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Brazil’s Bolsonaro is Not a Threat to Democracy, He is a Threat to the Left’s Fake Democracy

“Power is like a violin, you take it with the left and you play it with the right.” This phrase  defines the decades old mix of socialist populism and crony capitalism behind Brazil's brand of democracy that is about to...

/ 28/10/2018

Faith Goldy’s Campaign for Toronto Mayor – An Exercise in Media Power

Faith Goldy, a Canadian political commentator formerly with Rebel Media, is a contender in the election for Mayor of Toronto, to be held this Monday. She’s running an above-board and professional campaign, her message seems fairly solid, and her campaign’s...

/ 20/10/2018

Michael D. Higgins’ Marxist Philosophical Circus

In his “King Lear,” William Shakespeare writes: “Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise.” I cannot think of a public figure in Ireland who exemplifies it better than our old-new presidential candidate Michael D. Higgins. He...

/ 21/08/2018

Kevin Sharkey: An Ireland-First President?

Ultimately however, Kevin Sharkey is at the mercy of mainstream politics for the time being.

/ 09/08/2018