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What makes Hillary Clinton or her daughter an authority on “gutsy women”?

Ever since losing the US Presidency to Donald Trump back in 2016, Hillary Clinton has been keeping herself busy. Tweeting out against her former opponent’s administration. Speaking at various functions and junkets all around the world. Writing a couple of...

/ 18/12/2019

Andrew Yang: Next President of the United States?

Donald Trump has been an interesting president. Since his election in 2016, he has served as a voice (though not a very eloquent one) for a growing Right-wing across the western world. A voice for people who are unhappy with...

/ 15/03/2019

Trump: A Herald of the New Conservatism

Donald Trump has been the elected President of the United States for a year. As inconceivable as it seemed to his opponents before his election, it is a fact. Their difficulty in coping with it is entirely their problem. What...

/ 13/11/2017