In a dark and precedent-setting week for online censorship, the axe has fallen on yet another dissident Irish Youtuber, this time in the form of Dave Cullen, who had his channel purged Sunday morning from the embattled video hosting site.

With just over 500,000 subscribers, Cullen who originally started his life on the channel 14 years ago primarily as a technology reviewer, made a name for himself among rightist circles due to his drift into conservative and nationalist politics. More recently he has led the charge in the critique of the science behind state-mandated lockdowns and the emergence of what he believed to be a technocratic police state by means of a ‘Great Reset’.

In an email sent to Cullen who partially operates under the moniker ‘Computing Forever’, Youtube stated that the suspension was on account of ‘repeated violations of our Community Guidelines’ the standard line when extirpating non-conformist content. This week alone has witnessed a bloodbath of content removal in the aftermath of the storming of the US Capitol Building, and this trend is likely to only accelerate amid the worsening of the political situation in America and the end of the Trump era.

In a statement following his suspension Cullen reiterated his commitment to truth-seeking and journalism, saying “I’m very proud of maintaining a strong commitment to the truth. I regret nothing I’ve said in the fight against evil forces threatening our freedoms. Today’s banning on YouTube will just liberate me further.” 

Fortunately the rather strategically savvy Cullen appears to have apprehended the inevitability of his channel’s demise as he has already established himself on a variety of alt-tech platforms softening the blow from his YouTube suspension. With 83,000 subscribers on his BitChute channel already and 6,000 plus on his additional Odysee channel, his deletion off YouTube shouldn’t be seen as a fatal blow.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. At this point one has to believe there was a lot of detailed planning involved. The distraction from the elector challenges in the battleground states which should have finally forced the mainstream media to admit that the allegations of election manipulation and fraud did have substantial , even overwhelming ,evidence, was clearly planned using infiltrators from Antifa, followed by extremely naive Maga followers. The debate of course was completely forgotten in the “fog of war”:. In one way you have to give credit to the left who will not miss the opportunity provided to impeach Trump, and thus emasculate the “deplorables“ in 2024. The Machiavellian advice to the Prince is that when you have vanquished the enemy you should either rule him so benignly he will accept your rule, or else completely destroy him so that there is no future possibility he will rise again. They would appear to have chosen the latter option. Hopefully in this case it won’t be effective and just result in the reappearance of voices like Daves in other platforms . The worry is that Dorsey, Zuckerberg et al, have the power to take over and destroy the opposition.


  2. Joseph Gael 10/01/2021 at 6:00 pm

    Cullen has been at the forefront of the move to alt-tech and is an ispiration to Irish Nationalists and Catholics.

    Move to Bitchute, Telegram,Gab if you arent already there .

    Big tech is going to suffocate itself.


  3. Everybody needs to make the leap to real World activism. This should be yet more proof of just how important that is. You need to be part of local newtworks fighting against this terror. Larping online wont change anything. Join the NP and push Nationalism locally.


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