The characters (玩世不恭) denote the word cynicism in Mandarin Chinese and it appears that the impending Seanad race will be getting that in spades with news of Hazel Chu’s snap involvement.

Thought to have slung her political hook by burning remaining bridges with the Green Party over an abortive attempt to capture the candidacy for the Dublin Bay South by-election, Chu resurrected herself just in time for another showing in the Trinity Seanad Election to fill Ivana Bacik’s parliamentary boots.

Endorsed by Rory O’Neill (Panti Bliss when he’s in his work clothes) Maia Dunphy and Lenny Abrahamson, news of Chu’s latest electoral debut merited a fair deal of chuckles in wingnut circles. 

Minister for Equality Roderic O’Gorman took time out of his busy schedule flogging public housing to Albanian asylum seekers and standing beside odious figures at Pride Parades to help sign Chu’s nomination papers.

Ostensibly running with the blessing of Green Party seniors, Chu behind the scenes has been an almighty headwreck to the Ryan leadership due to her vapid self promotion and conditional loyalty to the party. The business of Hazel Chu is to, well, promote Hazel Chu with even the most progressive of Greens jaded at her opportunism. 

Launching her campaign with the self flattery and grace we’ve come to expect from the 41 year former corporate HR woman, Chu enters a race already littered with left leaning candidates. Mouthing the standard slogans about diversity and climate change, little doubt exists that the primary purpose of this campaign is a further fleshing out of the Chu Linkedin page, with victory nigh impossible this time around at least.

So far down the rabbit hole we have gone, Chu is not the only diverse candidate in the race with Nigerian hopeful Ade Oluborode making her ethnic background her primary selling point to voters.

A culture warrior if ever there was one, it is hard to imagine a greater insult to this country (or China for that matter) than her presence in the race. In the entire history of our State never has there existed a political character as grasping, hollow and self centred as Chu.

A Trinity based publication for our sins, The Burkean staff will be running our own internal deadpool for when and how Madam Chu engineers any controversies relating to racism, real or imagined. 

From her apparent harassment by far right thugs (actually running into an apolitical tour group at Mansion House) to her potential defaming of a Carlow School Teachers last year, there is no controversy Chu does not fear waddling into.

The Seanad chamber has an unusual genesis, originally a concession to Anglo-Irish elites and for a brief time a potential forum for the formation of a corporatist state in the 1930s it now exists as a talking shop for political failures and woke acolytes. 

While her Irishness is questionable, her Han inspired spin on our own indigenous culture of political chancerism is to be marvelled at as much as condemned.

Be sure that Trinner alumni know which box not to mark come election time.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 11/02/2022 at 10:45 am

    Who…needs a red in the bed? This is a very determined effort by a communist CCP member to get footholds into Irish politics.The Presidency and govt.,Ceann Cohrle,business,unions and university’s have already been infiltrated. Chu will no doubt,with the backing of PAID FOR VISA INVESTMENT CHINESE,NGOs and Globalists in UN,EU and Irish traitors.
    They have already picked their NEW CHINA CITY location,the last time it was Dundalk,all with the backing of a so called Irish govt.and business investors
    Vulture funds is child’s play in comparison to the great replacement,by China,for a strategic military base between USA,UK and EU.
    NO FOREIGN NATIONAL should ever be in any seat of govt.council etc. They already flood the NGO sector,foreigners determined to strip away Irish
    Independence and culture.
    You want to hand it over now,or play the smoke screen games in play. Alas,it is
    not any traitors call as long as 1 Irish person under Our Irish Constitution challenges the genocidal push by globalists. One..the power of one, and we are many.
    There is no other Government in the world that is as stupid,draconian,racist,fascist ,corrupt and utterly useless ,as the present and previous bunch of traitors that say they represent Ireland’s interests and its people.


    1. The recent Russian military exercises off the South Coast of Ireland should awaken us to the importance of Irelands strategic location in the event of another European war


  2. The recent Russian military exercises off the South Coast of Ireland should awaken us to the importance of Irelands strategic location in the event of another European war


  3. How very entertaining is the existence of Lady Chu, in this ever weakened nationional debate, which is ruled by ridiculous people, of equally ridiculous political parties, all clammering for recognition, celebrity and above all wealth! .

    These so called Socialists, claiming to have only the concerns of the Irish people as their sole purpose for being.
    Prove themselves eventually, as being greed driven and absolutely no different to those who preceeded them, who also claimed to be ONLY there to serve the good folk of Ireland.

    History of politics and the political class of this island, clearly shows that there are Very few who’s only goal is to serve!.
    On the other hand, the balance book clearly shows countless numbers of former Socialists / Marxists, Democrats & Conservatives of this little Island, who had claimed poverty during service & are now living in exceptional wealth!.

    I do not know of Lady Chu’ finances, therefore, I am unable to comment on her particular situation.
    Only time will tell of her service to citizens of this island.
    Only time will decide if her behaviour was only to provide a service to those most in need or a selfish, self serving and egotistical promotion of a Leftist / Liberal politician, who’s only goal was the accumulation of wealth.

    One thing is quite clear about Chu, she will promote herself at all costs, including at almost every opportunity, the cost of fellow party members and their own political careers.

    Like most, if not all Woke warriors, she is not beyond exaggeration, often found to make claims against alleged Right Wing thugs or allegations of repulsive types who dare to go against Liberal agenda.

    Of course, as is the Modus Operandi of SJW’s, anything done or said by them, is above both reproach and contradiction!.
    Words uttered in argument against or in debate about diversity, immigration, Transgenderism, Homosexuality, Abortion, Liberalism or Socialism are all alleged to be only attempted discussion, for the purposes of hatred!.

    Which in turn eliminates all possibilities of understanding!.

    In conclusion, if I may, I direct my attention to the posts in reply to this excellent article, by author Ciaran Brennan.

    Which have absolutely No relationship to the subject, nor any interest whatsoever as a reply.

    In Reply to: FRANK CHANEY,

    May I suggest that you reserve your political statements and Scaremongering for a more relevant article!.
    Most of us, who are intellectual enough to understand propaganda, can also spot quite quickly, when fluff is spread upon such an article, as being used solely for Russophobic purposes!.

    If your own self respect has such little self value, that it’s worth spreading so thinly, perhaps you might instead, consider respecting the author of the article above!.

    My sincere respect & gratitude as usual, goes to the author of the above article.


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