  6. Kevin Collins 01/10/2023 at 3:27 pm

    Irish Conservatives – the Ukrainian people are NOT your enemy. They are first and foremost, likely the only genuine refugees in Ireland – not at all similar to uneducated young men from Nigeria, Pakistan or Algeria claiming asylum here. Secondly, they are actually not at all Liberal or globalist in their outlook!!!


  7. Santry , Dublin 9 ( seemingly) has as many asylum seekers as Dover or Calais . Why are those who arrive @ the Airport without I D not immediately deported ; that’s what happens everywhere else ? The Yanks are getting tired of constant demands from Ukranians, the rest of Europe will mostly follow suit ; looks as if Paddy will be doing much of the heavy lifting on his own.


    1. Paddy close your borders. 02/10/2023 at 10:49 pm

      The most concerning thing about irelands lack of border control is the wide open border in the north, failed asylum seekers, convicted criminals, and other undesirables from britain are using that as a way to enter the republic and set up shop, you never know who the fuck is coming in and no fucking identity checks whatsoever.

      Ireland is a paradise for dangerous criminal elements.

      It is gone way beyond a joke now, it is has become a dangerous shithole with crime rates through the fucking roof.


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