Today’s targeting of Kellie Harrington for mild views on immigration and the sin of sharing a GBNews article is the latest sign of a losing streak by the status quo in the attempt to reestablish dominance on a shifting public narrative that has left them in the dirt.

Since protests against the asylum industry began late last year, Official Ireland has been head-scratching on what to do as the immigration question trampled past a crumbling cordon sanitaire. The genuinely organic expression of working-class anger on the nation’s streets has sent heads spinning and pulses racing both in Dáil Eireann and within the NGO complex as a fallback strategy is sought.

Direct action in conjunction with criminal elements resulted in legal acrimony as a sitting Sinn Féin MP was forced to bail out antifascist protests in the wake of the Fermanagh attacks. Attempts to hotwire a “grassroots” antiracist movement looked superficial next to the mountain of state support with supposedly workable coalitions falling flat amid infighting.

Deplatforming has merely energised the populist right into creating dynamic communication networks, while ad hoc and erroneous attempts to link the protests to political loyalism with the Tommy Robinson visit have fallen on deaf ears.

Seen by most normal people as harassment of an Olympian for mild views, the pile-on (helped by Fianna Fáil, senators no less) is just an extra notch against our political regime. Tied at the hip to the government to whom it provides many media advisors, it is no surprise that the banal passive-aggressive questioning came from Newstalk’s OffTheBall outlet.

With Harrington likely to lose her sponsorship despite retractions, the entire saga was a silly venture for the NGO complex, and many on their side of the aisle realise it.

Stitched together with more American funny money than a collapsing Silicon Valley Bank, civil society groups in Ireland have tried to quarantine contrarian views on immigration. 

The powers that be would ideally love a neo-nazi pinup figure to vent frustration on instead of a photogenic working-class 33-year-old gold medalist to drive nativism into the institutional abyss, but so far, the opportunity has been lacking.

The Harrington cancellation is indicative of a broader struggle for legitimacy that  right-wing views are facing in the face of a farcical unipolar consensus on issues that are at least challenged in most European countries. The chinks in Official Ireland’s institutional armour are showing through with campaigns like this futile in the face of wider changes at play and underlying social crises.

No matter how many sponsorship deals the regime targets, it’s simply not escaping from the reality that the horse has not only well and truly bolted on the migration issue but that metaphorical horse has been killed, melted down and turned into glue by marauding Congolese asylum seekers for all of Ireland to witness on WhatsApp courtesy of the latest Philip Dwyer exposé.

Containment strategies like these fail when they collide with the living reality of situations. Official Ireland, whatever hat it wears, doesn’t have the tact and political conditions to keep the issue of immigration away from scrutiny, with this week’s Harrington cancellation emblematic of stopgap measures being unemployed. 

The tide is shifting. Push on.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. It seems, surprise surprise, even our public service isn’t immune to these fun and games. In a complaint to the HSE, it was alleged fair and due process in line with the Commission of Public Service Appointments Code regarding public appointments was not followed. It seems superiorly qualified Irish tax payer trained candidates were overlooked for positions despite being available, with candidates with restricted licenses given preferential treatment.


  2. Please fix the font, its terrible.


  3. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 28/03/2023 at 11:44 pm

    Deplatforming has merely energised the populist right?

    You would know all about deplatforming you bunch of hypocrites lol. You are just like the “globalist establishment” that like to deplatform and censor. The ranting about robinson proved that you could not stop crying just like the “establishment”, and you censor tons of well-written comments here aswell, which is very disrespectful and makes you look like a bunch of clownish “smart alecks” when you say you are for “free speech”

    A bunch of college brats fresh out the globalist colleges, you could not bring yourselves to call the covid-19 hoax a “scamdemic” but chose instead to call it a pandemic like the official narrative, you bunch of softies playing up to the official narrative LMAO. You are the joke now, not the conspiracy theorists.

    It reminds me of the gript lad on tv calling conspiracy theories around covid-19 nonsense and saying on twitter he took 2 vaccines himself apparently, CLUELESS USELESS OPPOSITION. So much for his college education lol. Even devout catholic Gemma calls them fake oppositon. Fake useless media opposition to the establishment whom some people think they are asking hard questions, hard questions my ass, a bunch of soft questions more like.

    As for you theburkean, If you can not defend the views in your articles in a debate, then you are intellectually weak, not only have you implied that some anti-immigration and anti-vaccine activists are “CRANKS”, but you have talked shit about Robinson (Like a bunch of lefties) and mentioned nothing of his excellent documentary and in fact ridiculed him before he even got a chance to launch his journalistic documentary.

    You saw the british flag and cried, which is funny, because St patricks cross is embedded in the british flag and you love the roman st patrick and are too stupid to realise that it all revolves around british freemasonry who gave you old patrick to begin with. You call Tommy a loyalist? You have a national holiday celebrating a roman brit LMAO.

    What have you done TheBurkean as regards activism when compared to someone like robinson and his irish documentary? Sweet **** all.

    A bunch of college brats with an over exaggerated sense of importance who think using a larger vocabulary in expressing yourselves makes you sound smarter lol. The ulick FitzNORMAN stuff you post is fucking hilarious, 70% indecipherable gibberish, that forces the average reader to use a dictionary. Using a larger vocabulary in order to sound smart makes him look like a smartass, that is the calibre of some of your contributors, college brats LOL.

    Perhaps you should turn off the comment section aswell like all the mainstream media outlets that turn them off too and choose to censor.

    This shows how fake you are, you do not uphold a “principle” that you say is your “goal”. Therefore you are FAKE!

    “Our goal is to present the opinions of people that aren’t being heard in the mainstream, and to uphold the essential value that is freedom of speech. ”

    Fake as **** hypocrites. Weak irish mentality, no wonder you are being ethnically replaced. This weak irish mentality, with still no anti-mass-immigration political element with sway in irish politics is why you see irish women like harrington being publically silenced ON MEDIA OUTLETS in fear of ridicule around anti-immigration issues.

    Irish women in the front line protesting with their prams shows the weak irish mentality in all its glory, men hiding behind the women, like the murphy fella, the similarities are astounding.

    The tide is shifting ?

    How is a famous irish women being basically silenced and being intimidated into not speaking on an anti-immigration issue because of the fear of being publically ridiculed – mean the tide is shifting? How is that a win?

    The problem with Ireland is that you are “soft touch” and are afraid of debate in case of being wrong. Why are you afraid of my comments TheBurkean and choose to censor them because they do not fit your PAPIST narrative? You have more in common with pro-immigration NGO and the political left than you like to think. You can not debate, you have no philosophical thinking capacity and are useless to any political activism, you ridiculed robinson just like the left did.

    I blame the useless college education system in ireland, they are globalist indoctrination camps that you constantly complain about, yet presumably your editors received an education in LMAO.

    Now the Globalist Bishop of rome Francis JesuitBERGOGLIO needs help with cleaning african immigrants feet, so run along you globalist RELIGON followers, follow your leader lmao.

    Still being catholic after that, you might as well be a green party member, a fianna fail member and so on. The ideology around pro-immigration and climate change does not differ between hierarchy of catholicism and those parties. Which in principle would mean you are all under a globalist flag and do not even realise it. Catholicism is the reason why ireland is so pro mass immigration, being the good christian, it is plain and obvious to see. The anti-immigration collective are a tiny minority element within catholic ireland that hold no sway whatsoever among the globalist church hierarchy within ireland. So keep complaining, you will never change that fact.

    Which as i said earlier, you have an over exaggerrated sense of self importance.

    “Censorship is the father of ignorance”

    Dwell in ignorance theburkean and hit the censor button when someone calls the catholic church a globalist institution.

    Lol kelly being silenced is a win? CLUELESS!


  4. Daniel BUCKLEY 29/03/2023 at 12:13 am

    When the Regime funds its attacks dogs of the NGO sector with $6 Billion, thats a lots of gravy in the trough to be kept flowing for these traitors and 5th Columnists.
    They got to keep the plates spinning to keep their easy money flowing.
    Their tactics are will recognised, imported from the USA Colour revolution techniques.
    Gene Sharpes, ‘Hybrid Warfare; and 198 ways to take down a Govt and Society, manipulatng consent and managing perception using proven Propaganda techniques.
    For the street activist thugs of Antifa ,BLM , there is their manual ,’Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky,
    All in play in Ireland.
    1) make it personal ,by targeting opposition at their homes ,in their employment , cancel them etc.
    2) Project onto opponents , your own sins, as in calling themselves Anti-fascist, when they employ Fascist techniques.
    3) Disrupt, threaten, destroy any opposition type of protest, by any means, including physical force.(NP conference in Fermanagh)
    It greatly helps when the State and its Gardai collude with the Antifa to dey Freedom of Speech and free movement to the Opposition. (BLM march thru’Dublin during Covid as Gardai stood by)
    It greatly helps when the Regime Propaganda arms of RTE and print Media,trumpet the wonders of Antifa/BLM, while suppressing/omitting and denying a voice to the Opposition.
    If a problem exist, as in weaponised MassPlantation Migration, do not give it the oxygen of publicity, then there is no problem.
    Ireland is under attack and few are aware of the insidious techniques in use to destroy Ireland and its People.


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/03/2023 at 1:04 am

    Dead and buried. This Coalition NGO Green Gombeen Traitors Dysfunctional form of governance has well and truly dug it’s own grave. Their time is well and truly up,their is no going back on the damage inflicted on a Nation and her People. They will feel the wrath of Irish Victims for decades to come, be it polling,political, press or public appearance… and they were forewarned time and time again to STOP,now it is their legacy destroyed for the future all because of blinded self serving greed and gluttony which only lasts their lifetime but has destroyed all future inclusion among Irishmen and OUR COUNTRY IRELAND


  6. The Brits have shut their door to asylum seekers from Albania , Georgia etc ? How is Ireland going to cope with a high % of the 90,000 non Ukranians who claim asylum annually in Britain now choosing to settle in Eireann ? Not a syllable from the quisling Irish media .


  7. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 29/03/2023 at 4:10 pm

    This Coalition NGO Green Gombeen Traitors Dysfunctional form of governance??

    How are they traitors when they openly profess themselves to be aligned with globalist agendas? You think they adhere to your viewpoints you clown? Get a grip lad. Calling them traitors is a clown tactic when they are EU and UN aligned and are as far away from ethnic nationalism as one can get. Now go pray to your middle eastern god, maybe he will help you change their minds lol. Oh wait, the roman PAPA says europe should take in all of africa.

    Your mammy government and mammy catholicism is globalist and they rule your outlook on life, like they rule Burkean editors outlook on life, theburkean editors received an education in thinking western civilisation started with christianity, the ignorance is astounding from these romanised individuals who on one hand hand say they love ireland but in reality they love rome more. Poorly educated with no understanding of the history of ireland and europe, indeed the world in general.

    Do a Heasman and pray the globalism will go away. Muh Jesus in the name of the father, praying to a middle-eastern god and complaining about middle-easterners, CLOWN WORLD stuff like theburkean here thinking harrington withdrawing a tweet is a win and that protesting will change the minds of the globalist elected officials in ireland.

    If anything protesting makes them bring in more hate speech laws. Good going the pram brigade with the lads hiding behind the women. Enjoy Sinn Fein in the next election, because you have no political power whatsoever, a disorganised mess.

    This Brennan author complains about africans attending mass on twitter and censors people like me who say catholicism is globalism. Low IQ censorship artist.

    I have learned a lot from reading this papist blog, thanks burkean, i gained a great insight into the mind of irish catholics who reject respect for their ancient ancestors and bow to rome and the globalist PAPA thinking that somehow that makes them more irish lol.

    TheBurkean loves middle eastern deities and loves censorship. A bunch of snowflakes, who probably are beta-males in real life, i won this debate, because you chose to censor, because you fear what i have to say. I’m sure all this censoring is a real strain on your skinny muscles LMAO.

    I’m more bored of you for now though, keep up your globalism lads and the censorship, papa francis would be delighted.

    In the name of a middle-eastern deity, a middle eastern son, thats your religon.

    AMEN RA. Thats your vatican, see the obelisk in rome, your deities that you worship are middle-eastern / north african.

    You are globalists theburkean in MIND and you don’t even know it. CENSORSHIP LMAO. No different to the green party.


  8. Daniel BUCKLEY 30/03/2023 at 4:40 pm

    Welcome Mowl, good to see you have not lost yourMojo, since the demise of P.ish.
    Give us more and rock this platitudious bourgeous forum.


  9. Too Much ''Diversity''. 23/04/2023 at 8:03 pm

    The immigration thing is a soft intelligence backed war, waged not just by the NGO sector, the CIA and others have outsourced their own work to these people smugglers to topple our stability, they are jealous of what we have, they don’t want us to have it, and that is on a real base gutteral level.

    It is a soft war and there are softer men clutching their starbucks who won’t dare speak out. The immigrants can walk into the country unchallenged with criminal records from backward countries – so they must have really done something wrong, don’t you think?

    The other reason is obviously to borrow money, walk around with briefcases, advocating for this and that – making themselves who would be otherwise irrelevant and unremarkable, as RELEVANT. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT FOR THEM. They will consciously lie to themselves day in day out – to themselves, the world around them, and to others who do not agree with them. Night is day, day is night.

    Kellie Harrington and many blue collar workers like her ( YES she is a boxer too and made her money) – BUT people like Kellie are really rooted in reality, nothing wrong with that.

    I don’t think she hates anyone, she just like the rest of us, of differing flavours and types, sees the truth and cannot just blindly deny it and go against herself and her integrity.

    A lot of the Do-ers of society, those who make the widgets in cities, or in rural terms tillage the land, see things in a real way, a common sense way, and why should that be blasted and lambasted by people clutching their starbucks like Fintan O toole and the Irish times class, the Dublin crown side of what used to be a more culturally Irish Dublin. You only have to look at Moore street to see how unsafe things are getting. Fair play to Kellie for speaking the truth. Integrity matters.


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