‘Ireland For All’, surely the event of the year for sweaty neckbeards and fupa afflicted mingers, occurred yesterday. Organsied by ‘Le Cheile’, a pro-migration organisation established in late 2020, the rally’s raison d’etre was to demonstrate a show of force and numbers in light of the anti-aslyum protests that have pervaded our nation over the preceding months.

The dregs of the left were well represented, ranging from bloated, genderless freaks to masked up gyno-ridden beta males. To bolster the event’s urban and hip ambience – a hard task, given that 90% of the crowd were clearly from the leafy suburbs of South Dublin – they had a Nigerian rapping on stage; to be fair, he clearly had no clue what was going on. Christy Moore? Never heard of her.

Richard Boyd Barrett and Steo Wall

More concerning was the presence of Steo Wall. For those living under a rock, the progenitor of the aurally malignant ‘More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish’ was set to become the Bob Dylan of the contemporary Irish left. Alas, owing to the efforts of assiduous Irish patriots, it was not to be. Still, Wall’s tune – or as he’d pronounce it, “choon” – is rumored to be used on Gitmo henceforth to extract information from prisoners.

However, Wall’s unsavory past was soon exposed. Gript reported that Wall “killed a man in 2004 using a butter knife which had been sharpened and turned into a shiv” – and this is the man who #IrelandForAll want to associate with? The incumbent Governor of Mountjoy at the time, John Lonergan, described the killing as “brutal and Savage”. Wall was no stranger to the criminal life prior to the killing, with a horrendous list of “20 previous convictions for burglary, theft, and robbery” on his rap sheet.

Particularly noteworthy was footage captured by the filmmaker Roddy Murray. Bored of the cringe spoken word performance, Murray ventured back stage. Here he found Richard Boyd Barrett looking cheerful, standing right beside Steo Wall. Perhaps the smug smile on Richard Boyd Barrett’s mug was elicited by Wall’s talented lyricism, or maybe he’s ignorant of Wall, his music, and the fact that Steo Wall killed a man in 2004. Who knows? We’ll let the viewer decide.


The intersection of the left and criminal elements is by no means new. Owing to an inability to replenish their ranks, the militant wing of the stickies decided to merge with Dublin drug gangs in the mid-80s.

Courtesy of Roddy Murray

In light of the left’s relationship with unsavoury characters, as exemplified above, the presence of Steo Wall and types like him yesterday is worrying, especially when one considers that immigration is on course to become the defining political issue of the forthcoming decade.

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  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/02/2023 at 4:37 pm

    THE CRIMIINAL LINEUP…courtesy of rte…bring it on ..


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