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Government Migration Row Brings Coalition to Brink

The coalition Government has been brought to the brink this week by escalating rows over the state’s migration policy. Having been described as the “the most divisive, heated discussions” since the formation of the Government, this Tuesday Minister Roderic O'Gorman...

/ 25/10/2023

Has Migration Pushed Sinn Féin to the Centre?  

Traditionally Sinn Féin have been able to rely on a solid core of the working-class vote. For example, leading up to the Sinn Féin surge in the 2016 election, support was rising for the party among the working class and...

/ 07/03/2023

Is the Worsening Migration Crisis in the Coalition’s Interests?

It was recently pointed out to me that, as nationalists, if we wanted the Government to act in a way that inflamed sympathy for our movement, we would have the Government act exactly as they have.  Assuming that the Government...

/ 13/02/2023