Month: August 2021

Traditionis Custodes: Does the Latin Mass Have a Future in Ireland?

News emerged recently that the Archbishop of Dublin and the Bishop of Cork and Ross have decided not to introduce restrictions on the Latin Mass in their respective dioceses. Greeted with relief by Traditional Catholics, the decision came in light...

/ 04/08/2021

Irish Times Group Claims €3 million in State Subsidies as Revenue Falls 8%

One of the more financially viable names in Irish journalism through its skillfully administered Trust, the Irish Times Group reported an 8% contraction in revenue for the year 2020 according to its annual financial report . With annual turnover falling from €110...

/ 03/08/2021

The Untenability of Statism and Individualism in an Age of Lockdown

“Under democratic ideology runs the current of fascism which overflows at the surface. But beneath that runs a countercurrent. Beware lest that countercurrent overflow! Beware lest you bestow upon it power by trying to close it off completely!” – Vilfredo...

/ 01/08/2021