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Ireland: The EU’s New Debt Colony

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better" writes Samuel Beckett in his 1983 story "Worstward Ho." Micheál Martin obviously took this quip to heart when he went to Brussels and opened the veins of the Irish taxpayer so he could get...

/ 25/07/2020

March for Innocence Retrospective: The Emergence of a New Political Era

July 11th’s Anti-Paedophilia protest, March for Innocence will be remembered for many reasons.  Among them no doubt will be the speakers. The protest consisted of a number of big name speakers, all of whom brought their best when the time...

/ 13/07/2020

The Green Grass on a Slippery Slope: Paedophilia Apologism and the Roderic O’Gorman Controversy

Recently if you have been following long threads of arguments on Twitter, you’ll have heard about a controversy involving our new Minister for Children. If you have only a vague idea of it, it will probably be an impression of...

/ 08/07/2020