By any reckoning, the events of the 13th of November at the Lough Erne Resort were a blunder for more serious thinking antifascist organisers in Ireland. 

A freelance 30-person operation of Dublin antiracists linked up with nordie left-republicans, largely from the IRSP, the contingent set out with the intent of violently disrupting the ongoing National Party Ard Fheis

Promptly ejected and running into the waiting arms of the PSNI, the failed attempt at squadism nonetheless landed multiple individuals in hospital following attacks on lone attendees in the car park.

Arriving by minibus and making little attempt to conceal their identities, the mixture of male and female antifascists started their troubles by entering the wrong entrance, carrying weapons including hammers, before being soundly overpowered and kicked to the curb. So amateurish the attack was that female attackers were even wearing skirts justling alongside morbidly obese antifascists and hammer carrying red grunts. 

Hardly the second battle of Ebro.

Initially claiming the fiasco as a victory, it became apparent over the subsequent 48 hours that mainstream antifascist groups were facing both a PR and legal disaster. Normally able to bend the law when it comes to violent confrontation, trashing a luxury hotel with a bus load of armed activists in a post-conflict statelet that prioritises tranquillity was a step too far for even them and the authorities.

Facing multiple charges, including grievous bodily harm, as well as possession of an offensive weapon, Dublin-based antifascist Daniel Comerford appeared at the dock in Omagh on the 15th of November. The first of potentially many activists on trial, one wonders if the Fermanagh bandistas even thought of the ubiquitous CCTV present at the resort.

Representing the accused however was none other than Sinn Féin royalty and Belfast North MP John Finucane. A surprise, even considering the party’s established links with antifascism militancy in Ireland and Britain.

A legal eagle and party stalwart, Finucane has been resolute in denying any links with the Kinahan cartel. Nevertheless, Finucane and his company were named as having issued legal letters on behalf of Daniel Kinahan against media outlets linking the current Qatari resident to organised crime.

A party talisman and arguably the number three man at the helm of the party, his involvement with Comerford begs more questions than answers, many unfortunately beyond the pale of this publication due to defamation law.

How did an alleged hammer wielding Dublin antifascist on a day trip up North land himself with one of the most prestigious and politically connected lawyers in the six counties?

While the involvement of the IRSP alone in the Lough Erne attack points to the dodgy confluence of narco politics, spookery and left republicanism which provides the backbone to physical force antifascism, Finucane’s involvement points to a rather deeper game at play.

Two years shy of a probable Sinn Féin government, there is no doubt that the party is already looking over its shoulder against the inchoate nationalist right in Ireland, north and south.

Regardless of Finucane’s proactive assertions that he has no links to organised crime or the endless Shinner bashing in the Irish press, there is no doubting the underworld nature of huge chunks of the Sinn Féin political machine. 

Emerging from the jungle of communitarian warfare in the North and the realpolitik of the peace process, Sinn Féin is far removed from the white-collar progressive class who govern Fine Gael or the chancers of yesteryear Fianna Fáil. A party which ran counterintelligence networks and an armed wing until the day before yesterday is not the standard issue for Western European politics.

As typified by the East Wall protests and the spiralling asylum crisis bleeding onto our streets, we are facing an accelerated timeline when it comes to the emergence of right-wing populism. Leinster House has copped to the fact that formerly serene liberal nations have birthed nativist movements almost overnight, and expect something similar to arrive here the decade coming.

The role post-Troubles dissident republicans once played as a peripheral force in Irish politics will henceforth be played by the dissident right with augmented stakes.

The shadowy forces behind the curtain in Irish politics would sooner instigate our very own Years of Lead than concede to even mild nationalist demands. With Britainnia and her spooks heading south of the border under the guise of the Shared Ireland initiative, expect the security war against the populist right to be one of the defining features of a Sinn Féin administration.

As to left republicanism, having been effectively grown in an ideological lab by Marxist academics to subvert Irish nationalism expect it to continue onward in doing the system’s dirty work and getting bailed out thereafter.

By northern standards the fracas at Lough Erne was relatively mild but despite its botched nature, it points to the darkening of our skies as Sinn Féin enter into power.

Cut the surface of this island’s politics and you see a labyrinth of criminality only two degrees of separation away from political parties and intelligence agencies. It is this minefield that the nationalist right in Ireland is now only beginning to take its first hesitative steps toward. Rest assured we are now swimming with sharks.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Daniel Buckley 26/11/2022 at 7:58 pm

    There is the political crime in the Streets with SF as imitators of the Nazi SA under the homosexual Ernst Roehm.
    Then there is the serious political crimes and seedy corruption in the Suites led by the homosexual Indian Varadkar and the weak,insipid freak Martin.
    Both work to destroy Ireland and anyone who dares to expose them as Globoschlomo controlled ‘useful idiots; with malicious intent on destroying Ireland and its People is attacked, physically, or demonised by their puppet Media .RTE/MSM as far right.
    To be far right is to be a Patriot and oppose the approved narrative of this incompetent ,dangerous self serving ,corrupt to the core Regime.
    Evil does not like the veil being lifted on its insidious agenda for Ireland, of Mass Migration, and Displacement.
    Remember Enoch Burke a prisoner of the Regime, vindictively jailed as a prisoner of conscience under the pretext of contempt and still rotting in Mountjoy ,for straying off the ranch and refusing to recognise the Regimes bizarre transgender narrative.


  2. Richard Kelly 26/11/2022 at 8:11 pm

    Very sad stuff but a reality we find ourselves.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 27/11/2022 at 7:03 am

    Circling the wagons now. Whatever may happen in the coming decade,it
    will become clearer before it’s too late.All Political Parties now have links
    through NGOs,outside foreign influences,and a shared commitment to serve outside interests above and beyond any National Identity. The
    incumbents in power and any so called Opposition are one,united and
    willing to stage any political drama,to keep any Nationalists at bay,
    effectively doing so with paid for media propaganda- racists FR slurs.

    Not only will Sinn Fein ( an identity not deserved ) be walking a very thin
    line, whether in government or not- they betrayed all North/South Irish
    People,banging on about UNITED IRELAND while peddling and promoting the global agenda. They use the same weapon U I in the British parliament and the brexit debates,Good Friday and NI stalemate.

    Realistically none of these traitorous parties should be on the political landscape in a decade,they will rally to the end BUT there finished and
    know it…exposed and identified for their sordid corruption n sellout.

    The N P is also walking a fine line, in fact any group that identifies with
    Patriotism because the global sheriff is very anti populist,agenda 201.
    So work together everyone, United not Divided, the main enemy is at the gate,expecting their gatekeepers to hand over all that was promised at
    foreign round tables…and they are willing as always to betray the Irish.

    About time the VOICES stopped bickering at each other’s failures and
    ” Shared A Platform ” not just their cozy regular online rants..AWAKE


  4. Daniel Buckley 27/11/2022 at 10:12 am

    Muliculturism,diversity , inclusion are just the Saul Alinsky code words for Invasion.
    For anyone who objects to the dispossesion of their native homeland ,they have the weapon to isolate them as social pariahs with the pre-packaged words of ‘racist’.
    To be racist is to be a Realist and aware of the scam.
    This slur is rapidly losing its ability to sting.
    If you object to the constant promotion of LGBT and instilling this indocrination into young children you are homophobic.
    If you object to the promotion of the mentally ill transgender cult and their bizarre biological confusion you are a transphobe.
    These slurs are all in the tool box of small minorities\, and leverage their influence using the well known Victimhood meme.
    These minorities ,previously on the fringes of society, are used as the Vanguard shock troops to sow confusion,and demoralisation in the host.
    This is all part of the Cultural Marxism playbook, first espoused by the Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci back in the 19 20’s ;
    The Agenda then was to undermine the State by infiltration of its Institutions by placemen to promote their agenda,’The Long March thru’ the Institutions’.
    The 3 Pillars of a stable cohesive society are the Church, the Family and a culturally cohesive Nation’
    All of these are in the crosshairs for destruction
    The Long Plan was to destroy the Nation down to its basics by first destroying its moral foundation inherent in Christianity, then to destroy the Family by means of easy divorce ,abortion, extreme feminsism, hatred of men, materialism requiring 2 paypackets to survive, pornography to corrupt stable relationships’.
    The cohesive cultural Nation is destroyed by Mass Migration of cultures that can never assimilate and become non contributing parasites, impoverishing the host and overpowering the resources of Housing ,Health and Education.
    None of these agendas are possible without control of the Media of RTE/MSM.
    The NGO sector in Ireland consist of 32,000 separate organisations,costing the Irish Taxpayer near 6 billion annually.
    We fund our own destruction by financially supporting those who are actively attempting to destroy us.
    The Regime by our taxes, the NGO’s by our misused Taxes and especially the Media of RTE and newspapers, who lie and suppress the Truth for a living and the Judas shilling.
    The NGO’s are the foot soldiers of the Regime, used as pressure groups to promote the minority agendas, and often called to deploy on the street in clashes against concerned patriots.
    They generally operate under the misnomer of Antifa,while using fascist tactics to disrupt genuine protestes.
    We only have to look around us to witness all this in living color,especially the placemen in the Regime and Local councils ,who work actively to destroy us and discriminate against us.
    Irelands People are now 2nd class untermenschen in their homeland and earmarked for elimination by any means.
    The Enemy is in plain sight and elected without a majority by a bamboozled population.
    Recognise that the future of your family and your Nation is in jeopardy and join the fight back.
    Knowledge is Power, realise what is being done to you, insidously and inform yourself.
    A Nation can withstand many battles,but it can not survive the Enemy within the Gate.
    The Enemy is within and it is your own Govt and its colloborators


  5. All very well, but I imagine anyone reading this item already agrees with its contents. The average Irishman or woman just believe what he or she hears in mainstream media or in the headlines on their phone screen. Aren’t we just talking to ourselves?


    1. Daniel Buckley 28/11/2022 at 11:42 pm

      Jose ,would appear you have already raised the White flag of surrender and are prepared to live as a discriminated minority in your historical homeland.
      There is a donkey waiting at the gate to take you to safety, alternatively take to your bed and hide under the blanket.
      Those without the intestinal fortitude to battle for their Nation are as useful as udders on a Bull,


    2. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/11/2022 at 12:07 am

      Josie, yes you are spot on but I sincerely hope people are sharing articles and inviting conversation, that would include other platforms that have the same concerns as ourselves. No point being echo chambers, and I always encourage fellow Patriots to join forces, even for one shared goal
      at a time. At the end of the day we’re all trying to save Our native homelands,joining together to achieve an objective does not mean one
      side or other are breaking their own core values. When personalities override what is the Key Objectives and are convinced that their way is
      the only way…divided and conquered again. Far too many people today
      sit alone absorbing the narrative with little or zero interaction, time is running out and if the traitorous trash in the Dail get their with this
      hate speech law…it’s back to print and handing out leaflets,which is worth doing anytime. Chin up


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