As America approaches a general election, it is worth examining it’s politics, and Irish people’s attitude to them. Irish people have more of an affinity with the Democrats because we are spoon-fed their culture, and therefore are inclined to the party whose values accord with that culture; and as such don’t understand the Republicans or their voters. For example, all of the new popular music that is played on Irish radio is of a junk variety, the purpose of which is to instrumentally inform values; whereas country music which is the only creditable form of modern popular music is never to be heard. For most Republicans, the Country Music Awards (CMAs) are more relevant than the Video Music Awards (VMAs), and vice versa for Democrats. That most Irish people’s attitudes are informed by American pop- film, TV, and music video culture is why there is in general a greater affinity to the Democrats and alienation from the Republicans. 

 The Trump Presidency has been generally good; while Trump is crude and his administration is sometimes chaotic, these matters are subordinate to those of policy, while Trump’s supposedly controversial comments are just him appealing to his supporters while jesting with the media. The United States is becoming dangerously polarised, and while this is blamed on Trump, the main causes are outlying, left-wing ideological factors.

These factors, which are destabilising American politics, are an overreaching Supreme Court, mass immigration, and academic post-modernism. The Supreme Court legislating from the bench, rather than interpreting what the Constitution actually says, has exacerbated tribalism as Presidential elections are also about appointments for life to this shadow legislature. The division on the Court is not between liberals and conservatives, but between judicial activists and constitutionalists. This source of division can only be ended with a large, long-term constitutionalist majority on the Court. While Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment will bring this majority to 5-3, John Roberts not included, it would need to be larger in order to definitively take the Court out of politics. A Trump victory and the replacement of Breyer and Thomas could see a constitutionalist majority for the next thirty years. The Republicans in the Senate were right to refuse hearings for Merrick Garland while nominating Amy Coney Barrett, because the letter of the U.S. Constitution allows the Senate to nominate judges or not as they see fit; while their refusal to nominate a judge who would make interpretations that are unconstitutional, while nominating one who will not, is within the spirit of the Constitution.

Mass immigration, legal and illegal, is having a profound destabilising effect on American politics and society. America was founded as an Anglo-European ethno-state, with the Declaration of Independence referring to Native Americans as ‘Savages’, while immigration thereafter was generally small and from Germanic cultures. The first notable exception to this was the Gaelic Irish fleeing the Famine. Between 1870 and 1913, immigration massively increased, as did the countries of origin, with notable cohorts of Irish, Italians, Ashkenazi Jews, and Chinese. From 1913 new laws severely constricted the levels of migration, and introduced quotas of national origin; this allowed for the integration of these relatively culturally distant peoples. These restrictions were overturned by the Hart-Cellar Act in 1965. It was said at the time by the bill’s sponsor, Edward Kennedy, that this new law would not affect demographic stability. He was either being naïve or was lying because there has followed mass immigration from cultures all over the world.

In 1950 the demographics were circa 90% White and 10% Black; now they are circa 60% White, 18% Hispanic, 12% Black, and 10% Other. While in 1950 there was a race problem, now there is a multiplicity of race problems. This mass migration is destroying the concept of American Brethren, and replacing it with a collection of Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, Somalis etc. This destruction of civic fraternalism will be complete if Whites become a minority; something that will happen on current trends by the middle of the century. The current tumult among Blacks is based on their psychic realisation of their overshadowing by Hispanics, and their approaching the social irrelevance such as is currently held by Native Americans. Blacks will not fare well under Hispanics, who are not ethno-masochists like Whites, and who will not indulge Blacks’ social dysfunction. The most racist countries in Western Europe are Spain and Italy; and in the Americas is the Dominican Republic – this shows why Blacks will be the worst off in a Hispanified United States.

Another factor destabilising America is academic post-modernism. This pseudo-social science informs the identity grievance culture which has now become the ruling ideology, and which projects White supremacy as it’s self-justification. Post-modernism is essentially anti-empirical, and whose concepts make informed, rational, and science-based debate and policy-making impossible. Structural racism and sexism are the ethereal inversions of race- and sex-realism. The continuation of this pseudo-science will bring about a scientific Dark Age, and will lead to the United States being completely overtaken by China.

A Trump victory will be necessary for the Supreme Court to discontinue it’s overreach, and for Congress to be the sole maker of laws; for there to be an immediate moratorium on immigration which is required to prevent the social disintegration caused by current demographic trends; and for the removal of academic post-modernism from all federally-funded bodies, and the public defunding of universities. Given that these policy considerations are as important as ever, conservatives should vote for Trump. Those who vote for Biden are welcome to an identitarian, third-world kritarchy.

Posted by Seaghán Breathnach

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