Introduction: The Day Dublin Fought Back

The 12th of January will be etched forever in our nation’s history as the day when working-class Dubliners defied the asylum industry. A day where they said no to gombeen hoteliers parasitically profiteering off their replacement. A day where they put the safety of their women and children above the Government’s plans to populate their locality with faux asylum seekers.

Organised Opposition to the Asylum Racket

Locals from East Wall, Drimnagh, Sherrif street, Finglas, Ballymun, and Fermoy – as well as other areas both inside and outside Dublin – were out in force tonight, determined to demonstrate to the Government, the left, and the NGO sector, that they would not obsequiously defer to the state-mandated neo-plantation underway.

Beginning over a month ago, when the government accommodated 250 men in the former ESB building located in East Wall, – without consultation with the local community, it should be noted – today’s protest was the largest yet.

The numbers present at the protest were put to good use. Ballymun residents blocked numerous M50 entrance points. The Port tunnel was yet again blocked by denizens of East Wall. Similar tactics were employed in Finglas and Drimnagh.

The protesters have eschewed long-winded speeches – the only fruits of which are the bolstering of the speaker’s vainglory and political inertia – in favour of tactics that produces real results, as evinced by Leo Varadkar’s recent comments in light of the protests:

“Some of the things that we’ll examine over the next couple of weeks is how we can make sure that we have more appropriate and more robust border controls to make sure that people aren’t able to enter the country illegally.”

Interview with Malachy Steenson

Malachy Steenson, a Barrister who has been at the forefront of the protests in East Wall since the beginning, noted the lack of police presence, opining that the dearth of Garda Síochána at the protest was a deliberate decision, made with the intention of allowing tension to foment between protesters and drivers. Citizen journalist Gearoid Murphy arrived at a similar conclusion at the protest at the M50.

Interestingly, and in spite of their haughty promise to oppose nationalists in the streets, the left has been a scarce sight heretofore, with barely 12 anti-racist activists present at one of the protests. It’s hardly conjecture to posit that the effete, largely middle-class left are too scared to confront ordinary working-class men on the streets.

Regarding the left, Steenson stated: 

‘I said to Antifa in Drogheda, who had fellas who didn’t know if they were boys or girls, never mind how to run a country – I told them, ‘you’re shouting at old men and women. Come down to East Wall’ ‘”

In the course of our interview with Steenson, he exhorted supporters of the protests in East Wall from outside the area to “organise similar protests in their own area” and expressed his determination to “continue and expand the range and types of protests”.

In response to a query regarding the widespread condemnation of the protests in East Wall and other areas by politicians and NGO employees, Steenson remarked that it was the “reaction of a political and NGO class on the run, for the first time a genuine grassroots movement has emerged and is going National”.

Certainly, tonight’s protests are a testament to their nationwide character, stretching from East Wall to Fermoy, Cork.

The Locals’ Opinions

The Burkean had journalists present at the protest, allowing us to query the locals for their perspectives on the protests.

When asked if media criticism would deter them, one man involved in the protest in Ballymun said that “it’s our area and it’s our country. We’re not stopping ’til we’re listened to.”

Another young lady questioned the double standard of Ireland’s open-door asylum industry: “Why am I working and paying thousands on rent when most people in the asylum centres aren’t even escaping war at all.”

It is clear, both from boots on the ground and online footage, that the protests were not the shadowy instantiation of some insidious far-right plot, contra the narrative perpetuated by leftists and NGO-jannies alike. Rather, those present were ordinary, salt-of-the-eath Dubliners. Every generation was present, and it would not be hyperbolic to claim that there were more women than men.


Today we witnessed organised nationwide protests – particularly in Dublin’s prominent working-class areas – against the forced implantation of asylum seekers; a dubious term given that many of them, such as the Georgians who comprise a large minority of the “refugees”, stem from nations which have not been at war in years, if not decades.

Since the ‘Water Charges’ protests of 2014, the spectacle of ordinary people rising spontaneously against Government diktat has been absent from our streets; we’ve become accustomed to an NGO behind every protest. No longer. These protests have proven that organic communities still have a voice in this country, and that this voice won’t be erased without a fight.

It is rather fitting that all of this started in East Wall, one of the Quays’ quintessential communities. It, along with other quayside areas, was immortalized in the ‘Foggy Dew’:

“No pipe did hum

No battle drum did sound its loud tattoo

But the Angelus Bells o’er the Liffey swells

Rang out in the foggy dew

But in these odious times, we ought to contemplate and draw nourishment from a different stanza:

“While the world did gaze with deep amaze

At those fearless men but few

Who bore the fight that freedom’s light

Might shine through the foggy dew”

Posted by Cathal Fitzgerald


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    1. EireBrotherhood 16/01/2023 at 6:21 pm

      Protests are good for generating morale but the people are being divided up with the numerous plantation centres. Protesting at each individual centre is not addressing the cause, which is the Irish government.
      Marches that are not being reported by the MSM are not reaching the majority of Irish people, and the government just ignores the marches, hoping people run out of steam on their garden path circling. So the people won’t join together and go directly to dail Eireann.


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 13/01/2023 at 7:09 am

    The arrogance ,hubris and contempt of the Regime for the People of Ireland has reached its zenith, there will be consequences.##
    Trust in the Regime has been evaporating slowly and has now collapsed.
    They have lost all credibility and authority when they deliberately turned the coercive monopoly power of the State on the People of the Nation
    Thinking they could dump illegal invaders at will in the working class areas of Dublin and expect the People to accept it was a fatal mistake.
    They have been doing this for decades in the isolated towns and villages of the West and intimidating those folk with the ‘far right and racist’ tactic with success.
    This tactic is unsuccessful in historic working class communities with large population and has backfired.
    It is noticeable that the Mothers of Ballymun have been bringing their children along to the protests.
    This has neutralised the Regimes usual tactic of demonising concerned protesters as ‘far right and racist.
    The use of women and children to elicit sympathy is a well worn propaganda tactic .
    Unwittingly the Mammy’s of Ballymun have turned this tactic on the Reigime
    The clammy stench of fear is palpable about the Regimes talking heads.
    They have waxed supreme over a subjugated and demoralised People for far too long, thanks to their control of the complicit Media, their 6 billon Euro Taxpayer funded attack dogs and the despicable traitors and parasites of the NGO sector.
    The People have risen and there is a Ceaucescu sense of retribution in the air.
    Never in Irelands History has there been such a parcel of charlatans ,incompetent. corrupt ,criminal gougers, as are the present traitorous fascist Regime and their SF fake Opposition in Leinster House .
    They are politically dead and their corpse is already disintegrating in plain sight.
    Our Republic is designed to be OF the People , BY the People and FOR the People.
    This fetid rotting corpse of a Regime has cynically betrayed , the People for a mere potage of privilege and must go.
    Too long have they dwelled and abused their elected positions and must resign or be driven out unceremoniously


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/01/2023 at 7:53 am

    What other countries in the western world,never mind the growing economies of Africa,Asia,Middle Eastern and 3rd world ethnic civilians
    allows for the destruction and replacement of it’s own people’s and cultural identity…NONE !…only the Paid Irish Establishment Minority’s.
    Gone to far or too far gone they deserve the wrath of The Electorate and
    future generations that have been deprived of their Ancestors Legacy which was fought for,declared and decreed in The Irish Constitution.
    The Establishments illegal activities will never be accepted as lawful or
    ” The Norm ” despite cooperation from govt. judiciary and legacy media.
    They brought it all upon themselves,Paid For Minority’s who now opt to
    Finger and Accuse the innocent law abiding Citizenry and Taxpayers.
    You reap what you sow and Our Jailers will become the Victims of Self.


  4. Brilliant to know we are not going to put up with this tyranny.This is a turning point in our history and we need everyone to make it known we are aware of the government’s relentless propaganda. Our young people are our future and if we ALL stand together we will Win our Democracy back and be free again


  5. One big problem – the Brits & French are closing their doors to asylum seekers . Last stop is Ireland . Our authorities do not have the cajones or smarts to reduce the number of asylum applications , so expect govt to stop releasing data pertaining to ” protection requests ” .
    I hear that ( incl Ukranians ) 2,000 a week is the running weekly total of new arrivals . There won’t be a spare hotel room by June 1 , what then ? We don’t have the capacity to take the overspill from our two nearest neighbours who each have a population of 70 million . How do you deport people with no i d ? We are getting applications from countries with no routes or linkage to Ireland ( Honduras , Guatemala , Togo etc ) . The N G O industry won’t allow deportations ( none in 3 yrs ) , things will get very nasty very quickly . No surprise the housing market is such a mess .


  6. We live ‘in interesting times’ as the old saying goes.

    A few observations, though I admit I’m not familiar with all the ins and outs of this situation:

    1. Irish people have generally been welcoming in the past of newcomers to our shores, it was part of our tradition of hospitality, and perhaps recollections of our own poverty.

    2. But it should not be assumed from this that Irish people are happy to have their current feelings on the situation (which doesn’t have a precise historical precedent – the only previous mass migration into Ireland came on foot of open conquest, eg the Tudor plantations)

    3. The Government and so-called opposition certainly need to start taking the views of ordinary Irish people on board and consulting them a bit more. Current government policy could end up backfiring on them badly, and erode whatever goodwill exists among the electorate towards migrants (as it’s not clear they are all refugees). If there was proper consultation the whole thing might work rather well and seamlessly. As it is, it does feel like it’s being foisted on people a bit.

    4. It’s one of life’s ironies that the Left (PBP, Left-Alliance etc etc) have always claimed to ‘be representing the ordinary working man and woman’ and the smi-mythical ‘working class’. Yet, clearly here they are not. In my humble experience, the Left parties in Ireland are largely Middle Class, more-than-willing to trample the working class underfoot in their pursuit of political influence and opportunity to foist their Marxist ‘utopia’ on the country. They mostly seek to exploit the working class for votes to achieve this end.

    5. I’m looking at the photo – there’s no caption. Forgive me if I am in error, but it looks a tiny bit like TD Clare Daly holding aloft a piece of irregularly-shaped cardboard on which is scrawled ‘Jesus was a refugee!’ I hope not!

    If so, it beggars belief, as (1) Jesus was not a refugee – apart from a brief stint in Egypt as a young child to flee Herod, true, he grew up and spent his entire life in his homeland. (2) the last place Jesus and his teachings would be welcome is in any of Ireland’s Leftist parties. Using him to advance their cause is just true form for their natural instinct for cynical opportunism.


    1. Well said Nick.

      If we cut entitlements back to the basics and have barracks for refugees and asylum seekers, I could almost guarantee things would be a lot different. I also recommend no more citizenship unless here legally and working full time for ten years, and not having come to the attention of the Gardai.
      NO immigrants means none. If you want to live in the USA or Australia, there is a process. If an American wants to live here, he\she arrives and applies for a visa, that’s it, this is true, I’ve checked. South Africans can migrate here, nothing stopping them. They have money and are happy to rent and or buy property. I knew a number of couples from SA who have arrived here in the recent past and also some on their way over.


    2. Hi Nick, I would agree that Ireland, and my birth country of England have a tradition of welcoming people in desperate need; then, this virtue is exploited and rammed home to the nth degree by mass-immigration, no-borders brigade to moralise and blackmail the host population.

      The increasing tide of humanity, purporting to be a ‘victim of slavery/asylum claimant’ is unsustainable on many different notches. “Jesus was a refugee (and crossed 60 safe countries for sanctuary!).

      In the UK, 12 years ago the unconservative Tory party led by David Cameron was elected on the political plank that legal migration was to be reduced to the tens of thousands from the hundreds of thousands. 13 years on and the figure is a record-busting 1 million people were allowed to come; though, I think that number is really much higher.
      Democracy is undermined when judges arbitrate on political policy mandated by the people and politicians cede to migrant lawyers who wrangle and lobby at every opportunity.


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