Month: February 2022

Finis Britannia-Is Unionism Really in Collapse?

The banality of northern politics has been upended recently by the news of the resignation of the Unionist First Minister and what appears to almost certainly be the commencement of a snap “election”, called several months early. “At last,” some...

/ 07/02/2022
big ben bridge castle city

Jimmy Carr & Inappropriate British Outrage

The furore that has gripped the English press in recent days over a tasteless joke rightfully invokes ridicule and mockery of the English psyche - the English Government calling for new laws to punish comedians comes at an opportune time;...

/ 06/02/2022

Chu for Seanad (Again)? Will Diversity Gimmick Woo Voters?

The characters (玩世不恭) denote the word cynicism in Mandarin Chinese and it appears that the impending Seanad race will be getting that in spades with news of Hazel Chu's snap involvement. Thought to have slung her political hook by burning...

/ 05/02/2022

Ashling Murphy: Will Ireland Live Up to Harsh Truths?

Like everyone else, I was shaken and horrified at the brutal murder of young Irish woman Ashling Murphy in Tullamore, County Offaly last week. The fact that she was killed in broad daylight while out running along a popular and...

/ 04/02/2022

Why is Ireland Pushing for Regime Change in Ethiopia?

Our Boys in the Tigray The expulsion of four of our diplomatic staff from the war weary nation of Ethiopia last November was met with bafflement by the general Irish population Experiencing a year-long civil war pitting northern Tigrayan rebels...

/ 03/02/2022

Reforming Ireland’s Toxic Markets

If Davy's recommendations are your weather vane on Irish stocks, then plump for AIB, Bank of Ireland, CRH, Flutter Entertainment, Glenveagh, Greencoat Renewables, Hibernia REIT, Irish Res PR PRC, Ryanair and/or Uniphar. Let's quickly dismiss most of these and move...

/ 02/02/2022