In a year characterised by professional adversity to millions, Dr Ebun Joseph is a figure who has catapulted herself to the forefront of the nation’s emergent diversity industry. Opining on matters of racism most notably the removal of alleged slave statues outside the Shelbourne Hotel and her infamous ‘Ribena incident’, the Nigerian born but Belfield based academic has prudently positioned herself to take advantage of the current diversity zeitgeist. 

As America and the UK show, once the diversity industry gets ingrained into the educational or even corporate apparatus of a country, whole swathes of the national economy may be reorientated to serve a select group of credentialed rent seekers to the detriment of the normal economy. In the case of Ireland, Joseph appears to be first out the gates.

For this reason, the launch of a diversity consultancy company by Dr Joseph the ‘Institute of Antiracist and Black Studies’ is of serious note for those looking to monitor the increasing rapaciousness of our diversity lobby.

Launched this year and headed up by Joseph in the position of Director, the ‘Institute of Antiracist and Black Studies’ offers a range of courses tailored to the corporate world. A tête-à-tête consultancy with Dr Joseph is available at 100 for half an hour, with various courses listed going into the thousands per hit. Additional members of the IABS team are an assortment of antiracist academics and experts from Ireland and abroad, all offering their services for a fee through the Institute.

Presently the IABS lists 5 courses on their website from diversity coaching in the corporate world to classes on intersectionality and diversity. As pointed out by many on the left when criticising certain Catholic groups, there is very little regulation in calling your organisation an ‘Institute’.

The only course with an overt price tag listed is ‘Introduction to Black Studies’. Seemingly taught by Joseph herself and introducing the participant to the basics of black studies and organising, the total costs range from 1550 to 2450, depending on the type of modules selected with 24 contact hours in total for the course.

Interestingly enough the website lists the names and testimonies of various individuals who have availed of the Institute’s courses, from individuals named Laura Johnson and Steven Alarez with no further details given to their background.

A few minutes of sleuthing on Google reveals the images are indeed stock photos, with the same pictures being used for demo purposes on a site specializing in web design.

With this, it becomes fair to question whether the testimonies too are bogus (especially considering the institute has just started offering courses) and Joseph and the IABS are potentially uploading false testimonials in the hope of increasing their business prospects. 

Of course, this author is not omniscient, so is unable to outright state that Dr Joseph’s new organization is outright guilty of this, but it is indisputable that these are reasonable things to point out, and that questions should be asked in regards to why what seem to be stock photo are being used as the faces of past students.

While she holds a variety of degrees and has taught at multiple educational institutions, Joseph herself is presently employed as a senior lecturer in UCD as well as a career consultant at RCSI.

Going by UCD figures, a senior lecturer like Joseph may very well be earning northwards of 70,000, with the average career consultant in Ireland earning over 50,000 according to the employment website Glassdoor. Joseph according to her Linkedin page also recently finished up a lecturing stint in TCD in the Sociology with TCD salary figures listing the average pay of a lecture in the region of €40,000-€50,000 for the role.

In total it all adds up to a potential gross salary of up to 170,000 from academic positions alone. Furthermore Joseph has made money from her book deal with Manchester Press on structural racism in the Irish society, you can purchase some of her recent work for 57 on Kindle or €65 on hardback from Amazon) Even without charging clients and corporations in the region of 100 per person an hour Joseph has made herself a wealthy woman from the diversity business, and its early days yet.

For a country she drags through the mud for being structurally racist towards ethnic minorities Joseph makes a healthy living from her work, many times the industrial salary of the average Irishman. Leaving aside her inordinate salaries, generations to come will be aghast at the life of Ebun Joseph and how a Microbiology graduate from Nigeria ended up as a columnist in the Irish Independent condemning ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ in Irish classes for furthering white supremacy or receiving glowing reviews in the Irish Times for that matter.

To be clear Joseph embodies an Emperor’s New Clothes moment for our society, with swathes of our ruling class falling hook line and sinker for her.

From the bloodied fields of Antietam to homebound campaigns against slavery the Irish despite being little more than chattel under British rule have distinguished themselves as one of the world’s most anti-slavery of races, while in Joseph’s Nigeria slavery was only ended under international pressure in the 1940s. Not only is she negligent of our history she makes a living from doing so.

Ultimately Joseph is a symptom not a cause, an Irish nation so demoralised and numbed by americanised diversity propaganda has fallen head over heels for the same poison that has derailed other western societies the past half century and is doomed to pay the price. Joseph and the IABS have a bright future ahead of them but only due to the extent the Irish people allow themselves to be hoodwinked.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Bravo, sir.


  2. Could this be a breach of consumer law?


  3. It’s galling when you see this obvious fraudster wheeled out regularly on RTE to whine about how racist we all are. She is also as thick as two short planks as was amply proved by Michael McDowell on Prime time during the Shelbourne statues farce. She’s also judging by the fake testimony comments incapable of forming a coherent sentence in English.


    1. Hesketh Vernon Prichard 02/04/2021 at 2:55 am

      Hear, hear. It is little more than the next step above those Queen of Nigeria needing a wire of 500 EUR to give you a 1.000.000 EUR reward, and these brainwashed kids are buying it hook, line, and sinker. Ebun should take her lessons back to Nigeria and the Congo, etc., to explain to the congoid Africans in this resource-rich region how they should repent for their racism against whites who brought technology and advancements, and “youthful energy,” while seeking to “improve their lives” in the Congo region. These whites were mercilessly expelled from Africa and told they were not Africans “merely because they were white.” Even ZA, which Dutch well technology made inhabitable and made into a country to which congoid Africans migrated, the blacks deny, defame, and denigrate the history, heritage, and achievements of the Afrikaaners’ 370 years on the continent. The chauvinism and brazenness of congoid Africans is exceeded only by that of their Jewish thought-leaders, but lacks the acumen.


  4. For the record, I don’t know well UCD so well but I suspect she isnt really senior lecturer grade. Anyone who has done a lecture can say they are a lecture but it doesn’t mean they are at a university lecturer grade. It would be checking this to make sure this otherwise great article is water tight.


    1. Looking at her LinkedIn she appears senior enough, lecturing there 5 plus years and head of black studies dept as well as module coordinator, fair to say she’s high enough on totem rung


      1. AD_Flanney,
        It is hard to say. But there is a lot of demand for jobs. There are plenty of postdocs still floating around lecturing here and there with no fixed salary coordinating modules. Normally when you search a staff name on UCDs website it says assistant professor if they are a lecturer or associate etc depending on the rank. They are phasing out the title senior lecturer. Anyway, when I search her name there is nothing. It could be that she just considers her a senior lecturer even though is actually a more junior rank and is paid hourly.


  5. The diversity con artists filling their pockets while a gullible audience of enablers and the credulous applaud. Super article.


  6. Christian Morris 29/10/2020 at 6:57 pm

    Nigerian scam artist uses false internet identity …


  7. Egged on and fawned over by virtue-signalers so dazzlingly it’s no surprise the Nigerian Joseph will seize upon any inadvertent and genuine human error when dining out: her eyes must have rattled like slot machines with a treble Euro symbols appearing in her eye sockets “Yipee, paydirt!”
    According to Global Slavery Index report of 2020 there are 9 million people in slavery in Africa (of aforementioned year), so I am astonished and perplexed that the lady in question is fascinated by the people and place of Ireland, which as I understand the current situation, provides homes and jobs for her fellow countryfolk?!


  8. Mary Stasia Concannon 06/04/2021 at 8:36 am

    thank you so much for this article! i’m an irish american who accidentally stumbled upon this toxic woman’s statements about Ireland and the Irish. she is the very embodiment of the word “blabber.” she has no use for Ireland, Irish history, irish experience, culture or kin. she is the new manifestation of the colonizer.


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