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On the Devaluation of Education

When examining the uneducated and anti-intellectual nature of Ireland and Western societies, the main cause, as well as telescreen entertainment saturation, is mass education. Such is the opposite of actual education, and the deleterious effect of which was foretold by...

/ 04/08/2020

Election 2020: A Vision For the Coming Decade

The general election is of both great importance and no importance at the same time. It is of no importance because the difference between the parties is very narrow, and virtually all have been rendered uniform by the State-NGO complex. Given...

/ 07/02/2020

Can Fianna Fáil be Co-opted

How does the right attain political power in Ireland? The options must be considered and the most efficient option adopted. There are small parties, which one could join and or vote for; or there are the established parties which could...

/ 20/11/2019